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Lord Commander Raphanel's Sheet

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Real Name: Various

A.K.A: ImpSec

Homeworld: Various

Species: Various


Physical Description




Clothing or Armor: Depends on what branch and what role

Weapon: Everything from a datapad to a heavy repeating blaster

Common Inventory: Depends on what branch and role


Faction Information


Generally Non-Force Users, though open to recruiting Force users and working with the Imperial Knights

Alignment: Lawful, can be Lawful Good to Lawful Evil

Current Faction Affiliation: Imperial Remnant

Current Faction Rank: Mixture, ranging from the Ubiqtorate to basic officers and enlisted men


History: Imperial Security (ImpSec) is a conglomeration of both long standing Imperial Security and Intelligence forces as well as large numbers of former CoreWorlds Security officers. Headed by Director Mazzari, they serve as the Imperial Remnant's military police, intelligence, and internal security force. While many are bureaucrats, most are trained in combat, policing, and various espionage elements. The entire force is a large and diverse one full of beings of all races, genders, backgrounds, and skills.


Notable ImpSec Members

Gavis, Chief of Staff (Ubiqtorate): Human, Director Mazzari's chief of staff

Harolld, Captain: Duros, captain of the Eventuality of Justice, Duros, a Rendili Drive Assault Frigate Mark I

Nantez, Deputy Director (Ubiqtorate): Twi-lek, head of the ImpSec facility on Kuat

Zaxer, Colonel: Human, CISOD agitator and regime change specialist




Lord Commander Raphenel Karlovci Contispex- Imperial Warden


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Real Name: Raphanel Karlovci Contispex 

A.K.A: Lord Commander Raphanel 

Homeworld: Chandrila

Species: Chandrilian human 

Age: 32

Height: 6'3

Weight 210




Clothing or Armor: Imperial Knight Class-A Uniform

Weapon: One crossguard style lightsaber (White)

Common Inventory:  lightsabre, medical supplies. 


Faction Information


Force User

Alignment: Lawful Good

Current Faction Affiliation: Rebel Alliance (Imperial Knight Subfaction)

Current Faction Rank: Master Level Warden



Decended from a long line of noble families that can trace their generational line to the end of the Pius Dea crusades, Raphanel was brought up to cherish the idea of nobility, honour, and the necessary iron fist of government. After graduating school, he enlisted in the Jedi Order near the end of the last civil war. He served with distinction until the Imperial Knight Schism, where he chose to join the revanchist members of the Jedi Order in Kyrie's crusade. He kept close contacts with his noble family, and has worked to keep the world of Chandrilia from repeating the same errors that brought them to ruin under Mandalor the Bloody's crusade. Chandrilia, under the new government of the Galactic Alliance, would grow strong, and Raphanel would serve closely with the new crowned Emperor. 



Lord Commander Raphenel Karlovci Contispex- Imperial Warden


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