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Keenava Dira's Character Sheet

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  Keenava Dira’s Character Sheet

Last Edited: (03/16/2023) - fixed clerical error




   Chosen Name: Keenava Dira (Key-NAH-vah, D-ee-rah)

Birth Name: Keenava Ootunavi

Birthday: January 20th (or equivalent date in-universe)

A.K.A: Keeva, Ki Ki, Kana, Kara, Kava / Lallu, Lals, Lallunia Kallemi / CoreSec Officer Ullanna Gwynn, Ulanna, Ulina / Zythma

Birthplace: Ryloth

Homeworld: Talus

Species: Twi’lek


Physical Description



  Face claim: Natalie Dormer

Age: 33

Height: 1.7526m / 69in

Weight: 71.214kg / 157lbs

Body Type: Lithe frame / Acrobat musculature / Slight hourglass shape

Gender: Cis (Cisgender) Woman - Femme presenting

Lekku: Long ~ 1m / 39.4in 

Eye Color: Amethyst (Former color: Ruby)

Skin Color: Deep obsidian

Skin Markings/Deformities/Tattoos: N/A - for the moment




Clothing or Armor:

- [Legacy of Anilara Starbane Kadav]: a form-fitting deep-black Kevlar jumpsuit with indigo contour lines.

[Legacy of Anilara Starbane Kadav]: a long well-worn black leather duster. 

- [Legacy of Sara Corion 'Scorpion']: A pair of dark-brown, leather, steel-toe, long boots with a sturdy heel; the boots start at her knees with an articulated knee-pad and go all the way down to her feet. Her boots have a mess of straps on them. These straps fasten the boots to her calves and conceal two small sheaths--one on either boot. <empty>  



[Legacy of Sara Corion 'Scorpion']: One long-barreled metal (handgun) slugthrower.

- [Legacy of Lallunia Kallemi]: <Inactive> lightsaber hilt. (Sparking Freedom) / Creation: https://tinyurl.com/3eet6p54


General Inventory:

- [Legacy of Idara/Ida/Idejjen]: Functional A.I unit-- limited functions.
[Legacy of Starfire]: Adjustable, silver-plated, weighted training bracers with emerald inlay.

[Legacy of Aleria Thorne]: Two lavender lightsaber color crystals.

[Legacy of Adwin Antares]: A drawing of Keenava as a Sith Lord.


- [Legacy of Liv]: An MP89 player w/ MC2310 Master Headphones [needs Twi'lek audio mod].

- [Legacy of Liv]: A simple necklace in the shape of a moon.

- [Legacy of Kailen Aeli]: A hydrospanner named 'Locksley'

- [Legacy of Kailen Aeli]: A metal memento with Delta's face on that Keenava will try to get to Delta.

[Legacy of Esmernia Langarmie]: 

Dress - https://tinyurl.com/2p9dfb79 (While you dance and shimmy with the dress, small lights dance across the fabric, making it look like the stars are dancing across your dress). Shoes - https://tinyurl.com/4bk3pr79 

Necklace - https://tinyurl.com/4v4hp9nr (The diamonds are actually glass, but the Amethyst is real)

Faction Information


   Force User

Dark Side/Gray/Light Side: ????

Alignment: Neutral Good 

Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi

Current Faction Rank: Jedi Padawan

Former Faction Rank: Sith Lord


Event/Training Log


Current Master: Sandy Sarna

Trained by: Jzora, Furion, Torin, Ason, Exodus

Trained who: Kern (briefly)

Killed by: Darth Nyrys


Known Skills


Force Skills:

   Dark Side

Force hunger/Drain - Umbara survival trial

Force stealth - Observational learning/Umbara survival trial

Force choke - Observation/Umbara


   Light Side

Force Stealth - Revisiting Umbara. Discovery post: 



Force telepathy, Force telekinesis, Force speed, jump, push, pull, sense  < observational learning > 


Non-Force Skills:

Lockpicking/Slicing  < trial by fire/slave background >

Dance  < slave background/dance work at Last Call >

Fighting [Hand-to-hand] (Amalgam: Kung Fu (White Crane Fist)/Dance/Tai Chi/Kyusho Jitsu)  < observational learning/trial by fire/anatomy studies >

Fighting [Knife]  < observational learning/CoreSec + mercenary work (Talus)/slave background >

