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Mordecai's Sheet

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Real Name: Mordecai

A.K.A: Darth Mavanger

Homeworld: Carida

Species: Human


Physical Description


Age: 27

Height: 6'2

Weight: 213 lbs

Hair: Straight, black, shoulder length

Eyes: Blue

Sex: Male




Clothing or Armor: Sith Alloy armor, painted red and gold covered by a tattered cloak.

Weapon: Two Sith Swords, Imeall Dólás and Imeall Sceimhle.

Two red lightsabers, one taken from a defeated Jedi, another taken from Korriban (The crystals have been replaced, but kept) Lost on Naboo

Common Inventory: A first aid kit, commlink, SCI


Faction Information


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force user

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Current Faction Affiliation: Sith

Current Faction Rank: Lord




Force Side: Dark Side

Trained by: Lord Valinor, Lady Quela Darksong

Trained who: Kahla Zendrin

Known Skills: Mordecai is a master duelist, specializing in physical enhancement via the force to aid his speed, strength, and endurance. Originally favoring a more defensive approach, he had now given himself wholly to the ideals of a pure torrent of offensive strikes, giving into his emotions to lead the way. He has several years of experience now against opposing duelists that he can draw on to formulate an effective method of attack, aided by the power of the Dark Side and his rage.


Background: Mordecai was born on Carida as the third son of a military family with a long line of history. His mother was a corpsman in the Republic navy, and his father was a low ranking officer in the Imperial Army. After many imperial officers resigned, his father followed suit, retiring to his family home on Carida, where his parents met, and the rest is history. They had three sons. The oldest went through the academy on Carida to continue the family legacy. The second child joined CoreSec as a medic, inspired by their mother. Mordecai, the youngest, knew of his sensitivity of the force from a young age due to his father's insistence on testing the children.


His father gave him a vibrosword and instructed him to practice in secret. While Mordecai obeyed, his chances were few and far between, and he was mostly self taught. When he turned 18, his father spoke to him of his past in the military. He recounted his tales of the war, how the Sith and the Jedi were some of the finest warriors that he'd every known or seen. He explained that while no legacy remained on Carida for him, Mordecai would be sent to either Korriban or Coruscant for training. It would be his choice, and his parents would remain blissfully uninformed of his choice. After four years of experience, and inspired by the tales of the Sith Empire's power, he made his decision. He climbed aboard his family's shuttle, and set his destination for Korriban.


His training was rigorous, and it wasn't long before he saw his first deployment as a Sith Apprentice at the Battle of Dark Sun Station, where he battled his first Jedi, the Padawan Aleria Thorne. While victory was his, the aftermath of Dark Sun would be felt by both the Sith and the Jedi. He was briefly placed under the command of Quela Darksong, where he saw his second deployment in the defense of the Kuat Drive Yards. While he fought the Imperial Knight Cassandra on the station alongside a new ally, Lord Xahl, Captain Jarvus of the Wyvern commanded his naval forces, earning his trust and respect.


It was here that he found his new purpose. The rebel strike showed him that Sith dominance in the Galaxy was not yet absolute, and he surmised that the best course of action would be to cement that dominance, gaining power and glory by securing new worlds and populaces for the Sith Empire.


After the battle, he returned to Korriban, and was granted lordship and the title of Darth Mavanger. Seeing an opportunity to solidify his position, he took an apprentice and rallied nearly a dozen Sith Lords and their apprentices for a campaign to do what few empires had done in the past- Civilizing the Outer Rim. 


The following months saw a massive operation to raise a fleet of Sith warships, and during that time he trained his apprentice in the art of combat. He also grew closer to Lord Xahl as his personal advisor, and Captain Jarvus, who had now been granted the rank of Admiral and officially commanded Mordecai's forces in his absence, taking him as a lover.


A second battle a Kuat erupted, pulling Mordecai's armada into early conflict, and while victory was theirs, it was not without a heavy cost. Lord Xahl was slain aboard the shipyards, and after Mordecai's arrogance garnered him disfavor with the Dark Lord Exodus, many Lords who had rallied to him had now returned to their lands. Not all was a loss, however, as his successes at Kuat had garnered him favor within the Sith Navy, and he found himself at the head of a throng of Sith Warships much larger than what he'd originally left with. In addition his apprentice had been granted Lordship under the name of Darth Tyra.


The Outer Rim campaign was largely successful, securing many worlds quickly, and with minimal resistance. He battled his next foe here, on the world of Trulalis at a ruined Sith Temple while hunting for a holocron that would grant him power yet unknown to him. Jedi Knight Leena Kil engaged him both philosophically and martially, though the fight ended with her death at his hands.


Meanwhile, this left his ally's powerbase at Mon Cal in a vulnerable position, and when Admiral Jarvus arrived to defend it aboard Mordecai's flagship, the Krayt's Fury. The battle was hard fought, though it ended in a full retreat as the Krayt's Fury was lost with all hands. This loss marked a turning point for Mordecai. The loss of several key allies, his lover, and his flagship, drove him into a blind fury. With a new flagship, the Raven's Bane, he swore vengeance against the rebellion's leader, Empress Raven Nasra, and his mission changed from annexation, to annihilation.


Ship Registration


Name: N/A

Class: Shuttle

Model: Lambda-Class Imperial Shuttle

Manufacturer: Seinar Fleet Systems


Length: 20 Meters


Armaments: N/A

Armor: Light

Anti-Personnel Defenses: Security crew aboard the shuttle


Appearance: Standard Lambda Shuttle

Modifications: Disarmed and refitted for luxury rather than combat.

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Duel History


Mordecai vs Aleria: Victory (3 day rule), cybernetic arm and lightsaber taken as trophy


Mordecai +2 Lords, 1 Apprentice vs Ismael and Cassandra (Master NPCs): Defeat, Mordecai is permanently scarred by burns

Mordecai +2 Lords vs Cassandra: Tie, the Subservience remained contested by both Sith and Rebel forces


Mordecai vs Genesis: Victory, Genesis is captured and later escapes.


Mordecai vs Hunan: Tie, KDY shipyards remain contested, Lord Xahl is killed.

Mordecai vs Leena Kil: Victory, Mordecai slays Leena and takes a Sith Holocron from the ruins of a Sith temple.


Mordecai vs Alcemene: Defeat, Mordecai loses both sabers and resurrects himself through sheer force of will and rage.


Mordecai vs Cassandra: Victory, Mordecai slays Cassandra and fights his way to the bridge of the rebel flagship, killing Empress Raven Narsa and trapping her soul in a Sith victory crystal.

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