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[Location] Bastion of Pelko


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Structure Name: Bastion of Pelko

Classification: Dark Side Academy

Location: Korriban

Affiliation: The Sith Empire



When the Sith Empire requisitioned Korriban and ousted followers of the previous Order, the Dark Lord ordered the reconstruction of the Academy and the rejuvenation of the Valley of Vardin. Loyalists would rebuild the pyramid structure that formed the main levels of the Academy, an ancient Monastery that trained hundreds of thousands of Sith in decades past, swelling the ranks of the established order.






A towering pyramidal structure at the rear of the Valley of the Dark Lords on Korriban, the Sith Academy was made of stone and durasteel and reflected the sun framed at the apex of the structure. At the base of the Academy, the entrance was located at the top of a wide staircase and framed by two kneeling humanoid statues representing slaves bearing the weight of the Sith's power. Symbolic of a Sith's climb to power, the Academy's main hall was located just past the main doors and contained dual stair cases leading to the upper levels. The center piece of the main hall was a narrow stone monument which was carved with the faces of Sith; the statue was meant to remind students that the climb to success meant crushing those who vie for power along the way. Containing jails in which prisoners would be kept before interrogation, the Academy's lower levels contained many chambers for studying, lecturing, meditation, and training. The Sith Archives were situated off of the main hall and contained several levels of resources contained on scrolls and holocrons as well as datapads and holobooks.


As a place of study, the Academy was equipped with dormitories to house its students. Guarded and patrolled by higher ranking Sith Troopers, the Academy also housed secret Ritual Chambers where creatures such as the Bloodfiend lived; results of Sith alchemy and sorcery. Near the summit of the pyramid, the rooms were restricted to the highest ranking Sith on Korriban. The Dark Council kept chambers there when for conferences held on the planet and rumor held that the Sith Emperor had a throne room deep in the Academy, though it was seldom used.


Admittance to the Sith Academy was granted in several ways; prospective student could showcase their talents on the public scene and impress those within the Sith Ranks, earning themselves a Sith Medallion and a rite of passage to study within the Academy. These Medallions were of honorable worth, and could be snatched by a challenger at any point in time to secure their own place amidst the institution of higher learning. Lesser than that however, there were those that were handpicked and scouted from all across the galaxy and could be directed to the Academy by way of reference from a Sith that held considerable merit within the Order.







[sith Course Examples / Teachers]



Competition is fierce, and it isn't unheard of for a student to be killed in their attempts to outdo other competitors or learners. Further, the Sith hold no qualms about killing students to either facilitate an acquaintance's acceptance of the dark side or preventing other students being held back, although some differing philosophies were held tightly within the academy. Some students prefer to engage each other in a lethal duels while others tend towards the more cooperative outlook and build upon one another. Even the Academy's headmaster was not immune to backstabbing. It was not uncommon for a headmaster to be overthrown by his or her second-in-command.






Arrival/Departure Facilities


Temple Hangar.

Air Traffic Control Tower.

Training & Recruitment Facilities.

  • — A collection of makeshift tents and smaller shelters remained just outside of the Academy, operating at all hours of the day. It was here that the failed recruits of the Academy turned their ambitions for power into a more subservient role that could still help feed the machine of the Sith. Men and women of various species that wore dark purple robes or other such garments, riddled with dark branding and tattoos all over their skin to illustrate their dedication despite failure. This class of operatives ran the laborious duties of the Academy intake, as well as preparations for particular training facilities. Authentication/Distribution of Sith Medallions, Extensive/Continued background checks, and Maintenance of the common facilities were among the roles that these Dark Priests covered. It was also here that one would uncover where their designated quarters were.

The Main Entrance

  • — You will find that the main entrance lies at the center of the first floor of the institution. Here, there are no grand gestures or opulent doorways to pass through, but instead you will find a vast opening that leads directly into the temple's grand hall. This entryway leads into a behemoth mass of a mountain, but suggests no statues or praiseworthy sculptures to make note of. The Bastion of Pelko is a bland illustration of rock and dirt that have churned out the most prestigious of individuals for a millennia.

Grand Hall

  • — The Grand Hall of the Academy would be considered the most populated intersection of the entire infrastructure. Every individual that had ever come upon this place, would step within these halls at least once. No matter the rank, or position within the Order, all facilities and branches of this academy could be reached from this point. Exquisite artwork ran through these massive halls, depicting large and extremely detailed statues and sculptures of more than just infamous Sith. These wild statues were of incredible beasts, rumored Sithspawn of old, monsters that were far more terrifying than the tales of man. Some of these pieces spanned hundreds of feet towards the ceiling, while others were as small as the boots on your feet. Odd trinkets and treasures of ancient times were displayed here, none of much worth or usage to the natural observer, but at one time could steal the soul from a body in a breath.




Residential Quarters


Student Archives and Study Hall.

Faculty Lounge & Recreational Area.

Master Suites

Sith Lord Private Quarters.

Apprentice Private Quarters.

Acolyte Shared Quarters.


Education Facilities


Sith Ceremonial Hall.

Agricultural & Living Sciences Classrooms.

Artisan & Technology Facilities.

The Mirrored Holocron (Sith Library)


Training Quarters


The Arena *

Holographic Projection Grid & Simulation Environment.

Lightsaber and Melee Combat Facilities.

Target Range.


Emergency Facilities


Medical Facilities.

Security Control Tower.

Detention Block & Temporary Holding.


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