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The rules in this forum

Jidai Geki

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1. You can post a new thread when you're ready to go. Please write the names of the duellists and, if you want, the location of the duel.


2. Discussion stays in WBS. No OOC stuff in here, except the usual brief notes.


3. If you plan to carry equipment other than what's on your usual character sheet, please make a quick note of extra/different equipment at the end of your first post in an OOC note.


4. As you know, the mods don't rule on duels in here. Whomever you choose does, so make sure you've chosen and got the consent of your judge before you start.


5. Threads will be locked at the conclusion of the duel, but will be left in here so you can peruse them at leisure.


6. Normal RP rules are applicable with the above exceptions, if any.


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