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You are my favourite book character

Myth Hunter

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So I shared this image on facebook, Nat and I took the challenge. Here's the start. Basically this is the result of 3 text messages between us.



Let's get this straight. I'm a nobody.


I'm the person who you don't notice on the street.

I'm the one on the train with her head in a book. (Yes, an actual book)

I'm the one you never see out on a Saturday night because I'm at home... reading my books.

I'm the one you will never talk to because you have nothing in common with me. (don't worry, the feeling is mutual).


But I have just returned from the GREATEST adventure ever. I only have enough time to blog about this and grab some fresh clothes. Then I have to go back. The young dragons are feeding and they will be wanting to fly when they're done.


But it all started... how long have I been gone... A week? A week ago, here I am at home on a Saturday afternoon reading my favourite book, I, Jedi, when my phone vibrates on the table beside me.


'Strange,' I thought to myself. 'No one ever rings me.'


I pick up the phone and answer it. Immediately I regret doing so as a barrage of noise blasts from the device.


“Hello. Hello. Amanda? Can you hear me?”


“Hi this isn't Amanda. I think you have the wrong number.” I told the voice coming through barely discernibly amongst the background racket of a party.




“NO!” I shout. “WRONG NUMBER.”


Suddenly, the noise disappears and is replaced by a dial tone. 'Well that's ruined a peaceful afternoon.'


I settle back into my book. The Star Wars expanded universe novel I, Jedi with my favourite character... Corran Horn. Oh how I dream of meeting him. His rugged features, those green eyes, that muscular body. I swoon as I read through his adventure.


… Only to be interrupted a second time by the phone. I answer the phone prepared for the auditory assault, however this time it doesn't occur.


“Amanda can you hear me now? I found a quieter place.”


“I don't care mate,” This man has interrupted my reading twice now, I am not in a mood for politeness. “I tried to tell you last time, I think you have the wrong number.”


A pause. “Oh. Sorry. Who did I ring?”


“My name's Nat.”


“Ah, yeah you're not Amanda. Apologies.” And for the second time I was left holding a phone with nothing but the dial tone.


I tried to settle back into the book, but something niggled at my mind. I read the book but I was unable to calm down, nor lose myself in it's adventure. Getting interrupted really has thrown me off. During my internal ramblings I thought I heard another noise. Distantly I looked at my phone sitting beside me and thoughts of throwing it through the wall entered my mind.


But then I snapped out of that daze. It wasn't the phone... was that my doorbell? I sat still unsure of whether I had truly heard it or not.


But it sounded again. There was no mistaking it this time. With a promise to myself to kill the person at the door if they annoyed me in any little way, I got up and opened the door.


Standing before me was a tall, muscular, green eyed man who looked half excited about something.


“Hi,” He said. “I just want you to know that you are my favourite book character and I know how it ends. I want to change it. My name is Corran Horn.”




But I'm out of cheesecake.

Taking over JNet, 1 thread at a time.

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*rubs hands gleefully together*


Oh you people have NO IDEA what you are getting yourselves into. Nat and I have discussed the plot... and the twist... I hope you stick around for that - it's gonna be good.




Thanks for reading.


But I'm out of cheesecake.

Taking over JNet, 1 thread at a time.

JNet Royalty

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Yup... And it could almost create spin offs with some of the thoughts I have had from the twist.... *giggles maniacally*


looking forward to tit
One flash of my perfect chest and he'll be knocked out in a happytime daydream.
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