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Fynn Relmis

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Name: Baron Kern Relmis

Alias: Fynn Relmis, R'yas Kern, Baron Kern Relmis

(Former - Jedi Knight)(Current - Sith Acolyte)

Birthplace: Dantooine(destroyed)

Home Registry:Hoth, Corellia

Race: Human


Age: 39 (male)


Appearance: 6'1", 190 lbs Medium build. Low cut Deep Brown/Black Hair. Black Assasin Tabbard, Partial Sith Trooper Armor. Pale Complexion, Dark Black Eyes. A large stitched portion of skin above his right eye, from an old force wound that refuses to heal. Red Tatoo of Keshiri symbols for Leader/King.


Force: Sith Acolyte (Former Jedi Knight)...Formal Training under Skye Organa/ Darla. Current Sith training under Lord Furion / Mistress Lallu.


Alignment: Sith / Dark Jedi


Weapon: None. see below*


Possessions: 'Krayt' Red Lightsaber (Forged on Kesh from Krayt bone and an old Sith lightsaber)


Ship Name: n/a


Ship Type's: n/a

Manufacturer: n/a

Type: n/a


Hyperspace Capable: n/a


Registration / Both: n/a



Background: Ex-Special Alliance Forces, Heavy Combat Training, Expert in explosives and weapons. Jedi Blade Master.


Beginnings and Origin


Many have written him off as simply a cautionary tale, but from the beginning, Fynn Relmis' story was complicated and not at all straight foward.


Marked by his cunning, focus, and balance, Fynn was born to a wealthy Corellian family on the planet Dantooine, After losing his parents at age 2, he was adopted by his uncle, a hermit and jedi outcast, Corellian Baron Garm Relmis. Garm Relmis was a Baron by noble birth, but spurned this to become jedi. Garm's life was tragically scarred by the death of his wife, and the loss to the darkside of his son Kern. Garm recognized that young Fynn was sensitive to the force, and may in fact be the reason Fynn was saved. Later Garm was told that his son would eventually be a great Sith lord, and that billions would suffer at his hands if he didn't act. In order to save some vestige of his son Garm had the witches of Dathomir combine the souls of Fynn and Kern, with Fynn as the dominant host. This provided Fynn with much of his strength as a youth. Garm hoped Fynn would begin a new order of jedi, one that would avenge him by destroying the Sith completely. To that end Fynn was raised as a hunter and often was subjected to abuse meant to rob him of compassion and all emotion. In a twist of fate, Garm's actions actually strengthened Kern for his eventual resurgence. Vicious fights to the death with prey of all sorts created a calculating, brutally logical mind within the young Fynn, and a thirst for battle that never waned.


This continued until age 15 when he paid for voyage off Dantooine against Garms' wishes. After Garm died in the destruction of Dantooine, Fynn traveled the galaxy eventually joining the alliance special forces. He was known for efficiency and strict conduct, but after years of training he resigned his commission, and traveled the galaxy as a gun for hire and a mercenary. After being found by an unknown Jedi, later reveled to be the Dark Lord Ryu, Fynn was directed to seek training from Skye Organa. Organa instilled the qualities of compassion in Fynn deeply, changing Fynn from an emotionless zealot of a padawan, to a less abrasive and more compassionate Jedi initiate.


Knighthood and Reputation


After assisting in the defending the temple numerous times and defeating several notable Sith warriors, Fynn Relmis was made a knight and joined in many more battles during the midst of the great galactic war. Many praised him for his leadership style and bravery, and pointed to his eventual rise to master. He participated in several actions to defend Coruscant; the last however, took his life. In his time in limbo Fynn met and battled Kern for control of his physical form. Kern was thought defeated and caste out, but it was unknown whether he was destroyed, and Kern would indeed return. He was subsequently cloned, and continued in the service of the order. It was around this time that he was rejected by Darla as she was still recovering from her entanglements with the Darkside. This scar still remains and Fynn found it difficult to be near her. 


Failures and Setbacks


Eventually he created a bold but naive plan called Operation Phalanx, to strike back against Sith and Imperial Forces.The ambitious and foolhardy plan backfired, causing the deaths of many innocent civilians and Jedi. Not only did it end Fynn's life a second time at the hands of Kakuto Ryu, but it was precursor to the capture of one of the last Jedi strongholds, Helix station. His loss was sudden and without much ceremony and so his fame turned to infamy and embarrassment, as he had used every avenue available to him to convince others to join him. The grand effort to unite the Jedi, failed to do much but tarnish the Jedi name in Fynn's mind even further. On the planet Kamino Thousands died, including one of his young padawan's. All Fynn had tried failed, and with the losses fully realized the operation ended. It was then that Kern began to reemerge. Fynn began receiving visions of a frozen battle field, and of himself wielding tremendous power.


