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Ok, some presetting up before we begin.


This is set post E9 and working on the theory that Ben is redeemed, Han is still dead, Poe is my sex slave... uhm, hang on... wrong story - that's the adult only version.


So working with what we have so far from E7 and going on a few theories, mainly that Rey is Luke's daughter, Ben gets redeemed and the Imperial remnants of the First Order are destroyed... so is Snoke. I have created this AU to play in to tie me over until the next movie.


Please enjoy. Or not. I don't care.



Why does it always end up like this.


Chained up in the middle of a torture cell, blood drying on his face, his left eye swollen, and he was pretty certain at least one tooth had been rattled loose. Such was the result of his reckless courage. He thought about the chain of events that lead him to this scenario and smiled to himself. What would General Organa have to say to him this time?


He figured as long as the results are successful the method doesn't matter too much.


Behind him he heard the door grind its way open and heavy footsteps pounded the worn down cobblestone flooring.


“Poe Dameron!” A voice growled. “Resistance fighter and hero of the Republic.” A heavyset man was saying as he walked around the cell. “What would they say if they could see you now?”


Poe smiled. “It's an improvement to my looks?”


The crime boss and self proclaimed underworld King sneered. He did not like people who didn't know when to give up.


“You are lucky we have long term plans for you, otherwise I'd have killed you outright by now.”


“That's great to hear you know, I've been meaning to find out what those plans are.”


“Good luck to you, hero.” The underworld King chuckled. There was poison in his voice and daggers in his eyes as he looked over Poe's disheveled body.


The man looked at someone behind his prisoner. Someone else had entered the cell and remained silent. “Clean him up.”


The man removed himself from Poe's blurred vision, replaced with a floating image of beauty.


She looked out of place in the torture cell, such pristine beauty against the stained walls of the cell. Her skin was flawless, her white hair tied into an elaborate array of braids adorned with enameled ornaments. Upon her forehead a row of sparkling jewels. Around her neck an intricate weaving of gold all clasped to a large red stone at her throat. Her dress flowed with every movement. She was a vision of beauty and elegance.


The woman stepped close to him holding a rag and a bowl of water. He could smell her sweet floral fragrance. She began to clean the blood off his face with her gentle movements, and he found it hard not to stare at her. A small voice in his mind reminded him of the danger that was advised to him in the mission briefing. When faced with the underworld Queen, do not look into her eyes.


This woman had the notorious reputation of enchanting her victims before assassinating them. Only one known survivor was found and could recall his experiences. He could remember looking into her eyes and losing himself in such beauty. A man would be happy looking into those eyes as she slit his throat.


But curiosity got the better of Poe. His good eye wandered across her jawline, over her full red lips, traced the line of her nose and into her eyes.


As blue as an ocean on a calm day with a ring of gold around the pupil.


Poe was immediately taken with the vision he barely registered that they had been left alone.


He very nearly forgot the mission.


Except... she was the mission.


Her cleaning had reached an open wound and he jerked his head when she touched it. Thankful for the distraction it gave him and bringing him back to the reality of the moment.


In a low quiet voice he spoke to her. “We got your message. And we understand that you are trapped. I'm here to help you get out of here.”


Nothing. The woman continued to clean his wound. Not a flinch, not a pause in her movements. Not even an acknowledgement that she had heard him. It was almost as if she hadn't heard him at all.


“Are you okay? Can you hear me? Is something wrong?”


No response.


Something was wrong here. The piece of paper the survivor had provided them had the words 'HELP ME' written on them. But a closer investigation showed a hidden message 'TRAP'. But what exactly was the trap?


“If you need help you need to let me know. I can get you out of here but you need to help me so I can help you.


She continued to clean him. No emotional change.


“Was it not you that sent the message then? If it wasn't you then who was it? And why didn't you kill him? Was it an honest mistake on your behalf?”


What's going on?


But I'm out of cheesecake.

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Ah feels just like old times!!!


Good start! I think this is going to be really fun to read. I think you captured Poe's character pretty well for us having about 15 minutes of him in the movie.


Looking forward to more!


There goes Ami's reputation of being a peaceful, nice person.
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