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The long trek down the icy crags of the valley pressed on in relative silence. Even the squibs’ chattering voices fell silent as they concentrated on the task at hand.


Leena, bundled heavily against the cold and warmed by the ever present internal glow of the force, frowned beneath the scarf wrapped tightly about her fishy features. She was not evolved for freezing mountains and the world was an entirely uncomfortable experience for the girl. Still, she kept an aura of awareness about them, testing the makeshift path they crafted with gentle prods of the force. More than once, they had to backtrack, divert, or even rappel to avoid a potential deadly pratfall.


The deeper they got, the stronger the force radiated about them emanating  from an unknown anomaly within the planet itself. The winds continued to howl their low and mournful wail as they whipped through the cleft.

After hours of trekking, the group paused to break out warm beverages and rations. A welcome period of refreshment on their journey. Nobody had said being a Jedi was easy. Then again, no brochure promised frigid hikes into the unknown either. As Leena sat, her arms pulled from her sleeves and wrapped about her core within her parka, a gentle ding buzzed from one of her pockets; her Jedi holocomm device. Begrudgingly, she shoved an arm back through her sleeve into the attached glove and fished the device from the pocket, holding it up at eye level to try and read the transmission before the device fogged over in the cold. 

Shaking her head, Leena shoved the device back in her pouch. Before she could broach the subject of the transmission from Master Sandy Sarna, Orpheon spoke to her, breaking the relative silence, querying of the force itself.


Leena offered a warm smile to the Chiss that twinkled in her eyes. “That is a great question friend. One that does not have as simple an answer. The force flows though life, but that is only one aspect of it. Like light and dark, there is the living and cosmic force. It is possible that the power you now feel flows from the cosmic force. Or perhaps, there is some life force within the world that we do not know of. Life comes in as many forms as there are stars in the sky.”


”As you will see when we journey to our next destination.” Leena waved the Squibs and Jensaarai Defender over before continuing, “Master Sarna has requested our immediate assistance on Felucia. Apparently there is an illness ravaging the world that requires our attention. Sadly,” she looked back up the steep path they had traversed thus far, “We will need to turn back around. This requires our attention as quickly as possible. Perhaps,” she looked to the Squibs, “we can return to the ship while you three go on to set up a base camp at the abandoned Jedi settlement and we will return as soon as we are able?”


After several vigorous minutes of back and forth it was decided that two of the Squibs would stay planetside with the supplies and began to set up a base of operations for the upcoming development of the world. The third would come back to the ship to transport and deposit the force using trio to Felucia and then returning with more Squibian tribesmen to assist in the efforts on Ilum and begin scavenging what they could find worthwhile.


And thus began the doubly treacherous trip back to the ship. 


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As Orpheon and Leena walked back towards the ship, he pondered what had been explained to him. The difference between the Living and the Cosmic Force seemed like a very subtle distinction. As he marched through the snow, he wondered which was more powerful, and were some abilities linked to the Living while others only bestowed themselves upon those in sync with the Cosmic. As he walked, lost in thought, he began to feel rubble beneath the snow that seemed to wrap around his feet. Feeling a little more capable, he focused his thoughts inward, attempting to familiarize himself with the Sight within himself. Given the ease in which Leena and Mantis seemed to be able to access their abilities, Orpheon himself wanted to forge a stronger connection. Keeping his eyes open he focused on the storm that brewed within. Just as he was reaching the center, he felt his foot give way. He grunted as his knee hit the ground and he caught himself, his hands plunging into the snow and ice. 


For a moment, he felt all was right, then he felt a slight warmth radiating from his palm. Whatever it was, it was hard a stone, yet radiating a warmth that was very strange given the outside conditions. Wrapping his freezing fingers around it, he removed the stone from the snow to examine. Bringing it close to his face, he saw it was a blue multi-faceted crystal. Allowing his vision to shift, he could see a small aura of warmth radiating from it. Looking closer he could see small lines of silver embedded within the crystal. Something about it drew his focus, something beyond mere curiosity. Slipping the crystal into his pocket he continued to trudge behind Leena. 


After a couple more hours hiking through the snow they reached their vessel. He could feel the warmth of the ship immediately upon entering. While he had quickly adjusted to the cold, he could not deny the warmth from the ship was far more comfortable. He quickly took his seat as the Squib scurried to the cockpit to have the ship take off. He had never been to Felucia before, and he was curious as to what he was about to face in this new chapter in his journey.

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