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EDITED 01/08/2020 for duel against Qaela






Real Name: Raven Nasra of Zinthos

A.K.A: Head of State Raven of the Imperial Remnant. Empress

Homeworld: Zinthos

Species: Near Human, Humanoid. Enlarged eyes, developed from the human population living underground for millennium.


Physical Description


Age: 25

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 110

Hair: Black

Eyes: Purple

Sex: Female

Special: Larger than normal eyes, greyish skin.




Clothing or Armor: Grey Moff uniform, black cape of the Head of State.

Weapon: Twin Dl-44s, Vibrosword, E-22, FC-1 flechette launcher. Various disruptor weapons. Lightsaber

Common Inventory: some money. Code Cylinders, passcodes.


Cloud Inventory for Battle with Qaela:

Lightsaber: Red
Black Imperial Uniform with blood red stripes 


Faction Information


Force User

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/ethics neutral

Current Faction Affiliation: Empire

Current Faction Rank: N/A




Force Side: Sith

Trained by: Tiana Calthye to lord

Trained who: N/A

Known Skills: Limited Force Powers




Born on Zinthos to a dathamiri witch into slavery. Bought and freed by the Sith Master Tiana, trained until expelled from the order for disobedience. After killing a Jedi Knight. Joined the Imperial Remnant as a lieutenant stormtrooper of the 53rd Marines. Took part in multiple battles and proved her metal as a talented leader. Fought with excellence during the battle of Coruscant, Kuat, Carida, Ziost, and the Third Death Star. Where she was the lone signatory of the Peace Accords that began the Galactic Alliance.


Later lead the Remnant in the dissolution of the Alliance after disagreements between the two governments.


Currently the leader of the Imperial Remnant Faction.











For champion Information look HERE


Rebel Alliance Fleet Command Flagship |Romanova|

KDY-Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer Misericordia |30/30|

Axial Weapon Upgrade

Pocket Dreadnought Upgrade


Rebel Alliance Light Defensive Escort: Suppressing Fire |Alexandra|

Task Force Experience: Green (1xp)

RSD Praetorian-class Frigate Krasnoyarsk |3/3|

RSD Praetorian-class Frigate Voronezh |3/3|

RSD Praetorian-class Frigate Vladivostok |3/3|

RSD Praetorian-class Frigate Sevastopol |3/3|

NRE Senth-class Corvette Volga |2/1|

NRE Senth-class Corvette Nakhodka |2/1|

NRE Senth-class Corvette Voskresensk |2/1|

NRE Senth-class Corvette Kiselyovsk |2/1|


Rebel Alliance Precision Strike Carrier Group |Anastasia| 

Taskforce Experience Green (1xp)

KDY Pelta-class Frigate Thessalonica |3/3|

KDY Pelta-class Frigate Adrianople |3/3|

KDY Pelta-class Frigate Strymon |3/3|

RSD Paladin-class Corvette Thrace |2/1|

RSD Paladin-class Corvette Corinth |2/1|

SSC Quasar Fire-class Cruiser-Carrier Constantinople |9/9|



Rebel Alliance Destroyer Group [Turbolasers] |Forn| 

Taskforce Experience Veteran (2xp)

BS-Assault-class Bothan Cruiser RedRennic |9/9|

BS-Assault-class Bothan Cruiser Kothlos |9/9| 


Rebel Alliance Destroyer Group [Turbolasers] |Esk| 

Taskforce Experience Veteran (2xp)

BS-Assault-class Bothan Cruiser Nyrtal |9/9|

BS-Assault-class Bothan Cruiser Syndic |9/9| 


Rebel Alliance Asset Denial Force |Grek| 

Taskforce Experience Green (1xp)

MCS MC-30-class Frigate Adun-Lilianna |3/3|

MCS MC-30-class Frigate Adun-Arianna |3/3|

MCS MC-30-class Frigate Adun-Michelle |3/3|

RSD Paladin-class Corvette Adun-Cathryne |2/1|

RSD Paladin-class Corvette Adun-Erin |2/1|

KDY Victory I-class Cruise Adun-Judith |9/9|


Pretender to the Galactic Throne

Leader of the Rebel Alliance

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