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Sith Troopers

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Sith Troopers.









Sith troopers are the foot soldiers of the Sith Empire. The faceless and inhuman design of the Sith trooper armor they wear, as well as their merciless combat tactics, give a sense of fear that often dispirits enemy forces. The standard armor and helmet of a Sith trooper was colored either reflective silver or white with black under armor padding as well as a one-way visor covering the wearer's face. There was no visible indication of rank or division, except that advanced/specialized Sith units garnished varied colors in their armor for distinction.



After near extinction, and a betrayal by the Old Empire turned Imperial Remnant, the remainder of the Sith Brotherhood stumbled across the galaxy without direction. Prominent Imperials alike, that did not conform to the new ideals of the Remnant, would find themselves searching for an answer all the same. That would change indefinitely when the Malacoda Syn (Lord Exodus) returned from Umbara. After converging on Korriban to rally his people, all that remained of the Sith Brotherhood banded together to form the foundations of a Sith Empire. Endorsements to the substructures of this war machine came in all shapes and sizes; from AVATAR Kain, veteran outcasts from the Old Empire, and resources centralized from a network of intelligence that Lord Exodus had maintained for decades. When the martial pieces began to come together in droves, the raw entanglement of what would now be known as the Sith Empire stumbled across the hostile world of Onderon. Once there and the power was seized, the solidification of a sanctioned military would begin to take place, most notably after the unanimous defeat of the combined forces of the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi Fleet. King Exodus, the Dark Lord of the Sith, would begin a program to forge a powerful Sith-Imperial military, reminiscent of the Old Empire and the Sith Brotherhood embodied. He would draft all non-Sith of age into the armed forces and establish a training regimen that would supersede those that had come before him, deepened by the patronage of those that had once pledged themselves to the Old Empire.


The Legion filled out the ground forces of the Sith Empire, which consisted of; Sith Troopers, Stormtroopers, and many powerful sub-factions of all kinds. The Sith Troopers of this Dark Empire typically wore reflective armor and carried blaster rifles into combat. Ground forces began live-fire exercises in the jungles of Dxun and the wildlands of Onderon. Within weeks of their enlistment into the military, and even those non-combatants in the military, were rigorously trained in the use of basic weapons, survival skills, and first aid. The Army also made use of Imperial crawler tanks, walkers, and a number of models of war droids. Sith heavy troopers were issued full-bodied armor crafted from the sturdiest of metal polymers, with colored tint on their reflective armor to signify their unit or special assignments. Their leg armor was specially designed to preserve mobility and to protect from shrapnel, and while their belt housed extra ammunition and grenades for easy access, the armor's bracers housed environmental and targeting controls, and the readouts on the suit's chest provided medical diagnostics for treating soldiers who were wounded in their armor. Heavy infantry soldiers typically wore about a hundred pounds of armor, and most soldiers carried rifles, sidearms, grenades, and five days of rations.



The Sith Legion follows a familiar rank structure:

  • Private, Specialist, Corporal, Sergeant, Ensign, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, General.


The Sith Legion was divided into various subgroups, including:


  • Fire team: consisted of two or three soldiers, led by a corporal.
    Squad: ranged from five to ten soldiers, led by a sergeant.
    Platoon: ranged from 50 to a 100 soldiers, commanded by lieutenant.
    Company: ranged from 100 to 300 soldiers, led by a captain.
    Battalion: ranged from 700 to 1,500 soldiers, commanded by a major.
    Brigade: ranged from 5,000 to 7,500 soldiers, led by a colonel.
    Division: ranged from 20,000 to 40,000 soldiers, commanded by a general.
    A larger unit designated an "Assault Group" or "Operations Group" could be formed from over 40,000 soldiers, which were placed under the command of a Moff or high-ranking Sith Lord for specific assignments and then broken up after the completion of the mission.


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Sith Troopers

Type: Terrestrial/Aerospace Assault Troopers

Distinction: Armor; Reflective Silver

The backbone of the Sith Empire, often the first deployed into battle. Sent in force, the primary tactic of these Troopers are to defeat their enemy with quick and overwhelming power of force. Using various pieces of equipment to suit their mission loadouts, these soldiers rely greatly on their application of shock and awe tactics. The troopers are generally outfitted with a modified semi-automatic Carbine, and a telescopic stun stick issued at high voltage. Sith Troopers pride themselves on a balanced cocktail of skills.


