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Discoveries - Complete

Mirdala Ad'Goran

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Name: Discoveries

Summary: The story of how Mirdala came to be adopted by Jorbe and Cyare Ad'Goran.

Rating: PG-13 (mentioned violence, implicated abuse)

Additional Tags: RP Backstory

Critiques: Constructive criticism is welcome.




Outbound from Cestian Sector - a little over 23 years prior to Current RP timeline


"Last crate" Jorbe Ad’Goran remarked to his friend and their mission’s commander, Erich Delavvo, the former’s face still grim from the memory of the cold-blooded senseless murder of the Bothan civilian they'd found sheltering in the bunker they'd raided. The two of them lifted the already indexed crate from the top and sat it on the pile on the opposite side of the cargo bay.


To his surprise, he didn't need to descramble the lock on this one and received another when the lid jerked back down out of his hands. "What the haran?" He started, raising the lid, more forcefully this time as Erich came over to investigate his comrade's confusion. Wide jade eyes belonging to a small raven-haired girl stared up at them from where she was seated amongst the crate's contents. Both men stared in shock for a few moments before Jorbe recovered enough to reach in after the small girl.


No sooner had he picked her up then she suddenly sprang to life screaming, crying and shrieking in both panic, pain, and confusion that her little mind knew no other way to process.


She'd lost her caregiver and found herself in a strange and scary new place. The child couldn't feel her Bothan nanny any longer, either, and not knowing where the Bothan was scared her more. Her small cheeks had turned a rosy red color and her wailing increased in volume as the man that held her was unknowingly hurting her after her recent visit to the Baktoid labs.


Jorbe just stared at the child from behind his buy'ce and looked from her to Erich at a loss of what to do. "Where did you come from ad'ika?" he asked.


Erich clasped him on the back, "Vod, I didn't think that I'd have to be the one to have to explain this to you but...you see when a man and a woman..."


"Oh shut it you dikut!" Jorbe retorted as he tried to hold the screaming child another way, only to have her start shrieking in pain even louder. "How do you shut her off?"


"Try putting her down because she apparently doesn't like the way you're holding her." His friend and father of three replied bluntly.


Just then, several of the other squad members flooded the cargo hold in full battle gear, weapons drawn and ready for a fight, Jerecht leading the charge. "Great, more witnesses and wasted space," he sneered, eying the screaming toddler.


Jorbe sat her down, but her crying didn't stop. At least, she wasn't shrieking in pain any longer, but was instead looking wide-eyed from one helmeted face to another.


"Buckets off boys," Erich ordered. "Maybe that will calm her down to know we're not droids. I'm reasonably sure she was what was setting off the motion alarms in the hold."


The others quickly complied, Jerecht, one of the non-Mandos, being the last as he begrudgingly removed his battle helmet after several seconds of Erich's commanding gaze. The child still didn't stop crying.


"What do we do with her?" One of the others asked.


"What is that smell?" Another chimed in, now that their buckets weren't filtering the air any longer the child's rather ripe nature and soiled clothing becoming apparent.


"We could try to get her back to Cestus through another route, she's obviously someone's kid, probably from a pretty well off family, judging from the way she's dressed." Tolf Ad'tornie, the Cestian strike team’s tech officer, offered. "I bet that Bothan woman Jerecht neutralized was her nanny or something."


"Ransom?" Avren Gailaar, another of the team’s Mando’ade, a former Journeyman Protector, joked.


"I say," Jerecht interjected, elbowing his way past Jorbe to level his blaster at the little girl who surprisingly didn't flinch away from the weapon. "We eliminate another witness and dump all the useless junk."


It was one comment too far for Jorbe as he spun the other mercenary around by his shoulder and decked him resulting in an all-out brawl between the two men.


Erich reached for the kid, only to have her nimbly dart just out of reach between the crates just ahead of his hand and quickly out of sight. "Fierfek," he swore, turning his attention to the grappling match on the deck. "Enough! Break it up! Stop slapping at each other like a bunch of drunk spacers!"


Setting action to words, he reached out and grabbed the first battle-vest he could, pulling hard. The others pitched in, grabbing the nearest combatant and trying to drag the two large men apart.


