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Nok Morliss

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Real Name: Nok Morliss

A.K.A: None

Homeworld: Neimoidia

Species: Neimoidian


Physical Description


Age: 31

Height: 6' 8"

Weight:163 lbs

Hair: None

Eyes: Red Destroyed

Sex: Male






Clothing or Armor: Red robes

Weapon: x4 vibroblade knives (concealed in sleeves), ELG-3A blaster pistol, Lightsaber (Green) [Stolen on Mon Calamari from Scorpion, formerly belonged to Leena Kil's master]

Common Inventory: Credit chips, typically 15,000 worth in pocket change (net worth far exceeds this)


Faction Information


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force Sensitive

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Current Faction Affiliation: Sith

Current Faction Rank: Apprentice




Force Side: Sith

Trained by:

Trained who:

Known Skills: Knife fighter, knife thrower, moderately talented slicer, expert accountant, skilled and knowledgeable intergalactic negotiator

Force Skills:


-Knife fighting via telekinesis (Skilled)

Dark Sight-Skilled

Note: Uses ripples in the Force created by negative emotions and pain to sense the shapes and movement of the environment around the user. The more intense and numerous the emotion(s), the more detailed and greater ranged the sight. Cannot be used in conjunction with normal sight.




Like all neimoidians, Nok Morliss was born a grub into one of the communal hives on Neimoidia. In standard neimoidian parenting, his hive mates and he were deliberately underfed to weed the weak and stupid from the greedy and cunning. Born to conflict, where other grubs survived, Nok flourished. Not content with merely hoarding his food and surviving, Nok bullied and cowed the other grubs into serving him, outright killing one of his siblings as a show of power. When the hive keepers checked on them, they found Nok ordering his hive mates around and distributing food like a lord. Of the original nine grubs placed in their hatchery, only five including Nok survived, Nok himself ordering the deaths of the other four to conserve food early on and maintain discipline.


This taught Nok his first and most valuable lesson. More than food, more than money, more than knowledge, the universe respected power. And power was a matter of perception.


Nok took this lesson to heart as he began his career in business. Unlike his fellows, cunning but cowardly, Nok faced his foes head on. He'd deliberately visit the offices of his competitors, showing no fear or respect for those too cowardly to confront him directly. An effective act, his reputation among his fellows swelled while he effectively did nothing.


When he announced that his new company, Nova Acquisitions, would be starting a remote mining operation offworld, his competitors breathed a sigh of relief followed by muffled snickers. The planet he'd selected for his first nova crystal mine was only barely profitable, enough to keep the lights on but nothing so rich as to allow Nok to expand his operations. In their minds, the foolish youngster had unintentionally exiled himself to the remote regions of the universe.


But Nok had not forgotten his lesson. Underestimated and out-of-mind was exactly where he wanted to be. While his little mining operation scraped by, Nok began sabotaging the very operations he sold his crystals to, often acting the part of the saboteur himself. When their debt to Nok increased as they became unable to pay, he'd bully them into selling their company to him for a steal. As Nok had each company keep the original names and staff, few suspected anything as Nova Acquisitions quietly grew and spread.


Soon, through aggressive and amoral practices, Nok controlled a corporate empire and a sizable personal fortune, while his competitors only saw the foolish young neimoidian stuck in his mine.


Then the dreams began...


Nok would awaken each night, terrified. In his dreams, he died surrounded by powerful rivals, collapsed on the ground in the cold and dark. He turned up the heat to sweltering temperatures and slept with the lights on, but each night it was the same.


Fear driving him, Nok hired noghri to train him in personal defense, mastering the art of vibroblades over several years of intense, paranoia fueled practice. He began knocking off his unsuspecting rivals, hiring assassins to take them out. Yet the dreams kept coming. Dying in the cold and dark.


Finally, Nok turned to religion. He attempted a few Jedi meditations, but found the ideology grating and laughable. Then he discovered the Sith code.


This appealed to him. This he could understand. The pursuit of power, and through that power...freedom.


His joy when he had himself tested and discovered he was force-sensitive sealed his future.


He would learn of this order, of these ideals, of this power. And once he wielded that power, he would be free of the future he saw in his dreams.


Ship Registration


Name: The Bleeding Edge

Class: Space Yacht

Model: Modified Luxury Yacht 3000

Manufacturer: Sorosuub Corporation


Length: 50 meters


Armaments: Two laser cannons (concealed in ship's nose), one ion cannon (concealed in ship's nose), two quad-lasers (top and bottom respectively)

Armor: Reinforced durasteel plating

Anti-Personnel Defenses: 15 OOM-model security battle droids


Appearance: Standard appearance

Modifications: Weapons, cutting edge twin shield generators

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NPC controlled by Nok Morliss


Real Name:Captain Jaden Jorus

A.K.A:Old Jay

Homeworld:Nal Hutta



Physical Description




Weight:160 lbs







Clothing or Armor:Worn combat fatigues, cybernetic arm

Weapon:Heavy blaster pistol

Common Inventory:High-capacity datapad, portable scanner/communications array


Faction Information


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Non-Force User

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Current Faction Affiliation: Sith mercenary commander through Nok Morliss’ employment

Current Faction Rank: NPC




Force Side:N/A

Trained by:Various Nal Hutta mercenaries

Trained who:None

Known Skills:

Survival training (skilled)

Ground combat tactics (expert)

Space combat tactics (expert)

Speeder pilot (expert)

Space pilot (skilled)

Basic hand-to-hand combat (expert)

Marksman (skilled)

Cybernetic maintenance and repair (skilled)



Captain Jaden “Old Jay” Jorus will be the first to admit he shouldn’t be alive. On a planet where the average scumbag tough-for-hire survives a decade or two at best, Captain Jorus managed to keep himself from a gutter grave through a combination of caution, intelligence, and a lot of luck. That luck kept him alive when he started pirating for one of the local hutt lords, saw him through several stints with different mercenary companies, and even got him through a term of service as a draftee in a moff’s army post-Empire. Eventually he managed to commandeer his own freighter when he stumbled on its distress signal in an asteroid field, and decided that at his age he had better find a safer line of work than soldiering, and so he became a smuggler.


