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Sith Empire: Twelve Pyramids of Influence


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  • S I T H E M P I R E.
    T W E L V E
    P Y R A M I D S
    O F
    I N F L U E N C E.
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• // Ancient Knowledge

• // Biotic Science

• // Defense of the Empire

• // Expansion and Diplomacy

• // Imperial Intelligence

• // Laws and Justice

• // Military Offense

• // Military Strategy

• // Mysteries

• // Production and Logistics

• // Sith Philosophy

• // Technology




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  • The Pyramids of Influence are the twelve domains of politics and power in the rising Sith Empire. Each of the twelve Pyramids, also known as Spheres, are headed by a member of the Dark Council, and between them they encompassed the entire Empire. Through the Pyramids, the Dark Council controls and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Empire, and every individual and organization within the Empire ultimately answers to at least one of the Councilors through the hierarchy of the Pyramids.


T H E ~ M A C H I N E - Defense of the Empire, Military Offense, Military Strategy

Sith within the domain of The Machine may be focused on interactions with hostile or potentially hostile presences in the galaxy. They are warriors, protectors, strategists and more.


T H E ~ S C A L E S- Diplomacy and Expansion, Sith Intelligence, Laws and Justice

Sith within the domain of The Scales may be focused on interactions with neutral or potentially friendly presences in the galaxy. They are diplomats, gatherers of information, judges and more.


T H E ~ F O R C E - Ancient Knowledge, Mysteries, Sith Philosophy

Sith within the domain of The Force may be focused on discovering and either sharing or safeguarding knowledge, both historical and arcane. They are archaeologists, occultists, enigmas, teachers and more.


T H E ~ M I N D - Biotic Sciences, Technology, Production and Logistics

Sith within the domain of The Mind may be focused on the sciences and technologies that build and strengthen the Empire. They are alchemists, artificers, economists, engineers, and more.



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also known as the Spheres



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Pyramid of Ancient Knowledge


The Sphere of Ancient Knowledge was charged with the protection and expansion of Sith knowledge. First introduced in the times of the resurgent Sith Empire of Old, this field oversaw the Imperial Reclamation Service and ensured that Sith artifacts and archaeological discoveries were handled correctly and benefited the Sith Order.


Pyramid of Biotic Science


The Sphere of Biotic Science was charged with the command of all aspects of the Empire that dealt with the organic body. The Imperial Medical Corps, cybernetic augmentation, disease control, Sith alchemy, and genetic manipulations and experiments all fell within the Sphere's control.


Pyramid of Defense of the Empire


The Sphere of Defense of the Empire was concerned with the direction of the Imperial Military in order to preserve the Empire and its people from external and internal threats. As a result, the Sphere shared joint control of the Ministry of War and the Imperial Military with the heads of the Spheres of Military Offense and Military Strategy, and it often coordinated its efforts with the Sphere of Imperial Intelligence. The measure of influence here would ultimately protect the Sith Empire from self-destructive policies and infighting like that which plagued the Sith Order in years past.


Pyramid of Expansion and Diplomacy


The Sphere of Expansion and Diplomacy oversaw the expansion of the Empire's borders and directed the Imperial Diplomatic Corps in its efforts to secure new allies and maintain their allegiances. While the Sphere controlled both diplomacy and expansion, the Sphere's leader determined which of the two the Empire favored during the Councilor's tenure. It was common that operators in the past preferred military expansion and conquests over diplomacy, but the justifications would need to appeal to the council, and furthermore the Dark Lord himself.


Pyramid of Imperial Intelligence


The Sphere of Imperial Intelligence oversaw the Ministry of Intelligence, with the Minister of Intelligence reporting directly to the head of the Sphere. All of Intelligence's many divisions, including Imperial Intelligence—the primary Intelligence gathering arm of the Ministry—and the propaganda-generating Outreach Bureau fell under the control of the Sphere's leader. Lord Exodus involved himself here particularly and directly in all things concerning, regardless of the acting Director.


Pyramid of Laws and Justice


The Sphere of Laws and Justice directed the law enforcement and justice branches of the Sith Empire, and under the Sphere's control the rigid order and efficiency of Imperial society would harden and remain intact, and Imperial justice could now be maintained across the Empire. The head of this Sphere would ensure that the Empire remained true to its values and traditions, while understanding that relying too much on the traditions of the past could compromise the future.


Pyramid of Military Offense


The Sphere of Military Offense directed the Imperial Military and the Ministry of War in all offensive military operations, commanding the military's firepower and resources in order to destroy the Empire's enemies and ensure their territorial and military supremacy.


Pyramid of Military Strategy


The Sphere of Military Strategy controlled the battle plans, strategies, and other military procedures in addition to the Imperial Conquest Consolidation Corps, and the Sphere worked directly with the Spheres of Defense and Military Offense to command the Ministry of War. Lord Exodus and the head of the Sphere orchestrated the invasion and complete takeover of Onderon during the threat of a reignited war with the Jedi Order, resulting in a near-perfect occupation that was only sullied by the full retreat of the enemy forces.


