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T'ali'au's character sheet

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Real Name: T’ali’au

A.K.A: No sobriquets as of yet

Homeworld: Scariff

Species: Falleen, saltwater subspecies with gills and an intricate system of chromatophores that allow a more varied color display.


Physical Description


Age: 19

Height: 5’10

Weight: Swimmer’s build

Skin: Structural coloration and reversible proteins allow for a plethora of colors and patterns, T’ali’au tends to use an iridescent cyan as a base color.

Eyes: Violet

Hair: Black with dyed purple and pink highlights

Sex: Female




Clothing or Armor: Hand woven sturdy clothing that is functional both on land and in the water. Designed to be loose enough for full range of movement. T’ali’au favors bright colors and floral and wave patterns. Also has a tendency to wear flowing scarves

Weapons: Ritual knife with monomolecular blade (Mostly used in ceremonial preparation of food, but obviously still capable of inflicting harm), Electopulse spear (below the blade is a shock emitter that can stun a school of fish through pulsing the water, or a person through physical contact), Chain weapon with replaceable head that can be either a rope dart or a meteor hammer (worn like a belt and sash)

Common Inventory: Archaic commlink, local currency, handmade jewelry (some of which identifies her as a priestess of Loloto), archaic security pass to access the original colony ships and their computers.


Faction Information


Force User

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi

Current Faction Rank: Knight




Force Side:

Trained by:

Trained who:

Known Skills:


Background: T’ali’au was raised in a tribal society of Falleen expatriates who left their homeworld millennia ago, in search of a world where they could escape the machiavellian intrigues of their people. After landing on Scariff, her ancestors opted to eschew most technology in favor of a simpler lifestyle, allowing them to be overlooked when the Empire chose Scariff for its data archives.


Over time, three distinct cultures developed, the warlike Ngaru, the agricultural Kinben, and the ever roaming Aiga. The Kinben, working the land of the larger islands, developed their own pantheon of deities, but the Ngaru and Aiga share a religious belief system centered on the ocean as a mercurial but ultimately life giving goddess figure. T’ali’au was born into the priesthood that venerates Loloto, and this afforded her the opportunity to live amongst both the Ngaru and the Aiga as she grew up.


While the educated among her people never forgot their original exodus to Scariff or the larger nature of the galaxy, they shared a belief that their way of life was safer through isolation. This belief was strengthened when offworlders brought an evil moon to Scariff and its fire immolated an entire island. For a time, the tribes continued to live as they had, but two major revelations would force them to abandon their path of isolation. The first was the revelation that their entire world could have been destroyed by the offworlder moon, which was discovered by a priestess who listened to intercepted comm messages on one of the original colony ships out of a desire to see what lay beyond this world. The second was a core implosion from one of the crashed vessels from the battle of Scariff, which created an invisible poison that killed anything it touched.


The realization that anonymity was not enough to survive forced the leaders of the Ngaru, Aiga, and Kinben to meet for the first time in centuries to discuss a shared future. The decision was made to contact an ancient order of warrior mystics spoken of in the colony ships’ computers, with the hope that they would share wisdom on how to return to the greater weave of the galaxy...

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