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Catching Up

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Catching Up


Characters: Kirana Sunrider, Skye Organa, Celestia, Zara Nargal, brief mention of Kalyani and Mellanie


** Just after Kirana had had a confrontation with Faust on Nar Shaddaa where she assisted her former Padawan Jhoren free his Padawan from Faust. Kira heads to the Golden Link Casino to catch up with some friends for a little down time. I just wanted to 'catch up' with my different aliases without posting with all of them in the RP.




Kirana pulled back the lever, watching as the white streaks reverted back into pinpoints of light as the stars reappeared. The Lost Soul headed towards the Golden Link Casino as it orbited Corellia. She had changed her transponder codes so that her location would not be a give away. Kira had just left Nar Shaddaa after encountering Faust there. At least Jhoren’s Padawan was safe, though the loss of her contacts weighed heavily on her. She hated losing people to madmen like Faust.


Kirana dressed carefully before she left her ship. Black knee high boots, black cargo pants, dark green long sleeved silk shirt with black trim, her silver hair covered with a black, short haired wig. She couldn’t do much to disguise her traditional tattoos so she used makeup to add to them, filling parts of it in and adding more. Now she looked nothing like a Jedi was supposed to look. She walked confidently through the Casino floor, heading towards one of the restaurants that had been arranged for their meeting. She wasn’t the first there, which didn’t surprise her. She inclined her head to the woman that was already there.


Celestia nodded her head, raising her hand to attract the attention of a waiter. The Firrerreon ordered a Corellian Ale also adding, “Whatever my friend wants too,” as her hand indicated Kirana. “Hey Kira. Love your top. Is that Ryloth Silk? Love the new hairdo.” The Jedi grinned, inclining her head, “No fooling you is there Cel?” She knew the smuggler was knowledgeable, had probably smuggled the bolts of silk to whoever her buyers might be. To the waiter she added, “I’ll have the same thanks.”


The one time Pirate grinned back at the Jedi, “Our other friends are late.” Kirana’s sapphire blue eyes sparkled in answer just as a voice behind the Firrerreon spoke up, “Am I? I better check my time piece then.” The auburn haired Jedi inclined her head in greeting, “Hi Kira, Cel. Zara not here yet?” Celestia’s head whipped around, taking in the appearance of the renowned Jedi Healer, taking in the fact that she was dressed in a similar manner to Kirana, only instead of a green shirt, hers was blue with silver trim around the collar. “Well met Skye. I see you and Kira have the same tailor. How are the kids?“ The Jedi both laughed before Skye answered with her amusement still showing, “Yes I think we do. Couldn’t have done it better if we’d have planned it.” To her other question she answered, “They’re good thanks. Morgana, Amon and Krishna are all off doing their own thing at the moment.”


Kirana met the Healer’s eyes for a moment before she spoke, “I don’t know if you heard anything about Nar Shaddaa lately. I’ve just come from there. Met an old ‘friend’ of ours. I think you can guess which one.” Skye gave a little shudder as she nodded. “Yes. He’s far too cocky for his own good. One day he’ll slip up and I really hope I’m there to see it.” The privateer nodded, “Amen to that.” The waiter returned with their orders, taking Skye’s and returning again soon after. The three women conversed for a time on various subjects before organising for Cel to have a pickup of some items at a certain location before another familiar figure approached them, slipping onto the fourth chair at their table.


“Sorry I couldn’t make it here sooner. As you can see, we’re busier than ever lately.” The Dathomiri Witch grinned at the other three, inclining her head to the Healer before her grey eyes rested upon Kirana’s blue, “Do you know how Sabian is?” She hadn’t heard from the father of her youngest daughter for a while now and was anxious to know that he was alright, even when she knew she wouldn’t be told where he was for safety reasons. You never knew who was listening, especially because of Ronin’s vendetta against him. “Yes, he is alright Zara, very busy though he gave me this to pass onto you.” Kira handed her a datastick containing a video letter. “I’ve got a box in the hold of my ship with something for Mellanie, Kalyani and Kane. When he knew I was coming here after Nar Shaddaa he asked me to bring it to you.” Sabian and Kirana had one main thing in common besides the factions they were affiliated with - they were both trained by Onderin Starlisk.


