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Real Name: R3-M0

A.K.A: Remo, also short for remodeled

Homeworld: Nubia

Species: Astromech Droid


Physical Description


Age: 60+ years old

Height: 1 meter

Weight: Immeasurable

Color: White Chassis, Green Trim

Dome: Transparisteel

Identified Sex: Male




Clothing or Armor: Durasteel Chassis, Rocket Boosters

Weapon: Electric Arc Welder, Miniature Circular Saw, Fire Extinguisher, Electroshock Probe, Twin Silver Shoto Lightsabers

Common Inventory: Internal Commlink, Internal Storage Space with capacity of two kilograms, Computer Interface/Lubricant Arms, Capital Ship Linkage Arms, Function Indicators, Sensor Wands, Auditory Sensors, Intellex V Computer, Radar Eye, Electromagnetic Field Sensor Unit, Motorized Treads, Third Tread (retractable), Power Cells, Recharge Coupling, Polarity Sink, System Ventilation, Loudspeaker, Charge Arm

Upgrades: Internal Memory and Astrogation Buffer, Self Preservation enhancing added


Faction Information


Non-Force User

Alignment: Lawfully Neutral

Current Faction Affiliation: Black Sun

Current Faction Rank: Leader




Force Side: TBA

Trained by: TBA

Trained who: TBA

Known Skills: TBA


Background: R3-M0, or Remo as he is known, was originally an R3 unit for the Republic. But after the rise of Galactic Empire, went on under the service of the Imperial Pilots until he was eventually erased and sold to a Hutt by the name Megal, whom took a fancy toward the droids potiential. It was during his time under Megal that he was upgraded using parts of an R9 unit to house more hyperspace routes for the Hutt’s little smuggling empire. When Megal was dispatched by his majordomo, Draust, Remo managed to escape aboard an unknown freighter and hasn't been seen since. At least, until now.


Ship Registration


Name: Obsidian Phoenix

Class: Freighter

Model: XS Stock Light Freighter

Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation


Length: 40 meters


Armaments: Dorsal Laser Cannons (2), Port side Laser Cannons (2)

Armor: Military Grade

Anti-Personnel Defenses: Escape Craft


Appearance: Black

Modifications: Upgraded Sublight Engines, Upgraded Hyperdrive, Cockpit modified to detach with seperate Sublight Engines and Hyperdrive Unit.

Edited by Roleplayer X
Update 8/5/2020


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