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Delta73's Character Sheet

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Real Name: RC-A2532-D73

A.K.A: Delta-73, or Seventy-Three, Delta, Ca'Aran, Lima One Command

Homeworld: Kamino

Species: Human



Physical Description


Age: 34

Height: Six Feet and one inch

Weight: Two-Hundred lbs.

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Sex: Male



(Updated for the Serenno Raid July, 2020)



Mark III Katarn armor |Impact resistant, sealed, personal shield generator|
Cortosis Underweave
SCI interface


E22 Blaster Rifle 
Underslug Grenade Launcher |4x impact explosive fragemntation, 4x Impact Armour peircing explosive| 
Thermal Detonators |3x High Yield, security locked|
DL-44 heavy Blaster pistol 
Wristguard extending vibroknife
SCI interface



Faction Information

Force User: No

Alignment: Evil

Current Faction Affiliation: Sith Empire

Current Faction Rank: Major of Darkhand SOG (Special Operations Group) Legendary NFU




Known Skills: Trained as a Republic Commando, skilled at hand to hand, squad and battalion sized command. Fighting, etc. 


Background: An ARC trooper, frozen in Carbonite. Reawoken by Crosa Hoverich and Mindian Bretch'ell. Fought for a decade for the Black Sun, indulged in bloody genocide, terrorism, and assisted in the overthrow of the Gallactic Alliance. Absorbed with the rest of the black sun military into the service of the emperor. He is known as the Blood Prince.


Attached Units



Darkhand is non operational for the Campaign on Serenno due to losses incurred on Mon Cal. Look below for

"Hellkite Deployment Group





General Staff

Command: Delta73

Executive Officer: Tares Blacktorin (Black Sun XO from Lima One) 

Command Sergeant Major: Jansen Trefey (Sith Sergeant from 31st Lion company(Company destroyed at the battle of Coruscant)) 

Intelligence Officer: Sigrid Hensi (Black Sun Lieutenant from Lima One) 

Operations officer: Haylee Langraf (Black Sun Lieutenant from Lima One) 

Logistics Officer: Gerald Frostwin (Black Sun Lieutenant from Lima One) 

Sith Intelligence: Lord Garik Doma "Devilfish" (Sith Lord , Onderon) 

Normal Loadout (Mon Calamari): Majority with E-22 blaster rifles, some with Sonic, Flechette, slugthrowers, for hunting the Jedi believed to be on location

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Special Operations Company Lima One “Cŵn Annwn” (Devil Hounds)

Attached to the Victory Star Destroyer Hellkite 


- Company Makeup -


Company Commander: Captain Delta73

Executive Officer: Lieutenant Gerald Frostwin (logistics specialty) 

Ex Black Sun logistics officer for the St. Cathryne


Strike Group 1: Specialty | Close Quarters 

Lieutenant Linebris Chambers 

Black Sun SOA (Special Operations Attachment) on the Marie


14 weapon specialists

3 medical specialists  

2 heavy weapon specialists

1 heavy gunnery specialist 


Strike Group 2: Specialty | Close Quarters 

Lieutenant Katharis Tr’nbek

Black Sun SOA (Special Operations Attachment) on the Marie


14 weapon specialists

3 medical specialists  

2 heavy weapon specialists

1 heavy gunnery specialist 


Strike Group 3: Specialty | Fire Support

Lieutenant Haylee Langraf 

Black Sun SOA (Special Operations Attachment) on the Holofernes


6 weapon specialists

4 medical specialists  

5 mortar specialists

5 heavy gunnery specialist 


Strike Group 4: Specialty | Anti Vehicle 

Lieutenant Sigrid Hensi

Black Sun SOA (Special Operations Attachment) on the Calpto


6 weapon specialists

4 medical specialists  

8 heavy weapon specialists

2 heavy gunnery specialist 


Strike Group 5: Specialty | Assault

Lieutenant Tares Blacktorin

Black Sun Knight (Special operations and command)  on the Marie


10 weapon specialists

4 medical specialists  

6 heavy weapon specialists

4 heavy gunnery specialist 


Attachment 1: Heavy Vehicle Attachment

Lieutenant David Senvys

Sith Command on the Hellkite


20 Zeus Strike Craft

10 ATPT walkers

4 Self Propelled Artillery 





Hellkite Deployment Group

40 elite commandos from the remnants of Darkhand have been deployed alongside their commander to hunt down the supposed Jedi in the Serenno system. Below are the notable NPCS 

General Staff:

Command: Delta73

Executive Officer: Haylee Langraf 

Command Sergeant Major: Jansen Trefey 

Lieutenant: Sigrid Hensi 

Lieutenant: Gerald Frostwin

Armaments: Blaster rifles and munition support. 


Attached notable NPCS images


Sigrid Hensi - 21 - Commando Darkhand Lieutenant

female soldier

Tares Blacktorin - 19 - Commando - Darkhand Lieutenant KIA 7/1/2020


Haylee Langraf  - 21 - Commando - Darkhand Lieutenant




Æthe 43391 - 16 - Ex Slave. Non Combatant. Substitute Daughter

Luca Hollestelle, red hair, freckles, brown eyes




Fleet of the Anaxes Garrison

Sith Empire Destroyer Group [Turbolasers]

Taskforce Experience Green (1xp)

- Assigned Callsign - 


KDY Victory II-class Star Destroyer Hellkite |9/9| 

KDY Victory II-class Star Destroyer Hellequin |9/9| 


Sith Empire Precision Strike Carrier Group

Taskforce Experience Green (1xp) 

- Assigned Callsign - 


KDY-Lancer-class Frigate Wake |3/3|

KDY-Lancer-class Frigate Stormsea |3/3|

Raider-class corvette Oden |2/1|

Raider-class corvette  Herla |2/1|

Raider-class corvette Frea |2/1|

Raider-class corvette  Phol |2/1|

LC-Strike-class medium cruiser-carrier Nidhöggr |9/9|


Sith Empire Rapid Intervention Escort: Timely Response

Taskforce Experience Green (1xp) 

- Assigned Callsign -


KDY Kyber-class Star Destroyer Nástrǫnd |20/20| 


Commander - Darkhand Brigade - Sith Empire

Blood Prince

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