“How is Brina, Zara? I plan to call up to see her before I leave.” Skye asked the proprietor of the Golden Link Casino. She’d received a call from Kheldar asking her to come and see Brina Thalin a while back. They had been hoping that Skye could heal the disease that had been reeking havoc upon the co-owner. The Healer had done so and Brina had bounced back, though she did still want to check in with her to make sure she was doing well. “Brina’s good. Hasn’t looked back since you cured her.” The Healer’s smile widened at that before she asked, “And how are your kids? I heard what happened to Kalyani. Is she alright? I can’t even begin to imagine how she must feel.” Zara’s smile disappeared, “If I ever get my hands on that Pirate I’ll kill him! I had hoped Ronin would actually be a father to her but he not only dumped her at the hospital he broke her heart.” Her stormy grey eyes flashed as she rounded on Cel, “If you know where he is…”


“Hey, hey, hey… I’m on your side with this Zar. What he did was so totally wrong on all levels. I know I’ve worked for him in the past but after that stunt he pulled with the twins I cut all ties…” Celestia held her hands up as if to ward the Dathomir Witch off. Zara visibly took a deep breath, attempting to control her temper. She found it easier than usual, feeling a subtle force manipulation and her eyes flicked back to the Healer. “Skye…” The Healer placed a hand on the proprietor’s arm, “Sorry Zar, it’s second nature.” The blonde haired woman slowly nodded her head, “I know. He just makes me so mad with what he did...” The other three women agreed with her.


Pressing the button to bring up the holo menus, Celestia suggested, “Well… how about we change the subject to something more pleasant and order some food.”, with the others agreeing as she raised her hand to attract the attention of the drinks waiter once more. Each of them made their menu choices, pressing the corresponding buttons for their preferred meals. When the waiter arrived at their table, the four gave their drink orders and the mood changed back to a more jovial one. Their meals were brought soon after and the four women turned the topic of conversation to something more pleasant.


Skye and Zara told amusing stories about what their children had been up to, Zara shaking her head adding, “I can’t imagine what it would be like to have your children grow up that fast. One day a toddler and the next their near fully grown… how did you cope with that? I find it hard to take it that Kane has gone off on his own at sixteen… be it that he is probably with his older half brother…” Zara rolled her eyes. At least Julio had looked after the twins and tried to keep them safe. Kalyani had told her what Julio had said and what he’d done when Ronin ‘tested’ his oldest child. She thought about asking her Jedi friends if they could teach the girls but then changed her mind. If Kalyani and Mellanie wanted to learn the ways of the Force they would ask someone themselves. They had all sorts of options open to them, having met both Sith and Jedi.


Celestia piped up with a few amusing stories herself, some about what she and her friend Jari had gotten up to. They all knew Cel entertained by dancing when she couldn’t find any other work. Kirana added her own stories, some about when she was a Padawan herself, others about her time in the Alliance and also some amusing occurrences with her own Padawans. Laughing she said to Zara, “You’ll have to ask Sabian next time you’re talking with him if Onderin had a missile fired at him during his training… He did that to me, testing how I would deal with that kind of danger.” A cheeky grin crossed her features as she added, “I sent the missile back towards his ship…” They all laughed at that and when Cel said, “I hope it didn’t destroy his ship - they’re expensive enough without being damaged…” Kira shook her head, “No, he turned the missile away and detonated it at a safe distance.”


Before their gathering broke up, Kalyani and Mellanie wandered in, searching for their mother. The four women greeted the girls, politely asking them how they were and what they had been up to, including being sympathetic to Kalyani who still sported an arm brace. As they said their farewells, making plans to meet up the following month, Skye said to Kalyani, “Let me take a look at that and see what I can do.” Kalyani looked back at the Healer, “You can do that? Wow. Thanks Auntie Skye.” Then to the others added, “Goodbye Auntie Cel, Auntie Kira. See you later Mum,” Mellanie followed suit and the girls left with Skye, heading towards the Med Centre and chatting to the Healer all the way.


Cel walked with Kira, heading towards the hangars to board their respective ships. Zara went along with them to organise to have the box delivered to her apartment. It turned out that Cel was docked in the next hanger over, the three women parting as Cel left them with a wave and a, “See you next time” Kirana and Zara entered the hangar where The Lost Soul was docked, the Jedi pressing in the security sequence to allow entry to her ship. She led the way into the hold where the crate was stored. She unlocked the holds ramp and activated the repulsor lift before she directed it out of the hold, into the hangar bay. Zara had already arranged for one of her trusted staff members to take the box up to her apartment, to which they did. The two women embraced before the co-owner left the hangar to go back to work and the Jedi re-entered her ship. It didn’t take long for her to head to the cockpit, arrange for departure before doing so, The Lost Soul soon disappearing into hyperspace once more.


The Force can do terrible things to a mind it can wipe away your memories and destroy your very identity. - Carth Onasi

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