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Tros Ardell's Character Sheet

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Identity [!ident]


Real Name: Tros Ardell

A.K.A: Saberforce

Homeworld: Born on Corellia; Raised on Shogun, has a home on Concord Dawn

Species: Mandalorian


Physical Description [!dscrp]


Age: 30

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 185 lbs

Skin Color: White

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Dark Brown (Has a beard as well)

Sex: Male


Equipment [!equip]


Armor: Beskar'gam armor that's mixed. A black and red buy'ce with hints of white that belonged to Raeshe. The chest and leg pieces are white with red and black that belonged to Caen. Both vambraces are pure beskar and painted black. Also wears a Z-6 Jetpack. The main chest piece has a two pronged bio reinforced layer underneath that helps filter out toxins and provide adrenaline.

Weapons: 2 Westar 75 Heavy Blaster pistol, a Westar Assault Rifle and a beskad (A Mandalorian sword with a single-edged blade that widened toward the tip before tapering to a point. Two metal guards protected the wielder's hand at the top and base of the hilt.) He also has a ZX miniature flame projector, a grappling hook along with three dart launchers on his right gauntlet. (1 electro-dart, 1 lecepanine dart and 1 tranquilizer dart.) The other gauntlet holds a tactical pad, which also comes with a plug to hack into most systems or decrypt messages. Tros also carries with him two Plank gas grenades along with 3 Frag grenades. (Updated as of 2/10/22)

Common Inventory: Creditchip 


Faction Information [!factn]


Non Force User : (Family may have been FU's though.)

Alignment: Neutral

Current Faction Affiliation: Mandalorian/Sith Empire

Current Faction Rank: Alor of House Solus (Legendary Status) 


History: [!hstry]


Force Side: Non Force User

Trained by:

Trained who:

Known Skills:

Awareness (Can perceive his environment and what's going on around him.)

Hand to Hand Combat  

Blaster Rifle Proficiency (Can use any blaster rifle with ease.)

System Hacking (Can hack any low to mid level comm systems and security with ease.)



Not much is known about Tros, besides for being born on Corellia. However; Saberforce is known throughout the Outer Rim, in which he is both a bounty hunter and mercenary for hire. He has never taken his helmet off, so no one knows what his face actually looks like. Throughout the Outer Rim, his ship is well known, Orar. (This ship was destroyed in the Battle of Mandalore.) Tros was raised by his mother until the age of 7 when she went missing but was found dead. That's when his actual brother (Riella) and adopted brother (Brexton) took him in and raised him. Their father (Bas'lan Ardell) left them at a very young age (3-6), but has made some points to contact Tros a few times, although Tros considers him to be Dar'buir. Tros is actually half brother of Xae, as they both share the same father. Bas'lan was found dead after Kyr'tsad had a mini insurrection. Tros' brother Riella died 3 years later for unknown reasons. Tros is the last of Clan Ardell and currently Alor of House Solus.


Ship Registration [!ship]


Ship Registration


Name: Swift Justice

Class: Pursuer-class frigate

Model: BR-9 Charger

Manufacturer: Mechis Custom Shipyards design, assembled by MandalMotors


Length: 39m



-Dual medium laser cannon turret (dorsal)

-Dual light laser cannon turret (ventral)

-Directed EMP “cannons”, (fixed, front facing)

-Universal missile launcher, (standard loadout 8 concussion missiles)

-Dual chain linked chin-slung ion cannons (fixed, front facing)



-Twin shield generators

-Military grade reinforced Mandalorian iron hull

Anti-Personnel Defenses:

-Biometric Lock and Startup

-”Smart” system will alert Tros when any tampering is detected






-Cargo hold outfitted with universal energy cage and two military-grade force cages, as well as locked gear racks holding a myriad of weapons and two sets of riot gear, most of the weapons being nonlethal.

-”Grappling hook” with maglock designed to grab onto other ships in space and reel them in for boarding. Tether is a braided chain made from molecularly bonded durasteel links.

-Universal airlock, next to the hook, used for boarding operations. Outfitted with a ring of plasma torches to easily cut standard hulls and still provide a vacuum lock if necessary for boarding.

-Top of the line sublight racing engines, providing 20 MGLT acceleration but capable of overclocking to 24 MGLT in short bursts. This easily makes it as fast if not faster than many starfighter interceptors, despite its size. Overclocking the engines temporarily takes power from the weapons systems and life support, making the feature useful in some situations, but also potentially dangerous.

-Hyperdrive with a 0.75 rating. This was the fastest hyperdrive available on the market that could fit in a ship like this.

-Directed EMP “cannons” designed specifically to overwhelm personal ships of up to about 250m in length. Larger ships may take more shots to completely disable, but against any ships not shielded against EMP, the effects are still fairly catastrophic for electronic systems. The cannons run off of large battery banks that must be charged between shots, but the initial shot is always immediately available. Charging takes roughly 30 seconds.

-EMP shielding, hardened against moderate Ion damage, large weapons or excessive fire will still melt the protective layers and fry electronics.

-Twin shield generators

-Military-grade reinforced hull made from Mandalorian iron

-Both laser turrets and the grappling hook are concealed until activated,

-Universal missile launcher can be configured to fire many types of missiles, but can also jettison missiles on a delay detonation to use as makeshift ‘mines’ against pursuers as well.

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Kot’dral Duvul 


Age: 24

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 165 lbs

Skin Color: White

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Jet Black

Sex: Male


Equipment [!equip]


Armor: Beskar'gam armor that’s black and red in color. Also wears a Personal Combat Shield on his right vambrace. His boots also have rockets to them for a quick attack or escape. 

Weapons: EL-16HFE blaster rifle, a vibroblade over his heart, a knuckle plate vibroblade in the vambrace with the shield, while the other holds a flamethrower. Typically known to carry 4 detonators. 2 Sonic, 1 Gas and 1 thermal.


Vulios Vuuku


Age: 51

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 202 lbs

Skin Color: White

Eyes: Green

Hair: Grey 

Sex: Male


Equipment [!equip]


Armor: Beskar'gam armor that’s black with red colors in the buy’ce and ensignas alone. A JT-12 jetpack with a single warhead equipped.

Weapons: SHUKUR-05 light repeater, 2 WESTAR-35 blasters, KX-60 blaster rifle and a Beskad. (Not fully made of Beskar.) Both vambraces have a dual dart launcher holding two each.


Kami Larkin


Age: 29

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 140 lbs

Skin Color: White

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Sex: Female


Equipment [!equip]


Armor: Beskar'gam armor that’s gold as the primary color, utilizing black and silver as accents in her buy’ce and other parts of her armor. 

Weapons: A280C blaster rifle, a WESTAR-35 blaster, KiSteer 1284 projectile rifle, a knuckle plate vibroblade in the right vambrace, while the other holds a flamethrower. Typically known to carry 2 detonators. Both are almost always thermal. 

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