After several seconds of struggled combat they finally managed to get enough space between the two that Erich was able to bodily put himself between them. "Jerecht, find somewhere else to be now. Jorbe, you stay here and cool down. The rest of you fan out and find that kid!


He called the cockpit. "Give me every report you can about noise or movement. We have to narrow down where she might be and then we can use the damage control boards to keep her from wandering off again."


He strode over to the damage control station in the small cargo hold and began punching queries into the keypad.


Sarge...that ghostly wailing is back… Belaile's stuttery voice breathed from his comlink a few moments later. The ex-swoop ganger-turned-loadmaster sounded like he was in the early stages of withdrawal. A string of bad accidents and injuries treated by an equally bad selection of street medics and dis-barred hospital techs early on in his life had left the man with a near permanent ache, and an equally terminal addiction to battlefield-strength painkillers of whatever sort he could get his hands on.


Lately the man had become convinced that the shuttle was possessed by the ghosts of former crew, and had reported odd noises and events over the last week or so. The wailing seemed to be new, though, having first started while they were boosting out of Cestus's atmosphere in a hurry.


Erich thought fast. "Bel, where is the ghost right now?"


Judging from the odd smell and the scrubbies going crazy… he paused, apparently trying to get his bearings. Maintenance junction three-oh-six Alpha...I think.


"Acknowledged. I'll send a team to check it out, let me know if the ghost moves." Erich punched several commands into the computer to lock down that particular junction, hopefully containing the little "spectre" that had fled to the ship's interior, when Jorbe came in, his face strained.


"Have you found her yet?"


Erich nodded, "Bel might have stumbled upon her and based on some of the rantings from the cleaning droids, I'd say that we can at least resolve the issues of this particular 'ghost' of his." He clasped the other Mando'ad on the shoulder. "Let's go find your ik'aad."


Jorbe's eyebrows knotted together in confusion, but he said nothing and simply followed his friend.


Ke barjurir gar'ade, jagyc'ade kot'la a dalyc'ade kotla'shya. - "Train your sons to be strong but your daughters to be stronger."

“A Mandalorian woman's greatest talent is not her charm or beauty, but her strength of body and will.” - Mandalorian proverb

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The girl braced herself against the interior wall of the ship and kicked out at the advancing droid. "No! No! No!" she shrieked, forcing the intruder to her hiding spot further back the way it had come. Three loud clanks behind her caused her to jump as she edged the interloper closer to the light and the corridor.


Once the surface flattened back out, she began shoving at the droid with her hands and pushing it backward until they were both out of the maintenance tunnel.


Movement out of the corner of her eye caused her to turn and she saw two figures approaching her and a gave a yelp of surprise to her left indicated the presence of a third towering figure.


She backpedaled into the shaft as quick as her little legs could manage, wanting to hide from the loud and scary strangers. She only made it up a few meters to the junction point and found that all other accesses had been blocked off.


Secure in the knowledge that the others were too big to get through the tunnel to get to her, she curled up and rested her head on her knees. Her tummy was really beginning to hurt and she couldn't help but sniffle a little bit, and she missed her nanny, Jin, greatly.


Ke barjurir gar'ade, jagyc'ade kot'la a dalyc'ade kotla'shya. - "Train your sons to be strong but your daughters to be stronger."

“A Mandalorian woman's greatest talent is not her charm or beauty, but her strength of body and will.” - Mandalorian proverb

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Erich growled in frustration and hunched over, trying to see up the droid tube. "Well, we've got her pinned in about three yards of turf, but I don't fancy getting stuck in there and aggravating the scrubbies even further."


He paused, sinking down on his knees and staring at the entrance. "She's gone, what, a day at least without chow, yes?"


Jorbe nodded thoughtfully, wondering where this was going.


"Bel, hand me that crash box." Erich waved just down the hall. After it was handed to him, he opened it and pulled out a small plastic box.


"Survival crackers," he said, opening them. He slowly set one just barely arms length inside the tunnel, and then another at the entrance. Handing the rest of the box to Jorbe, he got up and started walking away, waving the loadmaster after him. "Call me when she comes out," he called over his shoulder.


Jorbe realized that waiting for the child was partly his punishment for going after Jerect, no matter how much he felt the cold-hearted mercenary deserved it. He sighed and sat down near the tunnel.


