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Terra ((W.I.P) NSW/PG-13 (violence))[[ON HOLD]]


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Required Form Information[/u]"][[Title: Terra

Genre: Drama/Action/Comedy (I am not entirely sure what it is yet. I am kind of waiting til it is finished to figure that out.)

Rating: PG-13

Rated for: violence


Franchise: (It isn't really a Fanfic so to speak, however, if you would like to think it is, it has several post apocalyptic contemporaries that provide role models for it. Fallout, Book of Eli, etc...) ]]


Working on this... New update will follow when new prologue/chapter 1 is up.

Edited by Guest


Feel free to contact me by Discord/PM/Email or, on Facebook

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Please remember to put up the little form before posting a new work. It can be found here.


Have you and I talked about this before? For some reason, this seems very familiar and I know we have talked about a few ideas in times past, so I am wondering if this was the result of an idea floating around.


Nonetheless, since I don't know if you want critiques, I will wait for that. Still, there were a few minor things like where you had two people talking in the same paragraph, but beyond that, the idea is sound and I wait for more.

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I don't think we've talked about this before Travis, but if we did, cool. As for the critiques, I don't mind one bit. In fact, since this is a work in progress, I may just do what you did with your FanFic and work through it here and re-post it somewhere else.


As I said though, this will take some time and it may be a bit slow going, but I am going to finish this one come hell or high water.


Feel free to contact me by Discord/PM/Email or, on Facebook

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Sorry to double post like this, but seeing as it is my story, I don't really mind that much. However, I would like to tell people that I am still working on this and to look out for some stuff soon. As to the idea right now, I plan to get the next piece done by the end of the month or early next month.


I have edited the first post to adapt for what Travis requested and I am working on Art behind the scenes. Thank you for your patience and I hope to reward it soon.


Feel free to contact me by Discord/PM/Email or, on Facebook

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((Still working on this a little. I don't have too much more than this, but hopefully it draws a couple people in.))


“We don’t have time for that doctor! We have to prep the instruments.”

“Nonsense, we have time to set up a camera. I want my family to remember this for the rest of their lives.”

“DOCTOR! Something is wrong! WE HAVE TO EVA-“



-=An earth shattering explosion occurred at 0200 today, on the coast of Miami Florida. A federally funded lab that was purportedly researching the cure for Cancer exploded in a radioactive plume that took out a good part of the city and the surrounding areas. Thousands of people are dead and dying. There seems to be no explanation for this terrible tragedy, and with the United States in chaos, we turn to the Federal Government to see what will happen next.=-


Those were the last words that echoed across millions of television screens before Armageddon rained hellfire on everything. The United States, with fear of future attack burning fresh in their minds, broke ties and threatened their former allies; their allies, that had no more to do with the tragedy than anyone else, threatened back. The straw that finally broke the camel’s back and brought the first of many attacks on Nations all across the world, was the mass shooting at the United Nations building. National representatives were gunned down in a hostile event that sparked not one, not two, but tens of hundreds of nuclear launches. No one was safe, no one at all. Pockets of humans fled underground in personal bunkers that they saved from times past. Some of Northern Canada and parts of Australia were spared the horrible fallout, but once all the fighting stopped, nothing remained of the warring nations but glass and ash.


The surface of a good portion of the world was scoured of human existence and none but ruins remained for as far as the eye could see. It was eerie and silent; a ghost of its former glory.


But the ruins still held pieces of the mystery. The mystery that started it all: why did the lab explode? Who did this and why?

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