Sith Heavy Troopers

Type: Heavy Assault Troopers

Distinction: Armor; Gunmetal Tint

When the situation calls for capturing key territory, or the eradication of well-entrenched enemies, the heavy trooper units are brought into the fray. Outfitted with heavily-plated armor, they wield - to great effect, a wrist-mounted shield projector and a heavy blaster. Pushing through enemy lines slowly and surely, they typically precede the typical squads of Silver-back Sith Troopers, who will deploy into fortified positions when the Heavies have pushed forward enough. In a pinch, the shield projector can be removed and adhered to most surfaces to provide semi-permanent cover.


Sith Recon

Type: Sharpshooters.

Distinction: Armor; Camouflage

Methodical and utterly precise, the recon units are rarely, if ever seen face-to-face, something the entire division prefers. Lightly armored, and quick on their feet, they are adepts at prioritizing targets and moving on after taking a shot. Their armor features a nano-reactive mesh that allows them to change the surface color of the armor to match that of their surrounding environment. Equipped with an X-45 sniper rifle, and one of the best advanced optics packages credits can buy, The Recon Unit can see up to five times the normal magnification through their optic implants, and can detect the range, size and elevation of their targets, eliminating battlefield trickery, or Jedi projecting Force Illusions.


Sith Infiltrators

Type: Infiltration and Reconnaissance.

Distinction: None, Extremely adapative

A small sub-division of the Recon unit, Infiltrators are outfitted with an adaptive suit of armor onto which makeshift plating can be bolted onto in order for them to blend into mercenary groups. They have no strict weapon load-out, using whatever they like to blend in. Tasked with information gathering and reconnaissance, many infiltrators serve as scouts and spies for the Sith Empire, and have their hands in many operatives.


Sith Demolitionists

Type: Engineers

Distinction: Armor; Reflective Rust-Hue

Whether it be breaching doors, setting up portable E-Web autoturrets or barricades, these Demolitionists are at home with electronics and explosives. Skilled at destroying as much as possible with as little explosives as they can get away with, these units are never far from potential bombsites. Armed with a C-1 Blast Cannons, and a wide array of munitions, they will only ever retreat from the radius of their own explosives.


Sith Elite Troopers

Type: Field Officers & Special Forces

Distinction: Armor; Reflective Black. Crimson Red Cape

Often leading a small strike team, or in small numbers themselves, these commanders of the Sith are the field marshals of the battlefield. Outfitted in the top-tier armor, with personal shields to bolster it, these soldiers can take as much damage as they can dish out. Their shoulder-mounted LADAR antenna is capable of tapping into enemy communications, as well as receiving sensitive information on the go, providing them with crucial logistical and tactical information. They are armed with the deadly disruptor rifles, and a powerful hand blaster as a sidearm. Small vibroblades usually accompany their person as well



Type: Aerospace and Vehicular Specialists.

Distinction: None, Light Armor

These soldiers pilot mechanized units, mobile armor and a wide manner of starships. Outfitted with a hermetically-sealed pressure suit, they are heavily protected against electrical surges, extreme cold/heat and radiation. They are not typically well-armed.


Temple Wards

Type: Sith Elite Guard.

Command: The Dark Lord

Distinction: Armor; Black & Gold Reflective Armor. Crimson Red Cape. Traditional Cloth Trappings.

While not strictly part of commonplace deployments, these warriors will answer when the situation calls for it, bringing along with them unquestionable dedication and loyalty to their Dark Lord. Trained in Teras Kasi, and various-hand-to-hand martial arts, these individuals combine their skills with extremely refined blade-work. With access to the elegant energy weapon - the lightfoil, they are more than capable of fighting on an even level with Jedi and Sith alike. Their armor is unlike that of their contemporaries, made of metal polymers rather than ceramic durasteel. It is exceptional at shrugging off light arms fire and most heat-based weapons such as thermal detonators. It is mostly obscured by cloth trappings, similar to those worn by Jedi and Sith during wartime.





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