It wasn't long before the curious, but hungry little girl's hand slowly emerged from the tunnel to snatch the cracker. She froze when she saw Jorbe's armored form sitting nearby, but she didn't disappear back up the tunnel. Her jade green eyes that reminded him of his ridduur's were transfixed, not on him directly, but the small box of crackers in his hands. Apparently Erich's instincts hadn't been that far off-base.


"Are you hungry ad'ika?" He asked gently, not wanting to scare her again. "It's okay. No one is going to hurt you." He took a few more crackers out of the box and held them out to her.


The expression that crossed her face was a baffling mixture of hesitance and distrust. Her stomach protested loudly and she dashed forward to swipe two of the crackers before retreating back to just inside the tunnel entrance, watching the large man the entire time.


He shook the box slightly as he watched her devour the crackers. "I've got more here if you want it," he remarked. The rattling seemed to get her attention and she came back out a little bit more boldly.


The raven-haired toddler stood just beyond his reach, this time outstretching her little hand. "More," she insisted, her chubby hand out-stretched. "Hungee."


Jorbe reached in and handed her the last cracker in the pack holding it out to her, but slowly moving it closer to him as she tried to grab it. "After this one, I'll have to take you to find some more okay?"


Frustrated, her little face scrunched up not liking this new game he was playing, "Jin! Want Jin!"


He handed her the cracker, more out of confusion than anything else. "I don't know ad'ika...I'm sorry."


She wolfed down the cracker then shifted and tugged at her pants as though they weren't comfortable on her. Then she started to fuss moreso because she didn't know how else to express her confusion, fear, and growing discomfort. "Hungee..." She sniffled.


"I know..." Jorbe said, holding his arms out instinctively to the little girl. "Come here and we'll go find Erich and some food okay?"


She hesitated before finally approaching him and allowing him to pick her up.


Ke barjurir gar'ade, jagyc'ade kot'la a dalyc'ade kotla'shya. - "Train your sons to be strong but your daughters to be stronger."

“A Mandalorian woman's greatest talent is not her charm or beauty, but her strength of body and will.” - Mandalorian proverb

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As they walked into the little double box that served as Erich's "stateroom", the sergeant spoke without looking up from his dataslate. "Trapped your little vhevin, then?" He finished what he was doing, then stood up. "Guess we'd better clean her up and get some skraan in her, for a start."


He waved Jorbe after him, ducking into the medlocker, where there was both a med pod and a sanitary wash station.


"Haven't done this bit in a while," Erich muttered, as he adjusted the controls on the deep rinse sink, trying to remember the settings for a small child.


The little girl watched intently as she clung to Jorbe watching what the other was doing.


"You know more about what you're doing than I do, vod..." Jorbe added as he sat the girl down and began removing her shirt so they could bathe her. He didn't expect the level of protest, however.


"No! No! No!" she started shrieking as he removed her long-sleeved shirt and wiggled to get away from him again. He wasn't prepared for the bruising that he saw on her pale olive skin.


It took him a few seconds to process and regain his composure before attempting to calm the small child. "It's okay, ad'ika! It's just a bath! I promise no one's going to hurt you," he intoned as he scooped her back up and placed her hand in the warm water. "See?"


"Bath?" she repeated, calming down as she ran her hand through the water. Jorbe nodded, but cast a confused look to Erich. Had she gotten those bruises from tumbling around in an unsecured container?


Switching to Mando'a, he asked Erich as he removed the last of the girl's clothes and diaper before putting her in the warm, soapy water, "Is this normal? I didn't hurt her before, did I?"


Erich was watching the girl with an attempt at a jaundiced eye, but Jorbe caught the slight angry waver in his voice anyway. "No, Vod, that looks a little more deliberate than just banging around in a storage box. A little too clinically placed, if you follow." The sergeants lips were drawn back into a thin grimace as he dug out a rag from the storage box.


"Here, help her get clean and rinsed off. I'll grab some food and then be back here. Well let her eat a bit, then have the doc-box check her over." Erich handed him the wash rag and a small towel before wandering out.


Jorbe looked back at the small girl who was happily scooping up the bubbles in the water and putting them on her chin. "Bwead ‘ike you!" she proudly exclaimed as Erich disappeared out the door, though the only words Jorbe managed to actually understand was "you".