Unable to handle the magnitude of his failure, faced with the loss of his first padawan, and plagued by darkside visions, Fynn suffered a mental break, and nearly went mad. He accused his long time friend Darla of being a traitor for her dabbling with the darkside. Saved by his old Master, Fynn lay unconscious for months, until his eventual reawakening. However Fynn still had problems relating to his new grip on reality and so left to find his way alone. It was revealed to him in a vision that Kern was gaining in strength. To protect his friends and the galaxy. Fynn sought a solitary existence On the barren plains of Hoth...eventually he regained himself and come forward to face the charges of mass murder linked to his ill-fated campaign. Allowed to live and keep his powers, Fynn exiled himself to parts unknown and considered himself a failed knight. Resigned to keep Kern dormant for the rest of his natural life, Fynn remained alone on the icy world dreaming of what could have been.


Turn to the Darkside


The years of isolation had an adverse affect on Fynn's Psyche, and the harsh environment forced Fynn to use darker and darker sources of power. Upon discovering a large force crystal that bore the partial spirit of 'Xendor' an ancient and powerful dark Jedi, Fynn determined to unlock it's secrets and harness it's power at first for good, and then for his own purposes. He began to have visions of an icy throne and a climactic battle on fiery planet. Rescued from his exile that had undermined his sanity by an unknowing Tares Vortex, he eventually he tapped into the darkside on the planet Merkava where his exposure to Sith venom and powerful visions from the crystal moved him to seek out the Sith.


On the planet Ilum he met Lallu Kallemi a servant of the Dark Lord Furion. After freeing her using his credentials, and slaughtering the jedi who resisted, he fled to Coruscant. There, Fynn abandoned his name, and reemerged from the underworld of Coruscant as a reborn Baron Kern Relmis. Reconnecting with his adoptive wealth, and title long spurned by he and his father, Kern gained control over Fynn's soul and many of his memories. The reborn Kern came face to face with Furion himself and pledged himself to him and his will.


Subjugation of Kesh


On the planet Kesh, Kern did his best to carve out a new Sith world. Determined to destroy all traces of Fynn, and His former friends, His anger is strongest for Skye Organa, and now extends to all jedi. He relied on his malice and hatred to single-handedly tame the wild planet, slaughtering everyone and everything that opposed him. In so doing he encountered M'ruka, an outcast out like himself, and deigned her as his chief consort and followers. Conjuring every ounce of strength from the darkside to aide his quest, Kern slowly molded the planet to worship the Sith, bending the planets' will to his own, and erecting shrines to the various Sith warriors that he fashioned into a pantheon of God's for the planet's inhabitants to slavishly worship.


With the subjugation of Kesh, Kern turned inwards, seeking to heal an injury that left him at the mercy of continual bouts of insomnia and increasing paranoia. As his rage and desire for revenge has grown, his abilities to affect the will of others, and access the dark side has increased as well. Though still an acolyte his true strength is unknown. Reconnecting with his former wealth and power, Kern was more determined then ever to avenge himself on the Jedi, and bring ruin to his former order no matter the cost. RelmCo, a company began by his grandfather is now run from the shadows by Kern, and it's actions while seemingly benign hide a support network for the Sith including weapons running and supplying various Sith home worlds.




After an assault meant to draw out his former master, Kern clashed with the jedi master and severely injured her, killing many innocents in the process at a large hospital. However, unable to truly overcome his former mentor, Kern was last seen falling into the depths of Coruscant. With his highly trained warriors killed or captured, and minus one arm, His dark existence in the lower levels was rumored among the poor, the destitute, and the insane. The only memory of him now exists in the jedi archive, and in the minds of those who knew his rise, and his fall.


Despite his failure to defeat his old master, Kern has persisted, returning to Kesh to recover, and insure M'Ruka's rule over the planet. Loyal Keshiri regard Kern as the right hand of the Sith God's, a harbinger of doom and displeasure from the god's for weakness, and M'Ruka was his chosen ruler. From his relations with his favorite consort, he has one child that, due to it's mixed heritage, is growing rapidly to maturity, but the existence or extent of the child's force powers is still unknown. After a period of rest, Kern has returned with a will and purpose that is unknown, perhaps even to Kern himself. One thing is certain, the end of Kern's tale is not yet written, and associates and students of Skye Organa should be most wary of his return.


Known Associates (NPC's):


M'ruka- A female Keshiri. A vicious killer and winner of various tournaments of warriors on Kesh, she has been Kern's loyal servant and occasional lover since early days on Kesh. Her loyalty to Kern borders on fanaticism. (Alive)


Morrigal - A force sensitive witch trained in various methods of healing and trickery. A servant of Furion long forgotten, she helps keeps order on Kesh, forming a religion around the worship of Furion and his acolyte Kern. Her instructions have helped Kern grow in power and technique Furions' absence. Still she keeps Kern frustrated, making him more subservient to Furion in the long run. (Alive??)


