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The Dichotomy of Snow (poem) (Complete)

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So I was thinking about snow today, given the storm that is hitting us right now, and I realized how poetic it is, yet how dichotomous. So this poem sprang forth. I'm posting it as an image because it's meant to be seen side-by-side like this, and I can't do that on this site.




There goes Ami's reputation of being a peaceful, nice person.
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I love the verse of 'empty shells of cars'... ah, yeah. We were going to see a movie, except my friend hit a ditch. Snow is danger. Tragically, I'm only feeling the snow sucks side right now, being Canadian, but I love the title.


Just when I thought it was over, I watched Tiana kick Almira in the head, effectively putting her out of her misery. I did not expect that.
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