Maybe she's sick or needs some sort of special treatment, he thought to himself absently as he carefully washed her hair. She does seem awfully small. Erich might know something more though. He didn't seem too happy when he left just now.


"You okay ad'ika?" he asked aloud, making light conversation more for his benefit than actually having much chance at a coherent conversation with the girl. "You have very pretty green eyes, just like my Cyar'ika." He turned on the water to give her a rinse, but made sure it was about the same temperature as the rest of the water.


The child beamed at him, but ducked away shyly when Erich returned.


Erich cocked his head at Jorbe. "Falling for the vevhin, brother?" He smiled. He handed him a warm box. "Here, she's starting to trust you, so I think you should feed her instead of trying to take her to the galley right yet. Then we'll get the doc-box running and get a med report for her."


Jorbe shook his head and chuckled. "No, just talking to her to keep her calm. Or boredom. I haven't decided." He sat the box of food on the small table next to the sink so he could get her out and dry her off."What are we supposed to do for clothes? These are more or less ruined, I think."


Erich slung an unfamiliar bag at him as well. "Found these in the same cargo bin as your vevhin. Thing about kids that young; they tend to have to travel with their own luggage wherever you take them, that includes escape bunkers apparently. It's not much, a couple of changes of clothes and some diapers. I'm guessing she's not refresher-trained yet."


Jorbe caught the pack deftly in one hand and located the clothes and diaper, "What are we going to do with her? She's obviously someone's daughter. How risky would it be to get her back to Cestus where she might find her parents? She might be sick since you said these bruises are more clinical...and how the hell does this thing go on?" He threw his hands up in frustration.


Erich laughed at Jorbe's confusion. "Lay it out flat, set her on it, bring the two sides together, then fold the gription tape over." He shook his head sadly. "You wanted to be a parent and you've no clue, do you?"


He helped Jorbe get the girl into a diaper and another wrap set, then watched as his inexperienced friend tried to feed her. "We're not going back to Cestus, not voluntarily. Doing so for any reason would compromise the mission. The only thing you can do is turn her over to Port Control and let them figure out what to do with her." He shook his head.


"As for the bruises, well, that's what the doc-box will tell us, isn't it?"


"Cyare and I gave up on that a long time ago, vod," he responded flatly as he sat the little girl on a stool and began handing her torn pieces of breaded nuna. "What usually happens to kids turned over to the Port Authority?" He looked at the wide-eyed child who was watching two of them as she ate, almost as though she were absorbing everything they were saying, despite the fact that he knew she couldn't possibly understand a word they were speaking.


Erich leaned against a doorway, scratching his chin thoughtfully and watching the little girl munch. "Partly that'll depend on what the medical report says." He said, slightly evasively.


Jorbe frowned, not appreciating his comrade's evasiveness, but kept quiet.


Erich sighed. "I doubt she's going home, though. They'd either try to adopt her out, or turn her over to a trade orphanage." He shrugged. "Maybe if she was important enough, they might find a middle man to bargain her back to whatever company her family works for. But with the shape she's in, ultimately, it'll be up to the Port Master..."


He nodded as he watched the child eat,"I suppose that means I'm on babysitting duty until we make port then?"


"You fought for her," Erich remarked as though it made all the sense in the galaxy. "Besides, she likes you. I don't think Avren would mind the extra roommate. He's got a quite a few of his own if I'm not mistaken."


"Tank you! Done!" The child interjected, finished with the food Jorbe had torn into bit sized bits, her little legs swinging back and forth. She reached up for him.


"I don't know the first thing about taking care of a kid, Erich," he admitted, not sure if he really was the best choice for her caretaker. "You'd be the better option, or maybe Avren, then."


"No, Vod, she's your problem," Erich said. "I've got enough stuff to do without having anyone under foot, and Avren is keeping an eye on Jerecht. In the meantime, let's get an idea of what you've gotten yourself into."


He reached over and a punched a button on a cabinet on the wall. Nothing happened for several minutes. "Kriffing antiques," he muttered. Then slapped the cabinet. Immediately, a lens opened in the cabinet, emitting a turquoise beam which coalesced into the shape of an pre-Empire IM6 med-droid.


