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Khargav Takosh's Character Sheet


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Khargav Takosh



Real Name: Khargav Takosh

A.K.A: Meat Cleaver

Homeworld: Togoria

Species: Togorian


Physical Description


Age: 21

Height: 12’

Weight: 965lbs

Hair: His fur is pale grey with black stripes

Eyes: His eyes are winter blue

Sex: Male


He is covered with a myriad of scars and battle wounds. He is also missing an ear, the small digit of his right hand, and his tongue [He has a new Synth tongue].




Clothing or Armor: [imperial Additions] Large plasteel breastplate, two large plasteel bracers, two large plasteel spaulders, and two large plasteel legplates. The entire suit of armor was jet black.

[Togorian racial hardiness] “They had extremely dense bone tissue, allowing them to endure greater physical trauma than beings with similar physiques…. (Wookiepedia)”

Weapon: [imperial Additions] He has a sidearm. Standard military issued blaster pistol.

[Togorian racial hardiness] He has retractable claws on his hands and feet that are as sharp and deadly as any sword. He has also fought with a Greataxe (But does not own one).

Common Inventory: Nothing…


Faction Information


Non-Force User

Alignment: Neutral

Current Faction Affiliation: N/A

Current Faction Rank: N/A



Born unto his ancestral home, the planet Togoria, Khargav experienced much. He grew as all Togorian males did. He roamed the countryside with the packs of nomadic felines and hunted prey until they grew weary. One day however, Khargav was exiled due to a heinous act that dishonored his name and his family.


Determined to win his honor back, Khargav traveled the stars with little to his name. Eventually he found work for a band of pirates that then sold him to a pit fighting ring.


They were determined to break him and push him to the limits of his honor bound fighting, but he denied them their bounty. It took one ear, one claw, and his tongue for him to get his revenge.


Now stuck with a twelve-foot half-ton liability, the owner of the fighting ring is looking to sell the Togorian to the Black Sun, to see if he can get some of his money back.

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