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ChaoticGood123's Character Sheet

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Real Name: Eam Mikne

A.K.A: "The Mechanical Martyr"

Homeworld: Raxus Prime

Species: Human (formerly), Cyborg


Physical Description


Age: 27

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 240 lbs.

Hair: None left

Eyes: Silver and red eye replacements

Sex: Male




Clothing or Armor: Is almost entirely mechanical, with a duraplated exterior body.

Weapon: An electrostaff, or a pulse cannon

Common Inventory: Built in computer spike, Network connector, scanner, and other advanced gadgetry.


Faction Information


Force-sensitive or Non-force user He is force sensitive, but hasn't discovered such.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Current Faction Affiliation: CoreSec

Current Faction Rank: Agent




Force Side: Balanced with dark and light... as I said, he is of Chaotic Good alignment.

Trained by: No force users have trained him, but his parents trained him basic combat skills when he was young. After his so-called "death," he downloaded knowledge of more advanced training into his brain implant, teaching him many dueling techniques with an electrostaff.

Trained who: Nobody yet

Known Skills: Electrostaff dueling as adept as that of MagnaGuards, very cunning strategy, and all known hand-to-hand combat skills, to say nothing of being a mechanical genius even before his cybernetic transformation.


Background: Eam Micne grew up on Raxus Prime, where he and his family was being persecuted by the Sith for renouncing the Sith Order. However, he was a gifted child. Eam built a high-performance computer when he was only eight years old, out of nothing but electronic components salvaged from the poverty-struck junkyard. It wasn't long before he was building simple but powerful junk droids to protect his family from persecutors, which led to a skirmish with the Sith's troops sent to drive his family off planet. Many troops were killed before a Sith Apprentice was forced to intervene, and naturally the droids and his family were killed. By the time this had happened, Eam himself had slipped away, taking a Sith trooper's pulse cannon with him, and was thus orphaned at age sixteen. The apprentice searched for Eam for weeks before he had a run in with more junk droids, which he believed had been constructed after the skirmish. The Sith proceeded to cut through the first droid, but was killed via shrapnel fragments when the rest of the droids self-destructed. Investigators later found out that Eam had escaped from Raxus Prime the day before on a former CIS shuttle, and had programmed these new droids to carry out the well-planned murder of the apprentice right before he left. Eam was pursued by the furious forces of the Sith until he suffered grave wounds at the hands of a Sith boarding party. Despite the boarding party being defeated by his improved custom droid designs, he was forced to undergo a procedure that turned him into a cyborg. The procedure was done by his medical droids, and he was reconstructed using components of several different models of assassination and combat droids- one arm from an IG-series droid, both his legs from a IG-100 MagnaGuard, and his torso, head and other arm from that of a Pollux Poi A-series assassin droid. He stalked the galaxy as a rogue warrior since then, and during such travels he downloaded different combat styles and skills from computer databases. Fate would determine that he found an electrostaff, which pleased Eam due to its limited but necessary capabilities against the Sith warriors. CoreSec, the faction he would join, both admired and feared his abilities. Out of this fear that he would become a great threat otherwise, and out of admiration that he renounces the Sith so strongly, CoreSec successfully recruited him as an agent, and it won't be long before his abilities begin serving CoreSec well.


Ship Registration


Name: The Prodigy

Class: Transport Shuttle

Model: Sheathipede class transport shuttle

Manufacturer: Haor Chall Engineering


Length: 20 meters


Armaments: Light laser cannons

Armor: None

Anti-Personnel Defenses: None


Appearance: Typical Sheathipede-class shuttle, except for a spray-painted "Prodigy" on the side

Modifications: None


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