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Attention All Newcomers:

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We have a large Facebook messenger chat going so we can communicate easily and quickly. It provides notifications for those with the phone app as well. We also don't require that you use a real account if you're worried about anonymity, making a fake one for the purposes of communication is perfectly fine.


We also have video chats from time to time (called fireside chats) on Google hangouts, but we usually only announce them in the Facebook chat as of late. Discussions in the fireside chats are often lighthearted and mostly people throwing ideas around, but we have used it from time to time as a means of efficiently gathering public opinion for potential rule changes for the roleplay.


If you want to join in on all this, feel free to Private Message (PM) myself or any other site staff member, and we'll give you a link to one of our Facebook profiles so you can friend us on the account of your choosing so we can add you into the chat (you can unfriend us after, if you prefer).

Immediately reachable by  charlesjhall@gmail.com


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