"Welcome to the clinic," it chirped in a syrupy female voice. "We're hoping to make your day a little better and a lot less painful! Who is it that needs our help today?"


"The half pint, Doc," Erich said, pointing at the little stowaway.


"Oh, aren't you a pretty thing," the holo cooed. "Hold still and let me get a good look at you."


Enraptured by the shimmering hologram, the little girl froze, her eyes wide in amazement. She was too intrigued to move, and Jorbe realized it was the first time he'd actually seen the child utterly motionless. He hadn't thought it possible.


The holo seemed to circle the girl, clucking talking to her in a friendly voice for a few minutes, then stopped and placed one appendage under it's face. "Tell me, cutie. Where do you hurt the most?"


The child seemed to honestly pause and regard the question for a moment, and shockingly seemed to be weighing her options before pointing to her middle. Jorbe exchanged a dark look with Erich.


One of the hologram's eyes got brighter, and it seemed to lean into to look at her better. "Well, that's not a problem. We've got some little tricks here that will make all your aches and Boo-hoos just go right away." As the holo spoke, some whirring could be heard from the bulkhead.


Hearing a small chime, the holo turned as a second cabinet door opened. The holo seemed to reach into the cabinet and a dispenser rack slid out. "Give her the blue bottle before sleeping, the red bottle at meals, and the brown bottle every four hours. If you have any further complaints, please take your datachip with you to consult your friendly local General Practice Medical Droid. Have a nice day!"


After Erich leaned in and grabbed the small box the cabinet had put together, the rack slid back into into place and both cabinets closed, the hologram giving a friendly wave to the child as the beam faded.


Erich opened the case and curiously checked the tubes. "Ah," he laughed, pulling a possibly medicated candy out of the case and handing it to Jorbe.


"Where go?" The child asked holding her hands out as she shrugged her little shoulders.


Jorbe looked from the little girl to Erich to the medicine in his hands. "Back in the cabinet ad'ika," still more or less overwhelmed by his new assignment.




"Sure." He nodded absently without really understanding why he had, or what he may have actually been communicating to the child.


"My turn? I hide!"


Erich picked up on where her thought pattern was headed faster than Jorbe as he scooped her up. "No, no, no. It's not your turn for hide and seek. You're going to go with Jorbe and he'll find something for you to do. The time for hide and seek is over, it's now banned from my ship, do you understand?"


The child squirmed a little, but nodded wide-eyed. "No hide-seek."


"That's a clever girl," he said handing her back to Jorbe, before addressing him. "You heard me, out. I'll contact the Port Master so they know what's coming."


Jorbe looked like he was about to resist for just a moment, but only because he was curious as to what the medical records had indicated. "We'll be in my quarters. We can talk later?"


Erich waved dismissively from his desk as he began to process the mountain of administrative piecework that was his least favorite aspect of the job. It had to be done if people wanted to get paid though, and one of the burdens of leadership.


Ke barjurir gar'ade, jagyc'ade kot'la a dalyc'ade kotla'shya. - "Train your sons to be strong but your daughters to be stronger."

“A Mandalorian woman's greatest talent is not her charm or beauty, but her strength of body and will.” - Mandalorian proverb

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"No seepy!" the bright-eyed little girl shouted as she ducked away from Jorbe again and again. She was a sprightly little thing and harder to catch than a wisp of smoke from the bellows.


"Udesii, ad'ika," He tried to calm her down as she ran giggling between his legs and under Avren's bunk. His roommate, another of the Mando’ade on permanent contract with the Mercenary Brotherhood like Erich and Tolf, was too busy suppressing laughter to be of much use and swung his leg out of the way just as she dashed under. "You could help you know."


"And miss the free entertainment, vod?" Avren laughed and rolled over on the bunk to peer at the little girl, smiling. She giggled in return as she activated the manual override switch to the door that led to the scrubber droid's tunnels. "She's a clever one..." The blonde-haired man rolled back on the bunk, keeping the developments to himself and his letter to his riddur, but could not stop the wicked grin from spreading across his face.


"Thanks for nothing, vod," Jorbe sat down on his own bunk in resignation. The little girl had to come out some time, but it wasn't until he heard the door whir open that he sprung to his feet again. "The tunnel access is under you bunk isn't it?"