Venbraan - Keeper of the Relmis Estate on Corellia, chief butler and childhood conciliary of Kern. (Alive)


L'thara - Female Keshiri, dangerous assassin with long whips tipped with metal blades. Tall, statuesque, and vicious to a fault, L'shara was orphaned and left to fend for himself before Kern's arrival on Kesh. After killing every challenger during a north ritual contest, Kern took her as a personal guard. (Dead)


U'mbaro - A tall male Keshiri, heavy set, muscled, given to moments of extreme rage. Another champion of Kesh, Kern admires the mans' brutality, and so added him as another personal guard. (Dead)


Power and Ability:


Kern(Fynn) was been linked with Jedi like Sahv Yor, and Darex Trevalian, and compared with contemporaries like Sabian and Onderin Starlisk. Though he has faced numerous failures in his short career as a jedi, Fynn remains a powerful force user one not to be underestimated. Fynn shows aptitude and ability rivaling that of many masters. His powers include advanced breath control, advanced gravitational manipulation, control over extreme cold and capable of reducing temperatures in a given area to far below freezing within seconds fundamentally changing the environment in which he fights. This last skill was learned during his long self imposed exile on Hoth.


His tactical situational awareness ranks with those of master rank. It is doubtful he will ever reach the rank of master for his part in operation Phalanx. His weaknesses include his stubborn and uncompromising nature, as well as his distaste for youthful exuberance.


Since Joining Furion, Fynn changed his name Baron Kern, reflecting his origins and current lust for power and dominance. On the planet Kesh, Kern has trained consistently to increase his abilities with the force. Due to his close connection with the force, he has been able to project force lighting on occasions of extreme duress. However this was a rare occasion. He has also added using two sabers, an eventually one controlled by the force alone, to his combat style. Force chokes and death grips have become a routine part of his abilities. Focusing on his will to dominate the minds of others, he has exerted his influence on the Keshiri, possibly hinting at his future use of Battle meditation, or Summon Fear.


Fighting Styles & Weaponry:


Once a blade master, Kern (Fynn) was an advanced student of forms II, and III, IV and V. He is known to switch styles suddenly, leaving opponents without multiple training styles confused and on the defensive. He is also known for making the environment around him into his weapons; as such he relies on his mastery of balance and weight distribution to defeat his enemies. His regimen once included up to 4 hours of meditation and contemplation each morning beginning two hours before sun up and several hours of physical training during the day. In his time on Hoth, Kern (Fynn) sharpened his skills of detection, as well as tapping into some of the raw power surging beneath his cool exterior. Now that there are no limits to his actions, he is cruel and efficient in combat often deriving a twisted pleasure at seeing beings pushed to their limits of pain and suffering. 


Since conquering the primitives on Kesh, Kern has practiced telekinetic lightsaber combat, which allows him to wield two or even three lightsabers in combat each seemingly striking of there own accord. He has also trained extensively in the Makashi form, and used this in his duels with his new guards. The style allows him to engage many opponents at once with deadly strikes. He has also practiced energy resistance, using the force to lessen the impact of direct blaster fire on himself and those in his vicinity with some effort. He is a brutal fighter, willing to use fists, knees, and his own body to inflict pain and dole out punishing physicality. Kern has learned several Keshiri martial arts, and has infused them into his fighting prowess.


Usurper's Bane  - A blood red blade with bones of his worst enemies in the construction of the hilt, made from a beast Kern killed on his first foray on Kesh, later he modfied it with the teeth of a darkside witch who crossed him. A heavy duty saber, Kern uses this blade as his principal weapon. 


Deathgrip - A Sickly pale yellow blade modified by Kern personally, a gift to him from Furion to use in his fights against Jedi. Shorter and meant to be used offhanded, Kern prefers this weapon as a fall back, and a hidden strike from it has ended numerous foes. He has also used this blade as his main telekinetic saber, allowing to dance and swing through the air as if it were a living breathing entity. 


Philosophy and Personality


Kern (Fynn) consistently examines his battles in a never-ending quest to improve. With his fall, Kern (Fynn) no longer believes in a living force as the sights he has seen has made him question the actions he once would have accepted. He believes manically that he his destined to conquer, that he will out last any who oppose him, and his failures have not dulled his belief in the superiority of the darkside. Anything that resist Kern becomes a target of his wrath. The stronger the opponent, the larger his will to dominate grows. Much of his time on Kesh was spent quelling resistance, and Kern believe firmly that the Sith role in the Galaxy is to impose their will as the naturally occurring dominate force of the universe. Anything less is not worthy of Sith. 


As a Sith Acolyte/Assassin, Kern's will to dominate, and his anger at his past and his former comrades gives him tremendous will power. His sick sense of humor has grown as well, as he generally is amused or intrigued by suffering, and enjoys watching mortal fights almost as much as he enjoys fighting in them.

Edited by Fynn Relmis

"Some things... are worse then death, being forgotten for example..."

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