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Sheog's Character Sheet

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Real Name: Sheog Anjiliac Diresto

A.K.A: Sheog the Mad

Homeworld: Sleheyron

Species: Hutt


Physical Description [!dscrp]


Age: 130

Height: 4.1 Meters

Weight: 2400 Lbs.

Hair: none

Eyes: red/gold

Sex: Male


Equipment [!equip]


Clothing or Armor: Currently just a Dark Cloak. 


Main Weapon: DN bolt caster, Armalite, Ceremonial Staff, LS-150 Heavy Accelerated Charged Particle Repeater Gun.

Side Arm: A Chiss made Maser Pistol


Common Inventory: Copious amounts of credits, Model-3287 LumaFlare, fibercord (100 feet), armor, weapons, 41D, bags of freeze-dried white worms, a large, self-cleaning flask containing a strong mix of Corellian Reserve and Cortyg Brandy, and his ship; The Demented Madness




Ceremonial Staff: A long, walking staff, about five feet in length and three inches in diameter. Within one end, is set an orange-bladed lighsaber. The crystal for which this lightsaber is focused is made from the remains of Sheog's old master, Ason Antilles, whom he slayed in battle when Ason was possessed by the spirit of Orik Benden. On the other end of the staff is inlayed a soul-reaper, made from Sheog's digestive bile, mixed with a few of Ason's ashes. The soul reaper helps Sheog concentrate his power, and strengthens his connection to the force.


Armalite: This is a Sith Alchemical weapon, which takes the form of a freezing-bladed, bearded axe. The from the tip of the axe, to the end of the shaft is about three meters in length. The blade itself is forged thin, for a superior cutting surface, about 45 cm in length. This axe was manufactured by Sheog's own hand, using mostly ingredients from the remains of Uriel Stonedog, who was slain on Hoth for crimes against humanity, as well as some digestive bile. The blade is resistant to a lightsaber's edge. The blade is also inlaid with alchemically altered white-worms, who are linked to Sheog's mind through the force. The blade will freeze flesh and blood on impact, and gives off a powerful cold.


Faction Information [!factn]


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force Sensitive.

Alignment: Extremely, insanely, positively, evil.

Current Faction Affiliation: Sith

Current Faction Rank: Master of the Krath, Former Dark Lord of the Sith. (made so after the slaughter of many unfortunate Corsec agents, hapless Jedi, and the former Dark Lord, Darth Shadowlord)


History: [!hstry]


Force Side: Dark: Krath

Trained by: Ason Antilles

Trained who: Gonzo Lockjaw, Awenydd, etc

Known Skills:


Force Vomit: An interesting technique developed by Sheog himself when practicing using his strengths within the Sith Temple of Coruscant. The technique is generally self-explanatory; Sheog utilizes the powers of Gluttony and combines it with his stomach contents. The acid's strength is greatly increased by this, as well as the ability for Sheog to spin the contents into either a ball, a net, or simple spray.


Slime Wave: This force power makes Sheog's lubricant production pores go into overdrive. It also dissolves an amount of fat, which the force converts into highly flammable oils, which can be ignited in a manner similar to napalm. The substance is also quite viscous and can easily entrap its target.


Tortured Life: Krath magic to modify life, strengthen through alchemy. 


Master of: Force Drain/Drain Life/Consumption of Life. Lightning. Necromancy. Diviner of the Maw. Geomancy. Sexy Goodness. 


Specialist: Hunger and The Maw; Feels like a consuming void in the Force, consumes life and turns it into the power of the Force. 


Background: Sheog was raised on Sleheyron, under the watchful eye of his father/mother Radcrass Anjiliac Diresto. Though raised well by Hutt standards, Sheog developed a form of psychosis which led to spits of madness, and earned him his name after a particularly brutal episode which concluded with Sheog's exile from Sleheyron at the age of 110. Sheog used this time to explore the galaxy, while his father conducted research on the force and his son's psychosis. After several years of experimenting, Radcrass finally tested his son's DNA for mediclorians, which to his surprise, was a positive result. Radcrass contacted his son with the glorious news and to urge him to join the fight against the Republic and their strict rules, and even suggested the possibility of the sith, who would hopefully accept his ruthless personality.


BattleMind: Expert in Battle Meditation




Manufacturer: Mechis III Limited Productions

Model: Luxury Fighting Yacht

Class: Yacht: Upgraded by Krath Scientists


Technical specifications

Length: 70 meters

Maximum acceleration: 2,200 G

Maximum speed (atmosphere): 820 km/h

Hyperdrive rating: Class 1.0[1]

Shielding: Chempat-6 with backup flash absorbers

Navigation system: Navicomputer, Droid Brain, Homing Beacon


6 Laser cannon turrets (Along the sides, spaced evenly)

2 Ion cannons (Front and Rear Turrets)

4 Gatling-Style Railgun Turrets (based on the GAU-8 Avenger Series)

Concussion Missile Launcher Bay (Forward Facing)

Discord-Missile Turret (8 missiles)


Defenses: Sith-Forged Armour Plating, beneath heavy shielding. Each section individually contained in the case of hull breach.


Cargo Capacity: Utilized to hold Sith battlesquads


Modifications: Piloting Sphere for Sheog that doubles as an escape pod. Integration made for the Forceflow, to allow for easier manipulation of all systems. KAIN interface.




Real Name: Gwenhyvar Fieldgrey

A.K.A: Gwen

Homeworld: Theryssa

Species: Human (Hapan)

Category: NFU

Physical Description [!dscrp]

Hair: Ginger

Skin: Freckled with crimson upon a pale canvas


Height: approximately 5 feet in height.

Skills/Weapons: Heavy Blaster Pistol, Vibrosaber

Armor: Clone Trooper Armor


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