He groaned in frustration and was just about to radio a lock-down of the tunnel systems again when angry electronic burbling began emitting from under Avren's bed.


"Moob!" he heard her call, secretly grateful that what sounded like the ship's complement of scrubbers was on his side. "No! Moob!" she cried again before she was answered with a few indignant blurps and burbles. She came stumbling backward soaking wet from under the bunk, bumping her head on the way out.


"I felt that kid," Avren swore as he sprung up to deal with the droids. "Grab her Jorbe and make sure she's okay!"


She fell to the floor as large tears filled her eyes and she began to breath heavily. She didn't wail this time, as Jorbe had expected, but reached for Jorbe to rescue her while Avren wrangled the droids back into their tunnel system. He found her silent sobbing far more worrisome than any other behavior he'd experienced with her thus far. He stooped to pick up the sopping child who sniffled into his shirt her wailing finally filling the cabin as she managed to find her voice again, letting loose an ear-piercing shriek of distress.


"Check her kovid, vod," Avren groused as he dodged a lone droid that insisted on remaining behind to clean up the water all over the floor. "It was a pretty good bump."


Jorbe didn't know what else to do, so he sat her on the edge of his bunk and knelt to her level, willing himself to remember what little bits of information he'd picked up from his wife, Cyare. He gently covered her eyes, waited for a few seconds and took his hand away, watching her pupils for reaction to light. Her own eyes widened at the odd behavior, but her pupils contracted as expected with the return to the brighter light of the room.


What the haran is going on in there? What happened? Erich's voice interjected over the comm. No doubt Jerecht had issued complaints about the noise level.


"Kid hit her head trying to escape an angry scrubber. Jorbe's getting her settled now. Good conk, nothing more, Ruus'alor," Avren responded, urging Jorbe to comfort the child before Jerecht got pushed too far and decided to end the noise himself. "Pretty sure she's fine. Just hold her to your chest. Small ones like heartbeats," he offered.


"Jin,” hiccup, “want Jin," she wailed as he scooped her up and followed his comrade's advice.


"Udesii, udesii, ad'ika," he intoned, trying to soothe the child who quieted, enraptured by the strange-sounding words.


"She'll have a good knot on the back of her head. I'd say the scrubbies won that round. Probably should get her out of those wet clothes. Bel had the droids bring up what she was found with. At least it's clean now and should be comfortable enough." Avren rummaged around in one of the drawers on Jorbe's side of the cabin, tossing him the fresh garments and another diaper. "You just had to step in it with Jerecht, didn't you?"


Watching the child out of the corner of his eye, Jorbe grabbed the clothes out of mid-air and clenched his jaw. "Would you have let him shoot her out of an airlock? She's someone's kid. She didn't ask to be on this ship. It's not her fault that her nanny picked the wrong bunker to hide." His voice was measured, calm, but had an undercurrent of irritation. "You have ad'ikase of your own, Avren, you can't tell me that you would have let him."


Avren gave him a measured look. Whether Jorbe realized it or not, he was getting attached to their little stowaway. "She's really not my problem. I shoot, loot, and scoot, not babysit civs. Can't say that I know what would have happened to her had you not found her first. Moot point now, isn't it?" He paused for a second, regarding the small girl. "Look."


Jorbe followed his gaze and found that during the course of their conversation, the little girl had laid down and was watching the two of them sleepily. "Better get her changed then."


"Now would be a better idea than having to wake her back up. Try singing to her, she seems to like our language, vod."


Unsure why his bunkmate was suddenly being so helpful, Jorbe carefully removed the child's wet clothing and diaper and dressed her in the clean set of clothes and a new diaper. As he did so, he began to hum one of the old battle songs, surprised as the haunting tune seemed to make the girl's eyelids heavier as he picked her up and held her against his chest as he reclined in the bunk with her. It wasn't long before she was out and he was left wondering how anyone would want to hurt such a spirited and innocent child.


((Here's the next part of the tale.))


Ke barjurir gar'ade, jagyc'ade kot'la a dalyc'ade kotla'shya. - "Train your sons to be strong but your daughters to be stronger."

“A Mandalorian woman's greatest talent is not her charm or beauty, but her strength of body and will.” - Mandalorian proverb

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