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Raven Zinthos vs Robert McNamara [Judge: Deton]

Raven Nasra

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Setting: Bastion, seat of the ex Imperial Powers, in the throne room of the beloved Emperor, Deton.


Raven, 16, thin and lithe, dressed in the red armour of the 31st Legionnaires. She had her E-11 on a hip holster, and the ceremonial blade of her post, slung upon the opposite side. As well as the rest of her common inventory. She stood straight at attention as she observed the long abandoned rooms. A memory of a time long past, a memory urging to be revived. He boot bit into a food tray that lay scattered from the throne knocking aside a mug that said, “I <3 the Empire.”


Raven growled and kicked it aside, grinning as it shattered across the vacant throne. “Kriff you and your memory, a new age has risen.” But little did she know what lay near.


Pretender to the Galactic Throne

Leader of the Rebel Alliance

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Robert walked down the hallway. One of his own betrayed him, and her government. A crime punishable by death. He wasn't sure what to think of Raven anymore. A Legion of troopers, the last of their kind walked down the hallway. She was entrusted to make a peace, and keep the interests of the Empire safe.


Entering the Throne room he came upon Raven. His helmet in his hand, his cape draped across the other, that hand he was holding a staff.


"Raven of Zinthos. You are here by charged with Treason. You are under arrest. Surrender yourself to the 115th DropSquad immediately." An aide called out to her.


Robert knew she wouldn't surrender, not without a fight. He trained her better than that. He put his helmet on, and tugged the cape out of the holder. The Legion filed out and Robert took a step forward. The man was ready to fight his old friend, even though it was heartbreaking to do so.


((The NPC's have no part in this, they are just there for show. The staff he has in his hands is much like the one the Guards on Jabba's barge had. Questions-just PM me, other than the staff it looks to be like my Character Sheet explains it. Bring it, ))

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