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Sandy Sarna's Character Sheet

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Identity [!ident]


Real Name: Sandy Sarna

A.K.A: Sandy

Homeworld: Gala

Species: Humanoid


Physical Description [!dscrp]


Age: 23

Height: 1.6 Meters

Weight: 105 Lbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Sex: Female

Appearance: Petite, dressed in a green tunic with plastoid imperial knight armour over her chest and segmented extremities. Long, bright blonde hair, usually loose, or tied back, with her old padawan braid that she did not remove. Pointed ears.


Equipment [!equip]


Clothing or Armor: Green Jedi tunic and robes, Arm, shoulder, thigh, knee, shin, and chest armour segments made from plastoid composite. 

Weapons: Lightsaber, silver handled, silver bladed. Aidan's saber shoto. 

Common Inventory: Credits, medpack, knives, food.


Force user: Yes

Trained By: Adenna, Tobias Vos, Flynn Relmis

Trained Who: Kel, Frond, Leena

Rank: Jedi Master (Jedi Consular) 

Alignment: Lightside


Background: Born and raised in poor family, they tragically died in an accident. She was taken in by the temple after showing signs of force aptitude. She stayed at the temple on Gala, developing relationships with her fellow apprentices. Her parents later died, though that little fact is as of yet unknown to her. She joins Adenna as a loyal, though sometimes rebellious apprentice. After Adenna left, she was picked up by Tobias Vos and knighted after multiple years of training.


Power and Abilities:

All Jedi Knight/Master powers
Mass Telekinesis
Mental Manipulation
Force Healing/Trance
Battle Precognition
Muscle stimulation
Force Jump


Fighting Styles & Weaponry: Uses knives expertly, also good with the sporting blaster of her father's. She had been well trained in lightsaber combat from Tobias and Adenna.


Lightsabre Forms:

Vom Tag


Vom Tag a basic position with the sabre held either on the right shoulder or above the head. The blade can be held vertically or at roughly 45-degrees and focuses on whirling downwards strikes. A historical form of La Poste Di Falcone. Example : Here and





new sandy.pngSandySarnasmol.thumb.png.fac8ff45d95ff95f025e6fdca5f3e9c2.png


Calix Meus Inebrians

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