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A Sunday Stroll - A Short Story by Dante and Faux

Dante De Luca

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It was a quiet afternoon. The sky was a brilliant shade of orange as Coruscant's sun slowly began to set over the horizon. For Dante, the day was done, and it was time to return to his residence. He'd long enjoyed not being forced to sleep at his assigned barracks quarters, part of the perks of being an officer, something he was unaware of at the beginning of his tenure with the Galactic Alliance. But it afforded him a daily walk to and from his work, including public transits, and he tended to relax by simulating combat scenarios in his mind. He was more than a capable soldier, he was a one man wrecking crew that the GA could and did send in to ensure certain objectives, and so far he had yet to fail.


Each passerby was a potential threat, and Dante occupied himself by imagining the ways in which he would dispatch a potential attacker, perhaps a spy from the Sith or Imperials? With ease he mentally disarmed and subdued pedestrian after pedestrian, and every now and then he came across someone who he knew the only way to stop them was to take them down. This, too, was usually easy. Dante was efficient and preferred nonlethal methods, but he had zero misgivings about taking lethal action when and if it was necessary.


And then, he came across her. Well, she was still a ways off, nearly a hundred yards, but at their pace she would reach him in seconds. Dante stopped, red flags popping up in the back of his mind as he analyzed why she was such a threat. Firstly, she was wearing a gunslinger's duster coat of some kind of brown leather, and certain bulges near her hips only told him she was certainly armed. Fantasies aside, Dante knew from her tattoos she was likely a mercenary or foreign state representative that filled a role similar to the one he did. At the least, she didn't work for the GA like he did. As she approached, he continued to stare unblinking at her, mentally unbuttoning the catches on his holsters that he wore on either side of his uniform pants.


She was just another puzzle, that was all. A puzzle he would solve. And as she finally met his gaze, it seemed like a bolt of lightning struck through him. The game was on.



Of all the probabilities to exist, this iteration was not expected. And yet, it is as welcome as any other. Let us meet the oncoming storm together, united in strength of companionship.

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