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Silas Carde's Character Sheet - Updated 5/28/2013


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Silas Carde's Character Sheet


Identity [!ident]


Real Name: Silas Carde

A.K.A: N/A

Homeworld: Xartun

Species: Human


Physical Description [!dscrp]


Age: 41

Height: 6'

Weight: 175 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Sex: Male


Equipment [!equip]


Clothing or Armor: Business Suit

Weapon: A gun made of pure gold given to him by Smash Daisaku

Common Inventory: Comm, Weapon, Wallet, Datapad


Faction Information [!factn]


Non-Force User

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Current Faction Affiliation: Black Sun

Current Faction Rank: Is this even a Faction anymore?


History: [!hstry]


Force Side: N/A

Trained by: N/A

Trained who: N/A

Known Skills: N/A


Background: Skilled mechanic - Started as a smuggler for Black Sun. Proficient in modest ship repair and upkeep.

Extensive Combat Background - Trained upon entrance into the Black Sun organization. Extensive Hand to Hand and Weapons training. Has taken place in many RP "Duels" both in PvP and Fleet situations.

Business/Leadership/Entrepreneurship - Has served in every conceivable position within the Black Sun organization. His skills are numerous, as are his experiences.


Ship Registration [!ship]


Name: Trump Carde

Class: Yacht

Model: Starwind-Class Pleasure Yacht

Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards


Length: 50 meters


Armaments: 2 quad laser cannons

Armor: Equipped and Modestly Upgraded - Will sustain moderate laser/concussion missile/proton torpedo bombardment

Anti-Personnel Defenses: Equipped - Standard, nothing too fancy


Appearance: Standard

Modifications: Upgraded hyperdrive - .4 past lightspeed




Identity [!ident]


Real Name: Vesper Stubernic

A.K.A: Senator Stubernic

Homeworld: Corellia

Species: Human


Identity [!ident]


Real Name: Jacen Onnd

A.K.A: N/A

Homeworld: Tatooine

Species: Human


OOC Notes:


- This is my original character from 2005. He has been the right hand man to every leader of the Black Sun faction since he joined at one time or another and has led the faction multiple times himself. Along with this legacy comes a few tricks hidden up his sleeve gathered from his time with the faction. Black Sun had many secrets - Smash would be foolish to believe that an assassination attempt and the burning of a single, albeit important, base would destroy such a long standing tradition.


Proud member of the JNET Addicts Club since November '05

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