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Adwin Antares' Character Sheet

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  • Real Name: Adwin Antares
    A.K.A: Addy, Adwin, Adwhine
    Homeworld: Carida
    Species: Human


Physical Description


  • Age: 19
    [Autumn baby; early in the season]
    Height: 5’9” / 1.8 meters
    [inherited height from Father]
    Weight: 158 lbs / 71.66 kg
    [Thin with notes of additional musculature]
    Hair: Chestnut brown hair
    Hair Length: Shoulder
    Beard : Medium-thick full beard
    Skin: Fair
    Face/Facial structure: – A medium button nose, round face with hints of square at the edges, and a semi-defined jaw
    Eyes: Icy blue
    Sex: Male
    [Right Handed/Light Ambidexterity]





  • Vest/Jacket – He wears a basic dark brown, five-button, leather vest. He usually wears it over his dress shirt with the buttons undone.
    Top – He prefers his cream colored long-sleeve dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. There are charcoal and paint stains on the edges. On other days, he likes to wear T-shirts that aren’t noteworthy; comfort over style.
    Belt - He wears a darker brown – almost black – beaten and worn utility belt [“You can never have enough pockets”]
    Pants – He loves his loose-fitting brown slacks. But, when he needs to go out, he’ll put on slightly cleaner but still comfortable slacks.
    [usually the same color, but he also wears khaki and black]
    Shoes/Boots – He wears custom made dark brown leather shoes. Due to his flat feet, he compensates with adequate arch support.



  • Armament - DL-44 sidearm
    [He is a fair shot, but needs improvement]
    Martial Arts – He took a few classes when he was younger at the behest of his mother. He can defend himself, but he is by no means a master of anything.

Common Inventory:


  • He never goes anywhere without his C-1 Personal commlink device and his trusty brown colored synthetic-bound sketchpad. Other than that:
    Bag [Made with sub-standard Corellian Leather, his bag has lasted him for quite some time. It has a large main pocket, a medium-sized pocket in front of the large one, and two side pockets. One side pocket is used for his water capsule, and the other side pocket is stabilized to prevent the cracking or crunching of his charcoal and pencils] - 32oz. water capsule, snacks in a plastic sealable bag, a personal data pad, spare paper, spare charcoal, spare pencils, an easel that can attach to any mount or surface with extra small sheets of canvas, his paints, and his portfolio.
    Digital Wallet [a Small device that he carries in his front-right pocket] - High School Student ID [Expired], Intergalactic ID [Landspeeder Driving Authorization: Approved], 50-100 cred., several business cards and vendor cards. [including a few cards with his name and contact info for anyone that would like to hire him for art things]
    Wrist [A black synthetic mesh tool-holder, designed to latch onto small tools and keep them near the hand] - His favorite paintbrush [The handle is burnt mahogany, and the brush is synthetic durni fur, given to him by his late mother], his main pencil, and a spare eraser.
    Hip [A beaten leather-bound side-holster (hand-me-down from his mother)] - DL-44


Faction Information


  • Force Sensitive
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Current Faction Affiliation: N/A
    [Although an Imperial Citizen, he is not currently involved in the Remnant Faction]
    Current Faction Rank: N/A




Known Skills:


  • “I just have an eye for things…”
    Following the age-old tradition of painting and drawing on canvas and paper, Adwin loves to create. And, despite his own misgivings, he has an incredible eye for composition and artistic construction. His art is leaps and bounds further than he believes and although he can recreate the same level of talent with digital instruments, he favors the real thing. “There’s nothing quite like the feel of pencil on paper.”

    “I put my arm where now?”
    He has… very little skill with martial arts. He knows just enough to defend himself and possibly defend others. But his routine and methods start to stick out and get stale if the fight wages on too long. He has very little confidence in his combat aptitude and would not wish to step onto a battlefield.

    “I think art is everywhere, even in the force!”
    Adwin participates in more than one art form. He sculpts, sings, and dances; although, he is not very coordinated in the latter. With gleeful enthusiasm, he digests all creative ways to explore the galaxy. And he thinks art is everywhere. He thinks that, even creation, has a certain degree of creativity and that the force has its own creative whim.

    “If I put my hand to it, I get used to it pretty quick...”
    Adwin prefers hands-on learning. If someone takes the time to explain things to him and show him how he can get involved, he will jump at the chance and be a fair hand at whatever it is.




  • Born on Carida, Adwin had a relatively simple childhood; a bratty younger sister, a doting father and a mother that often left due to military obligation. This led to many days and nights where Adwin had to take up responsibilities once delegated to the stay-at-home parent while his father was engaged in political business. His father was a small figure in Imperial Politics and his mother fought with the Imperials since the days of Emperor Deton Rustic. She didn’t always see eye to eye with the way things were going and would always find subtle ways to rebel when she could, but she understood duty and would do whatever it took to protect the future of her family. When Head of State Zinthos took over, however, a prideful zeal swept through the Antares household that never left, even when Raven left the Galactic Alliance and formed the Remnant. Adwin’s mother was gung-ho for Raven’s idealistic bend and would put whatever she could into the fight whenever it came time to it. Adwin’s father felt much the same but never fought to change his political position. Adwin suspects that he might by staying under the radar to avoid the political insanity that takes place in the higher levels of government, but Adwin isn’t sure.
    Adwin’s little sister grew into maturity and eventually came to depend on her big brother’s artistic expertise. It was by his hand of inspiration and instruction, that she stepped into the expansive world of marketing and graphic design. And, with confidence and passion, she became an aspiring graphic designer. She even had a few companies sponsoring her education. Adwin couldn’t be prouder of his little sister and would give anything to see her have the best career she could.
    Adwin, however, still lives with his Father. He draws and paints every day. He sings to himself and does sculptures that litter the first floor of his Father’s home, but Adwin hasn’t made the next big step into the art world. His aspirations beg him to step out the door and make something of himself, to be the next big thing, but he doesn’t know where to start. He doesn’t know where to make his name and he refuses to get a job doing something that he doesn’t like doing. When his mother died in the line of duty, Adwin receded further into his activities and went for a time without talking to either his sister or his father. And, although he had sufficient outlet, he stopped doing art for a time as well.
    But, that was a year ago. Now, with the past in the past and Adwin’s mind on other things, he is on the lookout for that next big opportunity. He’s keeping his eyes peeled for anything that would strike his creative bug and take him down the long winding road to whatever fate has planned for him.


Landspeeder Registration



  • Name: Dirt Chaser
    Class: Landspeeder
    Model: [Certified Pre-Owned] V-35 Courier
    Manufacturer: SoroSuub
    Length: 3.9 meters
    Max Speed: 105 - 120 km/h
    Max Altitude: 0.5 meters
    Passenger Capacity: 2
    Cargo Capacity: 50 to 120 kg
    Fuel can last three-quarters of a day on full-burn
    Lightly painted and maintained with a lot of upkeep, this dark brown speeder was given to Adwin on his eighteenth birthday in celebration of taking his Landspeeder certification test.




Personality Test:




“The Advocate” (INFJ-T)


Constant Improvement


74% Introvert

81% Intuitive

80% Feeling

68% Judging

65% Turbulent


Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness…


“To Advocates, the world is a place full of inequity – but it doesn’t have to be. No other personality type is better suited to create a movement to right a wrong, no matter how big or small. Advocates just need to remember that while they’re busy taking care of the world, they need to take care of themselves, too.”

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