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Aidan Darkfire's Character Sheet

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Real Name: Aidan Darkfire

A.K.A: Imperial Knight operating number IKD-074 (Imperial Knights - Detachment)

Homeworld: Phu

Species: 3/4 Human, 1/4 Miraluka (appears Human)


Physical Description 


Age: 23

Height: 6'

Weight: 185 lbs

Hair: Blackish

Eyes: Emerald

Sex: Male




Clothing or Armor: Imperial Knight armor

Weapon: Silver bladed staff saber

Common Inventory: Multitool, datapad, credits


Also owns Darth Neo's Force mask and lightsabers, though he keeps them locked away.


Faction Information 


Force User

Alignment: Lawful Good

Current Faction Affiliation: Imperial Knights

Current Faction Rank: Knight (6/3/2020)
Current Faction Class: Imperial Paladin as of 9/18/21 (Guardian equivalent), but this may change in the future to Imperial Bailiff (Sentinel equivalent), as he has many leanings toward that class that kind of evolved past my original intentions for him. This doesn't mean he will have two classes in the future, but rather he will change his preferred fighting styles and embrace "who he really is" or something to that effect.




Force Side: Light

Trained by: Kirlocca - minimal, Kyrie Eleison - many basic Force techniques and extensive combat training, Sandy Sarna - emotional control and some advanced Force techniques

Trained who: N/A

Known Skills: Intermediate Force skills to include telekinetic applications, physical applications (strength, jumping, running, etc.). Force Healing at a novice proficiency (taught by Sandy Sarna). Aidan had developed a bond with Sandy that was forcibly severed by the latter when the bond was exploited by a Sith to harm them both. It may grow back in the future. He has also had several experiences unknowingly using the Dark side, and while he has been corrected to the true path by his fellow Knights he will never forget the feel of his own connection to the darkness. While it will likely always tempt him, it also made him keenly aware of its danger, and serves as motivation for him to put extra effort into ensuring he doesn't fall.

Spoiler is an archive of his Exorcism training, and is currently disallowed under the current ruleset, though if it is eventually reallowed this is proof of that training that makes him viable to know a bit more than nothing on the topic.


Trained in Exorcism, a means of flooding dark siders with an unrelenting torrent of light side energy to purge them of darkness (think the Force equivalent of being sprayed with a fire hose, except it's metaphyiscal). This can* hamper a dark sider's ability to call on the dark side mid combat, but at the cost of temporarily weakening his own connection after finishing the technique and eventually fraying his own connection with the Force.

*Exorcism is never to be used to completely lock down or cripple an opponent. A proper reaction from a dark side PC in combat would be difficulty maintaining concentration on the Force, or otherwise having to shore up their own connection to the darkness somehow. Complete exorcism is only performed outside of combat (at the end of duels or during an arranged story), and only at the agreement of both characters. The effect of that ranges from being cut off completely from the dark side for a time (but not the light, cloning fixes this), to being permanently cut off from using the Force (until cloning), or even death (more likely for powerful Sith, though respawn is always an option).



Born to Aryian Darkfire and Armiena Draygo on Phu, Aidan lived a sheltered life for a long time. Eventually, the great Jedi Master Kirlocca raised the boy up until his teens, when he ran away to strike out on his own in the galaxy. He didn't get very far, and would up signing up with the Imperial Knights as the Empire was falling to become the Remnant. They gave him everything he is now, and having trained under Master Kyrie Eleison he has become proficient in being able to defend himself...and those he cares deeply for.

After a long but failed mission to retrieve the Eternal Vigilance, Aidan was deemed worthy to be promoted to the rank of Knight in the Imperial Knights, capable of taking an apprentice and leading other Knights in battle.


Ship Registration 


No ship at present time.




As of 1/2/2021, Aidan is an NPC under the account Inquisitorious. This will change in the future to have him back as a PC, but his actions will be reflected in those posts.

As of 9/13/21 (and maybe a month-ish before, but this is the official date), Aidan is now a full PC again.

9/18/21 - Updates regarding exorcism changes, Force skills and his current relation to the Force, listed faction class for the first time, linked parent character sheets


Edited by Aidan Darkfire


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