Pyramid of Mysteries


The Sphere of Mysteries, also known as the Keeper of Mysteries sphere, was the Sphere that was the most secretive of the twelve. The rest of the Empire knew almost nothing about the Sphere's inner workings or purpose, and they only understood that the mysteries which the Sphere protected were important to the Empire. The director of this sphere operated in close tandem with the Dark Lord of the Sith, and their union was likely struck decades prior to the formation of this powerful Sith Empire.


Pyramid of Production and Logistics


The Sphere of Production and Logistics was charged with overseeing the Ministry of Logistics, with the Minister of Logistics reporting directly to the Dark Councilor in charge of the Sphere. Through the Ministry, the Sphere oversaw the Empire's trade routes, resources, economy, military supply lines, transportation systems, nationalized industries, slave populations, and other assets and programs essential to the continued functions of the Empire.


Pyramid of Sith Philosophy


The Sphere of Sith Philosophy was tasked with the protection of the Code of the Sith, ensuring that the acolytes and apprentices of the Sith Order remained loyal to the tenets of their Order, spreading anti-Jedi teachings and propaganda, and also ensuring that the Empire remained free of those who believed in the powers or advantages of the light side of the Force.


Pyramid of Technology


The Sphere of Technology oversaw the creation of powerful new cybernetics, super-weapons, military technology and other revolutionary machines for the good of the Empire.




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Ministry of War


The Ministry of War was one of three pillars of the government of the Sith Empire. The Ministry of War was charged with operating all elements of the Imperial Military and was led by a Minister of War. Under the Minister were moffs who ensured that military order was maintained. Though the Minister answered to all members of the Dark Council, the Ministry worked particularly close with the spheres of Defense of the Empire, Military Offense, and Military Strategy. The Imperial Navy was one of the ministry's chief concerns. The Ministry is also responsible for the Imperial Army, the Empire's ground forces. Other areas of the Ministry's responsibilities were soldier deployments, combat tactics, special forces, black ops missions and the general strategy of the war. The Ministry ensured all Spheres of Influence were appropriately garrisoned with military forces as one of their chief responsibilities. The Ministry's mercenary recruitment division appropriately employed talented freelance professionals for Imperial service.



  • Commanding Officer: Minister of War
    Staff Officer: ---
    Sub-Units: Imperial High Command, Imperial Army, Imperial Navy, Imperial Reclamation Service
    Headquarters: ---



Ministry of Intelligence


The Ministry of Intelligence was one of three main divisions of the rising Sith Empire. The Ministry of Intelligence answered to the Sphere of Imperial Intelligence. Headed by the Minister of Intelligence, the Ministry was responsible for providing information and sowing disinformation as necessary. The largest organ of the Ministry is the Sith-Imperial Intelligence. It serves the Sith Empire as the primary covert intelligence and counter intelligence service. Its day-to-day operations were headed by the Minister of Intelligence, also known as the Keeper. Under Keepers were Watchers, charged with running field agents, Cipher Agents, the top tier of field agents, Fixers, technical agents, and the Minders, the internal security and secret police force. A second apparatus of the Ministry of Intelligence was the Outreach Bureau. The Bureau's purpose was to inform citizens of the daily news of the galaxy. More often than not, the Bureau reported facts as suited the Empire and produced copious amounts of propaganda praising the Empire and casting the Galactic Alliance as deceptively evil, which was endorsed by the uncharacteristic attack on Onderon.



  • Leader: Minister of Intelligence
    Members: Sith-Imperial Intelligence, Sith-Imperial News Network, Outreach Bureau, Intelligence Asset Recovery
    Headquarters: ---



Ministry of Logistics


The Ministry of Logistics was a division of the Sith Empire, one that fell under the Sphere of Production and Logistics. The ministry was controlled by the Minister of Logistics who technically answered to the Sphere of Production and Logistics though he or she would also at times report to other councilors, such as the one who oversaw the Sphere of Defense of the Empire if it referred to a military issue. Though seen by some as the lowest of the Ministries, it was also the most vital. The ministry provided calculations to fend off enemy troops, logistical necessities of fleets and ground forces, and financial concerns of a war. between many industries that are nationalized, the Ministry also manages the factories that produce the weapons for the Empire's war machine. Along with this, are agricultural worlds that are used for the food supplies of the Sith-Imperial military. The Ministry also supervised the Empire's slave labor and makes adjustments where necessary to complete building projects. Added to this, the ministry runs the Empire's civilian transportation and trade network ensuring the transit of goods in the Empire, locally and between worlds.


  • Leader: Minister of Logistics / Minister of Finance
    Affiliation: Imperial Citizenship Bureau, Imperial Treasury Department
    Headquarters: --


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