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THere is a rule somewhere that you can only have one (with exception) character for the first three months I believe; after that, once you show you're committed they open it up for more. I am still fairly new, so no surprise you might not have seen all of my guys. heck the one I just posted with for the first time last night! I trust one of the higher ups have reached out to you? If not, maybe this'll serve as a hearty elbow in the ribs going HEY LOOK A NEW GUY!


I am curious, what do you see yourself doing with said Bothan? (I'm always on the lookout for new people to RP with.


Do you have a Facebook account? We do a lot of our behind the scenes communication and shenanigans via FB chat. Any prior RP experience?

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Hi Justin! Welcome to the site!!! I'm Courtney.


Like Ben said, we do a lot of our OOC coordination on Facebook. We have a chat specifically curated to help orient new players. I'd be happy to add you, just send me a PM!


Aside from that, do you have any questions on how to get started? We're always thrilled to have new ideas and stories on the site!


...why are the pretty ones always the most hazardous to your health?

May the Forth therve you well...

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Welcome, Justin!


Like the others have said, just shoot one of the mods or admins a PM or you can also send me a message on facebook https://www.facebook.com/mrs.ashleyclayton and I can get you added to our New User Group.


We're excited to have you!


Ke barjurir gar'ade, jagyc'ade kot'la a dalyc'ade kotla'shya. - "Train your sons to be strong but your daughters to be stronger."

“A Mandalorian woman's greatest talent is not her charm or beauty, but her strength of body and will.” - Mandalorian proverb

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Wow, holy crap, wasn't expecting all the attention. Um, to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Facebook as of late, there's a lot of drama on that site, and I've had issues with drama on some of my other roleplaying sites I was on. So for right now, I'm just gonna keep things on the board with messages. I've already sent a few messages to Darex detailing what I want to do, and he's working with me on an idea I had for this character. But I'm in no rush with it.


And yeah, I've been a part of a few other roleplays, I was on a star wars one back in the day, as well as a matrix one and a star trek one. I enjoy writing quite a bit.

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