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Stormy Nights (One Shot)(Complete)

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I was digging through my word documents recently...and I found the file for Trowa's final post that I wrote, but I don't think I ever actually posted it. So...




Water dripped off of a lone, soaked, and brown lock of Trowa's hair. The rain had long ago drenched him, even though he was hidden in an over hang thirty yards away from the edge of the platform that only one other figure stood upon. The sky rumbled in the distance, then was ignited with a brilliant flash of lightening before turning back to its former, gloomy self. That pattern continued every couple of seconds as waves crashed against the platform, threatening to over come the small housing unit that was in the center of it.


The entire scene was as vivid as a dream; it was surreal and just like in a dream he was acutely aware of all of his surroundings down the most minute of details. His emerald eyes soaked in the vision in front of him, fully aware that by now the fine hairs on the back of Shy's neck and her gut would have told her that someone was out here with her.


That was of no concern to him though; he hadn't come to this place with the sole intent to stalk her. No, he had come here to see the end of their tale; to be the end of their tale and ensure that a life void of all that mattered was not laying in wait for both of them. He stepped forth, from beneath the tiny outcropping that had protected him only slightly from the rain. His steps were silent compared to the roar of the Kamino Sea.


He stopped when he was halfway to her. The thunderous pounding of his heart drown out the sound of the world around him. His hands were devoid of their natural coloring; as pale as his face. They were also shaking ever so slightly, a sensation he was not used to in the least. If his heart didn't slow soon, he knew that it would be impossible for her to not know he was behind her.


Trowa clinched his fists and closed his eyes, focusing on his heart as it pumped blood throughout his body. He let out a breath of used air and allowed a calm feeling to over come him and help him relax. He knew what had to be done. There was absolutely no point in being nervous as it would only hinder his plans or perhaps even ruin them, considering the sort of karma he had been manufacturing the past few years.


He took another step forward as lightening flashed in the distance and a thunder clap met his ears. Rain pelted him, trying to push him back as if nature herself was trying to stop him from committing any deed that he might have in mind for the following minutes. He refused to be dissuaded so easily, though. What he was to do was set in stone in his mind and would soon come to pass then be counted as another chapter of the Galaxy coming to a close.


He touched upon her shoulder, pulling back just enough to get her to twist around and face him. Her face was pale, as his was, and looked lovely with a raging storm for a backdrop. His gut knotted up as he realized just how much he had missed her in the short span of time they had been apart. Her violet eyes met with his and he felt the guilt for what was coming begin to rattle his already shaky nerves. He had never thought he would spend his last moments a nervous wreck, turning into a pile of mush just from her eyes which knew no equal.


Trowa wanted more then anything to speak, to tell her what he felt, to tell her ask and plead why it had to end this way but his voice was no where to be found. Some how he felt that she knew what he was feeling though; their connection was too strong for her not to know. A faint smile crept onto his face as he stared into her eyes, remembering the times they had together. The good and the bad, and in some cases pathetic on his part”¦but those were among the good times, as he recalled it.


He lifted his right hand and grasped her left hand. The two rings on a single chain was pushed into her palm rather forcefully and then held there by his soaked, shivering fingers. He had come with the intent to take her heart as she had his; effortlessly and without leaving a mark on her body. He still wanted too, but his body wouldn't respond to the signals being sent by his brain.


The hair on the back of his neck stood on end. He knew what was coming, so did she, but neither made any effort to move. He pulled her close, smashing his lips against hers. A wave crashed against the platform, completely consuming them for a moment them ripping them off the raised area and into the icy water below. Trowa held her tight as the water over came them and the current pulled them deeper into the icy abyss. Both of their eyes were open, but the water was too dark to look into one another's eyes any longer. He could feel the fading warmth of her body and the burning in his chest. The sides of his vision began to turn black as he opened his mouth, letting out the air and mouthing the words ”˜I loved you' as he did. Soon everything went black and his heart ceased to beat, as did hers.


Their hands were still locked together. The rings he had placed in her hand, however, had slipped from her grasp; falling deeper into the depths of the ocean away from them.


Forever lost.

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Good to see you again!


Nice, very nice post. Moving, haunting, and a good ending I think for such distinctive characters as Trowa and Shy. It had a nice ethereal quality to it--definately something I associated, especially later, with these characters, so it held true to my impressions and feelings about both of them.


Trowa definately was the best enemy Darex ever had.


A few minor grammar things, but they didn't detract from this ending. Good stuff.


There goes Ami's reputation of being a peaceful, nice person.
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I don't recall ever encountering Trowa in the RP, but isn't the name from Gunda Wing? That's not a complaint, but more of an inquiry. Ar-Pharazon isn't an original name and neither is Smash Daisaku.


I understand that want for characters to have a sense of finality. I'm really glad you posted this, BK. You were always in the upper tier of solid RP writers.


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