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Aidan Vs Alibasi - Judge: Jaina

Aidan Darkfire

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((This will be a 3 post exhibition duel between Aidan Darkfire and Ailbasí Zirtani with Jaina Jade Skywalker as the judge. As determined here, Aidan will be going first. One introduction post each will be allowed per duelist. The setting is Coruscant.))






This was it...Aidan could definitely feel it. The tug of the ebbs and flows of the Force eddied here, at the very spot before him. Ironically, it was a bustling and crowded center square in one of the shopping districts of Coruscant, but this was, without a doubt, where the nexus was. Aidan reached out, feeling at the flows of Force both large and small, slowly picking apart the individual strands that connected all living things, seeing what was and what could be. At times, the information acted as more of an overload to his system, and here in the city-planet, it was no exception, but he had learned to use the Force as a crutch, trusting his body completely to it. Slowly, he dropped to a knee, allowing a metal ball bearing to roll out across the flagstones. A block away, he telekinetically reached out to unplug an air conditioning unit, and standing up, brushed the shoulder of a male alien passing by rather roughly, failing to apologize.


And then, he took a step forward, into the nexus he had foreseen, and sat down. It would happen soon.


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