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The Official "Find a Beta Reader/Editor" Index

Tiana Calthye

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The people included on this list are available on Jnet to beta read and edit your submissions prior to posting, if that's what you need! Included in their beta reader profiles are methods to contact them and what, if anything, they would prefer not to work on. This is your index thread to finding a beta reader.



How to Find a Beta Reader in FOUR EASY STEPS.


1: Write something.

2: Rationalize that it can be improved with the aid of a second, third, fourth, fifth, etc... set of eyes.

3: PM a writer you admire. Or, alternatively, pick someone off of this list you feel would be compatible with your style.

4: If they say yes, send them your story! Don't be afraid to ask about experience beta-reading, or even writing in general to make sure your beta reader is the best for you.



Name: Tiffany (Tiana Calthye)

PM URL: http://forums.jedi.net/phpBB2/privmsg.php?mode=post&u=7404

Email: calthyechild at gmail dot com, tell me who you are on Jnet if you use this first though! Attach .RTFs or use Google Docs.

IMs: I will not use instant messenger to edit unless for some reason you really really REALLY want live feedback. If you do, I can probably be convinced to discuss your story over Skype, but that can be arranged via PM or email.

Editing method: I prefer working with you on your story, plot, characters, consistency, style, and the overall art of writing to just editing your grammatical mistakes. I will not "edit" anything, I load your story up with notes and suggestions instead. I can be pretty vicious.

Things I won't edit: poetry.

Things I like: People who like working to improve themselves as writers. Original fantasy, sci-fi or other genre fiction.

Note: I am a slow editor. Sometimes I have to be poked and if you need your story back in a certain timeline, tell me straight up. I will take anything besides poetry, from anyone, at any skill-level. I have never said no to a request to beta read.




Name: Hallie (Amidala Skywalker)

PM URL: http://forums.jedi.net/phpBB2/privmsg.php?mode=post&u=5563

Email: all4good at sbcglobal dot net

IM: induranhabithae on AIM; Skype= hallie.miller

Editing method: Doesn't matter--whatever you need. I like Word documents where I can put in comments.

Things I won't edit: Er...nothing comes to mind off the top of my head. I guess anything R-rated.

Things I like: Star Wars fanfics (we need more!!). Chocolate. Lovely descriptions of lovely places.





Name: Johnathan (Sasori)

URL to PM: http://forums.jedi.net/phpBB2/privmsg.php?mode=post&u=9200

Public email: not posting that here to avoid getting a ton of spam mail

Public IM's: People still use that? Facebook me

Favored methods of editing: Scan to get the story/plot, second thorough read over to grab details, third readover to point out errors.

Things I won't edit: Star Wars Fan-Fiction, I am burnt out on Star Wars, but I would love to hear your original work or fan fics from just about anything else.

Thing I like: Party Favors.




Name: Brian (Raynuk Montar)

URL to PM: http://forums.jedi.net/phpBB2/privmsg.php?mode=post&u=3697

Public email: Wuju38@hotmail.com

Public IMs: AIM - Wuju38 Skype - odinthor27

Favored methods of editing: Doesnt matter, whatever the author needs, be it grammar, spelling, or just a second set of eyes.

Things you won't edit: Cake (Nothing really)

Things you like: No wait, Cake goes HERE. (Well I do love cake...)






Would you like to be added to the beta reader list? PM me or post in the Memo Pad your beta reader profile. Would you like your profile removed or edited? See above.



The Beta Reader Profile Blank (edit at will)-




Public Email: (if you wish to be contacted by email)

Public IMs: (if you don't mind being contacted by IM)

Favored editing methods: (once you get the story, what are you going to do to it?)

Things you won't edit: (do you not take R-rated stories? Poetry? Fanfic? This goes here.)

Things you like: (what would you most like to get? Do you like fanfiction, fantasy, poetry, etc?)



Just when I thought it was over, I watched Tiana kick Almira in the head, effectively putting her out of her misery. I did not expect that.
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