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Kro'Roene Givrah

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Kro'Roene Givrah's Character Sheet





Real Name: Kro' Roene Givrah

A.K.A: Roene Givrah

Homeworld: Cerea

Species: Cerean


Physical Description


Age: 29

Height: 6' 5"

Weight: 175lbs

Hair: White

Eyes: Blue

Sex: Male




Clothing or Armor: Weathered brown robes with light cream ones underneath. Underneath those, he wears a white tunic tied with a cloth sash, a white pair of loose cloth pants and basic brown cloth boots.


Organic Arm: Roene abandoned his cybernetic arm in the woods of Lehon. Since then he has created a new left arm out of a strong tree's main branch. It moves and functions like a normal arm and it even has feeling in it. The only issues he has with it are issues that are often common with trees. It tends to be a little more brittle in heavy cold, and it is weak to fire. However, being linked to Roene's body, the tree's branch has regained an odd vitality that it didn't have before. It is more flexible and even though the cold effects it more than Roene's skin or its cybernetic predecessor, the lifeblood that runs through Roene's veins gives it the fortitude it needs to thrive in the harsh climate.


Roene can form and shape the wood anyway he sees fit, but not only does it take time, but the amount of wood doesn't decrease or increase. The weight and balance of the arm changes and make it more unwieldy the more he changes it. The changes don't happen quickly either. It takes a time to form and reform his organic limb.


Weapon: Nature's Fury Veridian light saber (http://forums.jedirp.net/viewtopic.php?p=1164665#p1164665).


Lightsaber Style:

Shi-Cho lightsaber fighting style -- Knowledge level = Intermediate


Common Inventory:

- 500 credits on hand.

- Datapad

- Comm Unit

- Garral adult named 'Tyue' - Pet/companion.



Faction Information


Force User

Alignment: Good

Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi Naturalist

Current Faction Rank: Knight




Force Side: Light

Trained by: Kitt/Kirlocca/Gavin Ryaro

Trained who: Kyrie [Knighted], Durzo (A little bit), Elnia/Trushaun (A little bit)


Known Skills:



Knowledge based thinking: Roene spent most of his childhood learning through the Cerean educational system and a horde of books. He still likes to read from time to time, but the ultimate point here is that he values knowledge. He takes enjoyment in new types of knowledge and likes to use the different types of knowledge to extrapolate for new methods and the like. This is how he extrapolates with some of his force techniques.


Force powers:


Force of Nature

-- Naturalist's Exclusive -- A Jedi learns to become in tune with nature, quickly learning to understand the organic world better than synthetic. A Jedi Naturalist can commune with all that lives, animals and plants alike. They can affect nature in many ways, stimulating growth, controlling plants, for the defense of both the naturalist and the world they hope to protect.

Organic Equipment

-- Naturalist's Exclusive -- The signature of a Naturalist is a special organic armor, grown of their own manipulations, with many unique properties such as healing its wearer, protecting him from blasters and enhancing his ability to use the force. More than just armor--weapons can be grown as a new plant, forming blades as hard and sharp as any steel, and with natural poisons or toxins. These weapons and armor are alive, and can be destroyed as anything alive can, but as such can be carried as saplings and grown to maturity in a few moments by a master naturalist. They do not, however, require a naturalist to wield.

Nature Attunement

-- Naturalist's Exclusive -- Talking to plants for a regular human is often seen as a calming meditative way to pass the time. For a Naturalist, the plants talk back. Through the Force A naturalist can learn all there is to know about a plant, it's structure, its history--even find out things that have happened to it, possibly as a means of tracking the recent events.

Animal Kinship

-- Restriction on all but Naturalists -- Most Jedi can find ways to speak to a beast, and control it for a time. The Naturalist can enlighten it to his will, and thusly gain a loyal servant (Intended for Retinue). Creatures of all walks become the allies of a Naturalist, though only through discipline can one become a permanent pet.


Telekinesis-- Push. pull and other controls

(Fog) Identity Suppression-- Through the force, he lowers his presence. He is still visible to the eye if he is stopped and interrogated, but through the force, he can suppress his energy and appearance so it hides his energy signature and physical presence. (The power is extremely taxing and draws from his knowledge of air manipulation, but he can use it for bursts of time).

Sensory and action modification-- Basic Force powers: Speed, jump, and other sensory modifiers. (taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing.)

Connection to Wildlife, and the world around.-- Roene carries a deep connection to the world around him and expresses emotion and thoughts based on the living force flowing through planets, plants, and animals.

Elemental powers-- When thinking of elemental manipulation, Roene doesn't think of simply moving water or a rock. He seeks to manipulate and understand the element on a fundamental level.

Water -- Intermediate [Meditation on Tython]

Stone/Earth-- Adept [Temple Building and the Tython Force Sanctuary construction]

Air-- Intermediate [Meditation on Lehon and Tython]

Fire-- Beginner [started escalating thermal manipulation. Knows enough for simple demonstration and minor action implementation].

Healing trance -- He can go into a trance and heal himself.

Restoration Powers-- When it comes to people he has a rudimentary knowledge, but due to the time he has spent with animals and plants, he understands a large amount when it comes to plant life and nature.




After quitting his master in a youthful huff and fleeing from the very fate he'd chosen for himself years ago, Roene had no place left to run. He took a ship, leaving the augury, to wander the deepest voids of space in search for answers, but came upon nothing.


Amongst the deepest voids of space, though answers there were not, bandits there were, and a lot of them. They swarmed Roene pushing him into a submissive state and eventually crash landing onto Tython's surface, not far from the settlement of Ashla. Seeing their prey as long gone, the corrupt bandits ran and left the Cerean to his fate.


What an amazing fate it was, though, because, as Roene crawled from the wreckage of his ship, managing not only to save life and limb but his precious cargo, he set his eyes on one of the most beautiful planets he'd ever seen. The planet's nature shined a majestic light that filled Roene with renewed life and as he walked amongst the trees of Tython's brilliant forest line, he felt at one with himself and strangely enough, the force. Roene knew little of the force's connection to Tython but managed to commune with it nonetheless.


Roene used his training and over time managed to build a natural response and comfort using the force and the limited abilities he knew how to perform.


In a year's time, he could perform the simple tasks he'd been charged with before, with incredible ease. This did not mean Roene did not have more to learn, but his connection was more fluid than it had ever been.


The Cerean managed to forage for himself well enough to establish his own habitable set-up within the canopy of the forest and Tython's own burgeoning wildlife...





Many apprentices pass and Roene finds himself in much the same isolation that he chose for himself years before.


He looks to the council for guidance but is blinded by their ignorance. They split upon two righteous ideals without thought to the consequences. Each force has a negligible recognition for the other and they blindly follow their own will, claiming it to be the will of the force.


Roene's thoughts go unheeded, but he doesn't mind. He isn't the one that will inevitably show the Jedi their folly. All he can do is live.


Roene's goals are vague, but he seeks to gain mastery, to further his studies and to venture across the galaxy and experience it the way only a naturalist can.



(Read up more on his progress since then )

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