It was on his last smuggling job, a simple pickup for an arms dealer, that his number finally came up. One of the arms dealer’s enemies had tracked him down and managed to detonate the munitions shipment, hoping to take everyone with her. The arms dealer and Jaden both survived but were badly wounded. The medical droid on the dealer’s nearby ship rushed both into surgery, keeping Jaden alive while it worked on its master. Jaden would later learn it had done so in case it needed “raw materials” to keep its owner alive. When the arms dealer, the neimoidian Nok Morliss, woke up, he ordered his droid to fix up Captain Jorus as best it could.


Up until this point, Nok Morliss had been expanding his business and fortune through shady deals, sabotage, fraud, takeovers, and any other method he could think of, and he’d been handling much of the field work personally. Exposing himself like he had for a simple arms deal had been a mistake, and he needed someone to take over the grunt work of his operation. Captain Jorus would be that someone.


When Jaden finally awoke after weeks of sedation, he found roughly half of his internal organs replaced by cybernetics, along with one of his arms. The neimoidian who stood over him offered him a simple deal. He would work for Nok for one decade in payment for the cybernetic upgrades or Nok would shut them off. If he was found wanting, Nok would move on to a new candidate and find another way to recoup his investment in the old pirate. If he excelled, he’d receive a portion of the profits in payment. Not seeing any other options, Jaden agreed.


Fortunately for Jaden, after a lifetime in trenches and spaceways, Nok’s “corporate” work was a relaxing change of pace. Captain Jorus’ rough and dirty style easily bullied Nok’s more civilized targets, and most of the jobs were already half done when Jaden got involved thanks to the neimoidian’s planning and connections. Nok began entrusting Captain Jorus with greater and greater responsibilities, eventually hiring him out as a mercenary commander for the myriad private wars in the Outer Rim. His extensive experience served him well, and Jaden got a reputation for competence and professionalism, and most didn’t suspect him of carrying out extra “assignments” for his patron while he was doing his job.


Seven of the promised ten years have passed, and Jaden is enjoying the good life for the first time, Nok indulging the veteran’s simple tastes and keeping him out of the line of fire. Though, the threat of shutting down his cybernetics was never rescinded, and Jaden knows what will happen if he goes independent before his contract is up. So when Nok reassigned him to hire on as a mercenary commander for the Sith Empire, the old captain went without a word.




Ship / Fleet


The Fleet of the Strands, 1st Flotilla


Heavy Brawler Escort: Hammer and Anvil

Capital Ship

Experience: Veteran, 2 XP


Bulwark Mark II Black Bracer

-constructed: Hypori

Tours of Duty:

Defended the kuati shipyards in the Second Battle of Kuat

Description: One of the largest ships employed by the Sith House of Exiles, the Strands, the Black Bracer is a recovered CIS-era warship retrofitted with modern technology and layers of reinforced armor. The crew are traditionally all members of the Starmasters of Varaka, a disgraced cult forced into contracted service by the Strands. Their fervent, and likely erroneous, belief in a promised afterlife at the side of their ancient master pushes them to never retreat until ordered, and so the Black Bracer serves as a willing escort and wall for other ships of the fleet.


Destroyer Group (Missiles): Focus Fire

Two Cruisers

Experience: Veteran, 2 XP


Captor Class heavy munitions Cruiser Moon Beetle

-constructed: Balmorra

Captor Class heavy munitions Cruiser The Broken Bullet

-constructed: Balmorra

Tours of Duty:

Defended the kuati shipyards in the Second Battle of Kuat

Description: A pair of sister ships commissioned near the end of the Clone Wars, the two cruisers were passed around the Outer Rim as a set, modified repeatedly by new owners for new work. Eventually, they came into the hands of the Strands and were given to the Starmasters, who turned the expansive hangars of the vessels into missile batteries. Crewed mostly by conscripts and slaves, the two ship crews have developed a friendly rivalry, and have been used by the Starmasters to subjugate small space stations and asteroid bases in the name of the Sith Empire.


Covert Strike Force: Silent Hunters

One Stealth Cruiser

Experience: Veteran, 2 XP


Nova-class Battle Cruiser Our Velvet Ire

Captain Zyro

-constructed: Hapes

Tours of Duty:

Defended the kuati shipyards in the Second Battle of Kuat

Description: Contributed by the Sable Weave, the council leaders of the Strands, Our Velvet Ire is a remnant of the House leaders’ origin as an assassin cult. Outfitted with sensor scramblers and stealth armor, the ship is designed to line up the most advantageous attack vector possible and unleash a barrage before the enemy knows they’re there. It’s currently crewed by the Abyssin Captain Zyro and his raiders, a band of pirates captured in Sith space and sentenced to death before the Sable Weave interceded on their behalf. Why they did this is still unknown, even to Zyro.

Edited by Nok Morliss
Updating fleet XP
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