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Galaxy Building: The Imperial Knights

Raven Nasra

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The Imperial Knights

(This is a world building attempt so please forgive me as I jump from OOC to IC and back again.)


The Imperial Knights are an order of Force users sworn to the Imperial Remnant and its Emperor/Empress. They are primarily a militant order, training with, serving alongside, and commanding units of Elite Imperial Stormtroopers. They are sworn to protect the citizens of the Remnant and purge evil and the Dark when they find it. At times they may be aggressive, choosing preemptive strikes to save lives instead of inaction or purely defensive actions. They are sworn to prevent the Empire/Emperor from falling to the Darkside. If asked about their charge an Imperial Knight would answer: "My life is sworn to defend the Empire and its citizens from the corrupting influence of the Dark Side, even if it is found in the Emperor. While I serve the Emperor, that service includes deposing them should they succumb to the Darkness."


Though their founder was a Jedi Knight, they are not affiliated with the Jedi Order. The Imperial Knights represent militarism and revanchism against the Sith and using the Force as a tool to do so.

Which directly contradicts several main aspects of being a Jedi.


How the Imperial Knights operate:


The Imperial Knights aggressively hunt down Sith and will attempt to redeem them. If that cannot be done or is unfeasible, they will kill them in order to prevent them from doing further harm to the galaxy.


They serve in the Imperial Military, commanding Stormtrooper commando units and can attain the rank of General or Admiral.


The Grandmaster of the Imperial Knights has a seat on the Moff Council


They do not train as mediators or diplomats, but as investigators, hunters, and warriors focused on precision.


The Imperial Knights focus on teamwork with their fellow Knights and squads of npcs. They are not loners and are never sent on missions without full support, and are never sent on missions with less than 2 PCs.


On writing an Imperial Knight:


The Imperial Knights tread on the edge of the Dark Side, sacrificing themselves to eradicate it in the process. They will use whatever tool they can muster to save the galaxy from the Sith. Some outside the Knights may see them as Darksiders (aggressiveness, harnessing the Force as a tool to defeat their enemies, pragmatism, etc), but the Imperial Knights take every precaution they can to combat the allure of the Dark Side. Long sessions of mediation are taken after every deployment and they are constantly monitored by their fellow Knights and the Grandmaster for any signs that they are slipping into the pull of evil.


This order may seem like an easy way to be a Jedi and also an aggressive pragmatic force user, hunting the Sith down like the dogs they are. However:


There is a reason the Knights are never deployed in numbers less than two. It is not easy to be an Imperial Knight. Every mission is sacrifice. Even though they strive for the traditional ideals of the Light Side the Imperial Knights recognize hard choices need to be made, and that reflects heavily in writing a Knight. In the process of a mission they may be called to make choices that contradict those traditional Lightsider ideals in an effort to eradicate the Sith and preserve the greater good. It is never an easy choice to make, and if it ever becomes that way, they will have fallen and their fellow Knights will treat them accordingly. This hard duty tears at the soul of a Imperial Knight. This isn’t a simple order to write a character for. It is a harsh calling for a Force user, constantly exhausting the soul of the character, and while they strive to do good, good might not always be the outcome. The order is strict and If a character begins to fall they will either be forcibly cleansed or killed by their fellow Knights or will willingly sacrifice themselves if their time has come. For a Knight, death is preferable to a life lived in darkness. Eventually after many years of service, the line they tread begins to wear on them, and they cannot retain their purity. When this time comes, they prefer to die alone in battle, a final offer of service to the light.


Ultimately, the Imperial Knights hold a lonely vigil, enduring lives of hardship and sacrifice to protect the galaxy from an evil that can never truly be conquered. The life of an Imperial Knight is suffering, isolation from the galaxy, and an eventual violent death.


Pretender to the Galactic Throne

Leader of the Rebel Alliance

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