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Qaela's Character Sheet


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Updated: June 17, 2021




Real Name: Qaela Darksong

Homeworld: Dathomir

Species: Human


Physical Description


Age: 36 Galactic Standard years, recloned body at 25 years

Height: 5'8" (1.75 m)

Weight: 145 lbs (65kg)

Hair: black

Eyes: brown (often dyed purple)

Sex: female




Clothing or Armor: prefers midnight blue robes, medium armor when in combat

Weapons:  a deep blue lightsaber, blaster pistol, and grenades (2 incendiary, 2 frag) when in combat

Common Inventory: usually, a commlink, datapad and datacards, hard credits


Faction Information


Force User

Alignment: chaotic evil

Current Faction Affiliation: Sith Order, formerly Nightsisters

Current Faction Rank: Master




Force Side: dark

Trained by: Teyati, Haphaestus, Ar-Pharazon

Trained who: Telperien

Known Skills: tracking and hunting, wilderness survival, rancor riding, stealth (non-Force based)

Force Skills: normal abilities for a master level character, most Nightsister specific skills including Beast Control, Force Concealment, Force Rage, Force WeaponForce Storm and the ability to cloak small objects in the Force for several seconds, minor Sith alchemy; she also has interactions and familiarity with the Spirit World and other Nightsister magicks



Qaela is a Nightsister from Dathomir who was sent out by her mother to learn the powers of the Sith. She made contact with the Sith and was tolerated by some of them, but was never fully accepted. She experienced many hardships at their hands including physical assaults, rape, attempted murder, assassinations, and beatings. She fought back on some occasions and killed some of the Sith who were attacking her or were threats, but overall, she developed an extreme dislike of the Sith as a whole. There are not many Sith she cares to be around. One is Lucifer, whom she feels is weak and owes her for saving his life after a duel and for assassinating a Sith who humiliated him. Another is Darth Furion who she believes is one of the only Sith who has honor and can restrain their violent tendencies. She trusts him to a degree, though often pushes the limit of his patience to see just how much he stays to his word. The last is Ar-Pharazon, though that has not always been the case. Ar-Pharazon is the father of her triplet infants, but for a time she believed him a monster who simply used her and abused her. After many months of bitterness and resentment toward him for abandoning her, she found out that he had been captured and her attitude toward him became less hostile.


She did fall in love with what she thought was a simple soldier, Ca'Aran, known publicly as Delta73. She was bemused by his rigid sense of honor and the fact that he refused her sexual advances, but later came to love his devotion and willingness to help her at any cost without asking for anything in return. She discovered he was in truth a powerful Black Sun Vigo and was eager to help him when it came time to fly to war against the Jedi on Gala. After that battle, they went to her homeplanet of Dathomir to destroy her controlling mother. The battle proved disastrous with losses on both sides, but most importantly because Qaela lost control of herself and fell into a Force rage. During that rage, she turned on Ca'Aran and killed him thus turning him against her. He gave her three children to the Jedi Grandmaster Kirlocca to keep them away from her dark side influence. She went on a quest to reclaim them which led her from an alliance with Darth Furion to an alliance with the Jedi Master Onderin Starlisk. Starlisk used his Jedi contacts to find her children on Kashyyyk and return them to her, though they had been cut off from the Force.


Qaela cares little for power or money or any of the things that typically drive those who embrace the dark side. Paramount to her is her own safety and the safety of those she considers her Clan. She has no qualms about attacking those who threaten her or making alliances with those who can help or keep her protected, even if they are traditional enemies. She also has a very frank attitude toward sex similar to most males, an attitude brought on by the female dominated society she was raised in.


Having spent time around the calming effect of Jedi has allowed her to overcome most of her earlier mental instabilities. She has almost complete control over her rage, but she can still be moody at times. Having been raised differently than most other Galactic citizens makes her react differently to situations while her brutal upbringing makes her more or less callous toward weaker beings. She has little tolerance for foolishness and is not quite sure how to react in situations where the immediate answer is not violence. She is, however, extremely frank and open about her own failings as well as the failings of those around her.


During Faust's attempt to destroy the Force on Coruscant, Qaela was injured and lost among the massive destruction and losses. She managed to find cover in the Undercity and heal herself using her basic Force spells, but this process took several weeks and left her traumatized and forced to reevaluate her life. For the next few years, she stayed in the shadows, hiding her identity and drawing no attention to herself. Eventually, she decided to return into the spotlight and reclaim her former life.


Task Force


Destroyer Group [Turbolasers]: Focus Fire

One Capital Ship

Experience: Veteran, 4XP


Kyber class Star Destroyer Herløv

Captain Geratos

Tours of Duty:

Diplomatic Mission: establish a line of communication between Emperor Exodus and rebel leadership

Corellian Campaign: Fought in the initial skirmish to create a beachhead in the Corellian System around Centerpoint Station (+1XP)

Second Battle of Kuat: Fought to defend the Sith planet against a Rebel raid. Drove off attackers, but not before several captured ships escaped. (+1XP)

Battle of Fondor: Defended against a Rebel attack. Was focused and damaged forcing it to withdraw early from the engagement. (+1XP)

Description: The task force is comprised of the Herløv, a name which means "praise gained in war." The Kyber class Star Destroyer was one of the early batch produced on Kuat after it was conquered by the Sith Empire. The ship was given to the command of Captain Geratos, an Onderonian who had spent most of his life in the Navy and rose through the ranks of the Sith even before they liberated his home planet. He maintains strict but fair discipline that doesn't include summary execution or torture of subordinates. He doesn't partake in the often brutal tactics employed by others in the Sith Empire and prefers to inflict the least damage on enemy targets so that they can be later captured and put to work bettering the Empire.


Due to his discipline and capacity for restraint, he and his ship were selected by Qaela Darksong as her flagship, with the approval of the Emperor. It fought with her through multiple battles, then continued even after she was killed on Corellia. She was recloned by the Emperor and was presented the ship as a gift by him so that she could continue to serve the Empire.

Edited by Qaela
Updating for Lehon Duel.

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