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Ary the Grey

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Many thoughts swam through the massassi, Karys Narat iv-Adas mind as he piloted the ship he had acquired some years ago. At the front of these was how he would be received upon his official return to the dark embrace of the Sith, if he would be accepted again at all.


Unofficially, he had been alive for several years since his fourth death, the details of which he had long forgotten. He had since traversed the stars, following the call of the Darkness within him...to seek out the secret to his Wrath and gain control over it. A secret that in part still evaded him.


He had tempered his Wrath to a extent, after exploring many different cults, secret societies, dark cabals and other such dark force based traditions but still the secret to making his Wrath manifest eluded him. At least in the physical sense. But he knew he was getting close. As such he felt the time had come make his return known.


With each planet he passed, when trouble made itself known and others tried to end his life, the Lord Of Wrath resurfaced. Those who knew what to look for would recognise his unique brand of vengeance. Soon he was closing on the place that now had his full attention once more. A place that Darkness was manifest.


Inputting the correct co-ordinates his course was set. Onderon and the Sith awaited the return of Lord Akheron.



"The universe started in darkness at a time when light didn't exist, and that is how it will end. Chaos and suffering is what brings us together. In chaos a man or woman will show who he or she really is and in suffering they will speak the truth. We are darkness incarnate, we are the evil. This cannot be denied, even by me. But without us there is no redemption, passion or order." - Darth Akheron


I survived the Great JNet Outage of 2012

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As the newly built Exodus-Class Star Destroyer pierced through hyperspace on her maiden voyage, so too did Solus try to tame his hound on his chassis’ maiden combat situation in one of the many hangers.. 

“Ah! Down Tear! Down I say!” Solus tried to command as he and the hound rolled over and over on the floor.  Solus’ metal hands were gripping onto the beasts upper and lower jaw, doing everything in his power from keeping it snapping around his head. 

Eventually Solus raised his leg and pushed the hound away from him. The hound tumbled on the floor and slammed into a fighter, but quickly back jumped to its feet, while Solus was still getting up. 

The hound leapt forward, claws eager to fulfill its name’s purpose. It’s master before had kept it contained through sheer violence and size. Now, Solus was almost as small as it was, if just a foot bigger. Solus was weaker, and thus, no longer in charge when the shock leash was off. 

Solus barely rolled out of the way of the hound’s tumble. His mind flashed back to when he had fought Tear’s brother, Rip, and the rest of its pack. Back then, he was with Lord Roshan and his other warrior, and Solus had his large chassis. He was able to hold Tear down with one hand, and break leg bones just by squeezing.

“This is just so stupid. So dumb! Gah!” Solus angrily shouted as he dodged another pounce. This time he was ready and leapt onto the hounds back, grabbing tightly. 

“Obey me Tear! You know I’m in charge.” Solus commanded to no avail. Instead Tear responded with by rolling over and pressing onto Solus with his back. 
Solus thanked the force that Tear hadn’t developed spines yet  like his brother. Still, he was forced to let go. 

The two got themselves up and circled each other momentarily. Tear growled and bared its razor-sharp teeth. Solus started to lose hope. This was useless, he did not have the same strength to tame Tear. 

“Come on Tear, what is it? What will make you obey me again…”


Tear barked in response, its glowing red eyes showing no fear nor compassion. It had no reason to listen to this fake thing. 

Solus tried to think more. He recalled what his master had said. 


A tuk'ata must have it's allegiance earnt through sheer will, by bending it's will to your own. Dominate his mind. Show him your true self, your darkness, your rage, anger and all your fears. Earning his loyalty, only then will you have a true hound of war to follow you for perhaps centuries to come. For they are not easily bought and rare to find. Let him loose from his chain, break his will on the journey to Naboo, consider this your first real test as a Sith


Solus shook his newly made head in confusion. 


Bend your will to my own? Isn’t that what I did before? By beating you to a pulp and breaking your legs?” 


Tear charged, trying to use its teeth instead of its claws this time. Solus stumbled back a bit in surprise and raised an arm up in defense. Tear grabbed the arm and, with the force of a beast, shook Solus around and threw him to the side. 