Fighting [Whip]  < observational learning/slave background >

Fighting [Lightsaber] - wild - (closest formal description is Ataru)  < observational learning/slight formal education >





     Father: Feenak Tokavi Ootunavi  < Deceased >

     Mother: Veridiana (Aya) Dira Ootunavi  < Deceased >

     Sister: Seela Oma Dira Ootunavi



     Mansion on Talus

     Starship - - [Legacy of Malin Wrynn/Helena Ortwind/HK-52]: 'The Bloated Tortur' https://tinyurl.com/nx4j9aps 


~~ Always a slave... ~~


     'Mistreated' by her father and sold to alleviate a crippling debt, Keenava's life didn't start at an agreeable pace. She was seen as naught but flesh, and that had ways of destroying what little identity you had. And when you're deprived of kindness, validation and genuine sincerity start to look extremely similar.


     After spending the better part of her life a slave, Keenava's mind was broken. She forgot who she was, where she came from, and where she was going. With the help of the Sith, she began to open up and realize more of who she was. But, due to the corruption of the dark side, each new realization brought pain and split her personality. She would eventually remember her birth name and why she became a slave in the first place. But finding herself turned out to be even more damning than remaining lost to her brittle mania.


     She battled attachment to a lost cause, being tossed from one master to another—no one cared. No one should care.


     She suffered continuous mental breakdowns from sustained betrayal, abandonment, and having no real control of her destiny; always a slave, she was never free.


     This chain of misery was finally broken with her death on Korriban. But even in death, Keenava's spirit wasn't free. She was bound to a pearl held by the victor, doomed to stay as some macabre prize for however long she was deemed useful.


~~ Clean? What's that? ~~


Clean. Free? 


      Keenava wandered the desert, free of another slave attempt, with an odd sort of clarity.


There she met an unlikely duo, and is slowly beginning to see redemption in the ranks of the people she once despised.


Read on to learn more.

  (This story had been greatly abridged in favor of brevity. If you wish to deep dive and find more, then feel free.)



Detailed reading:
1st appearance: Lallunia Kallemi > Last Call [Archive]: https://jedirp.net/topic/412-the-last-call-coruscant/page/252/#comment-197838
1st meeting with Jzora Scorpio > Last Call [Archive]: https://jedirp.net/topic/412-the-last-call-coruscant/page/253/#comment-198387
Academic Lecture > Jedi Enclave/Former Sith Temple [Archive]: https://jedirp.net/topic/1196-jedi-enclave-coruscant-formerly-the-sith-temple/page/126/#comment-198608
Close > Jedi Enclave/Former Sith Temple [Archive]: https://jedirp.net/topic/1196-jedi-enclave-coruscant-formerly-the-sith-temple/page/127/#comment-199087
Abandoned > Naboo: https://jedirp.net/topic/411-naboo/page/85/#comment-206802

Re-captured > Naboo: https://jedirp.net/topic/411-naboo/page/85/#comment-204076

Wallow is a dirty word > Coruscant Undercity [Archive]: https://jedirp.net/topic/815-coruscant-undercity/page/43/#comment-229816

1st official meeting with Julio Furion > Coruscant Undercity [Archive]: https://jedirp.net/topic/815-coruscant-undercity/page/43/#comment-230389

< Two year two month gap. Feel free to search for answers if you wish >

Love? Or tragic obsession? > Upper Levels Coruscant [Archive]: https://jedirp.net/topic/595-upper-levels-of-coruscant/page/221/#comment-254398

A game of survival > Umbara: https://jedirp.net/topic/1594-umbara/page/2/#comment-258173

< Three year gap of varying levels of activity>

Feelings are... complicated > Coruscant Undercity [Archive]: https://jedirp.net/topic/815-coruscant-undercity/page/49/#comment-267131
Patricide > The Jedi Library: RP Side Story: Family Matters: https://jedirp.net/topic/4024-rp-side-story-lallu-kallemi-family-matters-complete/#comment-267959

1st official meeting w/ DL Exodus > Arachnakorr: https://jedirp.net/topic/4036-arachnakorr/#comment-268579

Embrace the shadow > Dejarik Board: https://jedirp.net/topic/1246-the-dejarik-board/#comment-277718

Foolish mistake > Korriban duel w/Ailbasi: https://jedirp.net/topic/397-korriban/page/82/#comment-278327


Edited by Keenava Dira
New equipment and legibility


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