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Ary the Grey

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Darth Mavanger nodded. Then all that was left was to put his forces to march once more, as he had above a dozen worlds since he joined the Sith. The only difference is that he would be facing down his former allies, the people that he had lost so much to serve. No more would he be doing the bidding of a Dark Lord who's ambitions lay in the ephemeral eradication of the Jedi and the Sovereign Alliance. No, he would put the galaxy to the torch with his own actions, and inspire his people to do the same, as he had for years.


"Then we set off to find Darth Akheron. I'll ready the remainder of my forces- Nar Shaddaa likely took a toll on them, and it will do them good to hear from me once more. My next stop will be Ziost- If he is not still present there, there will hopefully be people hwo know of his location. He isn't the most subtle of our allies, after all. I suggest you do the same with your troops- ready them for what is to come, then meet us on Ziost. Once we have solidified my position, we can discuss the plans for our empires."

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