The Shard crashed into the wall, shocked from the sheer muscle Tear had. He had been growing since Korriban. He was just so big that Solus never really saw it. 


“Why won’t you listen to me?” Solus shouted, anger in his synthesized voice. Tear charged again but this time he was ready. As the beast leapt, Solus brought his arm up and struck at the thing’s throat. 


Solus didn’t realize how much strength he actually did have. While it was nothing compared to his previous chassis, it was still the strength of a robot. With the air knocked out, Tear collapsed onto the ground momentarily.


Solus looked at his arm. The dents in it, as well as the strain in Solus’ shoulder, showed the power of Tear’s jaws. If he was an organic, it might’ve been torn off. 


“You damaged me!” Solus yelled. Tear was getting up. Solus was up first and jumped up and placed himself over Tear. With one hand on its head and the other on its shoulder, Solus pinned the hound with his full weight. 


“You DAMAGED ME!” Solus shouted, his synthesized voice blaring out slightly. Tear began to struggle, but Solus only pressed down harder.


“All you had to do was listen to me. You needed to listen to me! But no! You decided to not listen at all and damge me! Cut me out of everything and leave me! Thats what you all did! Isolate me like some piece of NOTHING!” 


Tear stopped and looked at the being. The force was coming off of the metal being now. Waves of anger and pain were rapidly intensifying. The shard’s past was being brought forward. With its new body, Solus was more connected to the Force then ever, and the beast not only recognized it, but relished in its nourishment. 


Inside his chassis, as the pain came to the surface, the shard’s lines became faster and more precise. Their usual chaotic dance began to imitate a more geometric shape as its feelings became focused.


“All you, and all the rest of you had to do was listen! I had visions! I saw the world of worlds! I SAW EVERYTHING! And I was right! I was! Not them! ME! ME! AND YOU ALL PUNISHED ME FOR BEING RIGHT!! WELL WHO IS RIGHT NOW!?!?!”


With each sentence, Solus’ voice became more garbled and distorted as the dark side surged from the shard inside the thing’s head. With each surge, the lines got closer and closer, until finally, they were perfectly aligned. 



 Solus grabbed Tear, picked him up, and blared his scream. The shard turned a horrid black. The metallic screech was layered with dark energy from the fury inside the Shard that had been held back for centuries. . The walls shook slightly as the force, starting to be recognized by the Shard, vibrated. True, Solus would probably never be able to do this on purpose without training, but here, Tear was his prisoner and Solus could give into his rage without worry. 

The screech only lasted for a few seconds. Then Solus’ body collapsed. Despite being robotic, his body was drained of all power. Solus could see but was unable to move. His hound locked eyes on his fallen master who only moments ago. He was completely helpless. Nothing could save him now…


Tear calmly walked up and curled himself around Solus’ body. His master had finally shown some of his true colors. His pain. His rage. This is what nourished the Tu'kata more then any kind of meal. Death was its meat. The Dark Side was its drink. And its master could provide equal measures of both. 


Solus chuckled a bit at this as his body temporarily powered down. It would soon power back up however, when the ship’s broke hyperspace at Naboo.  


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The galaxy may have been holding its breath, but the well greased inner workings of the Sith Security Bureau continued to move with relentless efficiency. The department’s minister was already requesting a meeting with her before she had even arrived at the rendezvous location, and Darth Nyrys was inclined to honor that request in order to gain a better understanding of the situation at large.


“-And we are currently pushing a media blitz regarding Naboo being used as a vital part of the refinement of biological weapons cultivated on Felucia. While the conflicts leading up to Naboo were mostly big stick diplomacy skirmishes, this is the first time that the campaign has launched, for lack of a better term, a sacking, and that gives us room to shape the narrative.” explained the minister, currently mid briefing.


“One would think by now our history would make such actions unnecessary. Our nature has always been one of brutal honesty, when it came to diplomatic negotiation.” Nyrys said, almost wistfully.


“Those who remember history are nearly always drowned out by those that are consumed by their anchorless and immediate perspectives. Individuals may at times be unpredictable, but groups of people are drearily banal. Take the rebels for example, always promising a better galaxy but never managing to deliver one that can survive beyond at most a decade or two. I can see how it might have been inspiring and hopeful the first time, but at this point they’re just stacking bodies for a jingoistic scam. This is not the last rebellion that we will have to put down, as softer hearted fools will inevitably delude themselves into thinking that they are heroes that will really actually bring a better era to the galaxy.” The minister waxed philosophically.


“They have only the scars of the past and empty silences to account for those times. I’m not surprised that such abscesses fester and spoil into infection. Pain carries little context or wisdom, only the incessant call for action. When Darth Mavanger exhausts this new bloodlust or directs it elsewhere, we will rebuild amidst the ashes so that maybe the survivors might understand the why of our violence. Without the rebels, without disorder, there would be no need for such displays of barbarity. I want dossiers on worlds for after Naboo that would join willingly without a show of force so that we can show the galaxy that only the worlds that resist will suffer consequences.” She knew that it would be next to impossible to fully rein in the Sith now that blood was in the proverbial water, but the damage could be directed and limited with a careful hand.

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Kirlocca sat in the main hold of a transport ship holding out a training lightsaber to Johan. The hilt was suspended in the air through the use of the Force as the Jedi Master walked in a pacing line across from his apprentice. The hilt would remain suspended until his apprentice grasped the hilt form himself. His words were soft yet strong. The boy would have known that Kirlocca wanted him to do well, but also knew that he wouldn't be happy if he wasn't putting his full focus forward. 


<< The blade itself is weightless, making it a difficult weapon to wield. One must have the Force flowing through them in order to not accidently cut off their own limbs. Such control takes a few times to really know, but takes years to fully master it without any question. Upon such mastery comes other benefits, such as movement completely unhindered, knowing how quickly one can move the blade, or even to know how to move the blade in a way that it moves better than an extension of your own body. >>


Kirlocca now paused and turned towards Johan, withdrawing and activating his own lightsaber he received as a gift from Tobias Vos. The familiar snap-hiss brought the orange blade to life, and the light from it seemed to take over the entire hold of the shuttle. 


<< With the Force, one can learn to predict movements, attack and defend without any question as to where their blade will land. Every Jedi begins with Shii-Cho, the very first and basic form of lightsaber combat. From there, the options of forms increases. A total of 8 forms are within our order. More if ones are broken down, and smaller ones expanded upon. Some choose to learn many, but hold no true mastery over one. Other prefer to understand the basics and leave it at that. Others, such as myself devote to one form and become a master of it, having no other rivals in the form. But I also did this through crafting my own, Wru'torr; the form of discipline. >>


Without another word, the Wookiee leapt at Johan with his own orange blade, wanting the boy to get used to what an attack from another blade could feel like.

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Zalis sat in the cockpit of the Supremacy and stared at the starlines of hyperspace as she traveled from Iridonia to the Outer Haven. Her mind wondered for a moment how much of this was worth it. Setting up an empire of Czerka alongside Black Sun was an undertaking she knew would require a ton of leg work and people pleasing for a while. And a lot if it was fairly simple and easy for her to do. But to show up in the massive hive spot known as Outer Haven was an undertaking she didn’t think she’d ever have to do. Such a place made dealing with the Hutts seem like child's play compared to how the entire facility ran at Haven. 


Calmin she was sure was dead- those reports of his death surfaced many years ago, long before the Crusaders even struck at Coruscant. In fact, she was sure that she still owned a stake at the Golden Link Casino when he died. Yet somehow, here she was, being sent by the Zabraks to finish a deal they had with him. Part of her wondered if the dark fur Wookiee, Jathrrro, still operated the facility quietly under the guise of Calmin. He was a poor beast that through heavy manipulation served the Miraluka filled with rage. Either way, she would soon find out the nature of Outer Haven and what sort of business she could accomplish there, along with what sort of profits could be squeezed from it.


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