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Kirlocca's Character Sheet

Wookiee Jedi

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Identity [!ident]


Real Name: Kirlocca


Homeworld: Kashyyyk

Species: Wookiee


Physical Description [!dscrp]


Age: 255

Height: 2.2 Meters

Weight: 290 lbs

Fur: Light and dark brown with grey patches.

Eyes: Black

Sex: Male


Equipment [!equip]


Clothing or Armor: Kirlocca wears a black and brown cross clothe style battle belt which a Kashyyyk crest on the center of it. He also wears a typical Jedi belt.


An orange Lightsaber given to him by Tobias Vos.


Natural Brute Force: Has the ability to over power anyone without the Force.


Common Inventory:

Credit chip, liquid cable launcher and a comlink.


Faction Information [!factn]


Force User

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi Order

Current Faction Rank: Jedi Master/Battle Master


History [!hstry]


Force Side: Light

Trained by: Mari

Trained who: Sayn Ta, Gave-saberdart, Mace_winduz, Kitt Fitt, Jasyon, Neruu, Haloburner Lighterre, Kailen Aeli, and Ads-Gop Flif. He's also trained a ton of hopefuls throughout history and gave Master and Knight Trials to a ton of Jedi as well.

Currently Training:

Known Skills:

Sensitive hearing (Can pick up sounds from afar.)

Strong sense of smell (Can pick up scents from afar.)

Wrruushi (A Wookiee only fighting style.)




Battle Intuition: A passive ability that allows for a Jedi to use what's available to them on the combat field without any real training. While unable to fully master every weapon, a Guardian knows instinctively how to use most weapons, and while in melee combat, knows how to strike with the most output of damage with weapons.

FORCE FOCUS: A feat wherein one's morale and fighting spirit was augmented through sheer focus, giving a user the drive to fight through even the hardest of conflicts. Through pure fighting spirit, a Master of Wru’torr could push the users physical limits, allowing its user to overcome the disabilities of old age and even fading stamina.

Superior Two Weapon Fighting: With training and understanding, a user can easily handle two weapons in each hand or a double bladed weapon with far greater ease than most. They have the ability to know the weapons like an extension of their own body.



DIRECTIONAL DISARM: A Master of Wru’torr focuses upon their blade, allowing the Force to flow directly into it, adding more energy into a disarming strike, which tends to send kinetic waves at the opponent's hand, or else they end up dropping their weapon.



Force Push: A telekinetic ability of the Force that was used in an offensive or defensive manner. It could be used to varying degrees, from simply pressing against or softly moving targets away from the user, to shoving and staggering them, to knocking them backwards or to the ground, to sending them flying through the air, potentially causing serious injury or even death.

Saber Throw: A Jedi uses the Force to toss their lightsaber at an opponent, yet having complete control over it, even enough to retrieve the blade after it strikes its intended target.

Force Valor: Force Valor is a power that increases the resolve, accuracy, and speed of one's self and one's allies. Tapping into the Force, a Jedi can increase the rate at which one's capacities function, allowing the body to move more quickly, strike more powerfully, and fight with improved accuracy. 

CLEAR AURA: A Master of Wru’torr can sense through the fog of the Dark Side being thrown their way. They can at will push their own presence into the fight, creating a strong aura that forces the Dark Side to cower or to weaken.




He was raised on Kashyyyk by his granddad Trviykk. He never left Kashyyyk until after the age of 13, when he married Sirai, whom she kept quiet about Kirlocca's daughter Luvinnia. He never discovered about her until after her death 18 years later, at which point Sirai divorced him and left Kashyyyk, never to be seen or heard from again. He had a hard time being a Jedi since he came in at such a late age. Because of that, he alway's had a hard time with following the code and separating his Jedi life from his personal one. As a padawan, he learned a rare skill, called Malacia. His Master Mari instructed him to never use it unless he had no other choice. She also focused more on training him in the lightsaber arts. Once he taken his trials and became a Jedi Knight, Kirlocca began training in Battle Meditation, letting most of his time perfecting the art. After becoming a Jedi Master, Kirlocca spent his time honing a new Lightsaber form that he had created himself called Wru'torr, having a meaning of Inner Strength and known as Way of Fire. Kirlocca is also known to use the force to aid him in combat, giving him speed, agility, and better strength in battle.


Kirlocca also adopted a human boy named Holden Zephan during a rescue mission. Holden has a weak adeptness to the Force, and therefore, Kirlocca left him on the Helix Station to be watched over and taken care of away from the battles. (Right after the Arach'tar went after Ilum.) The boy had since been moved to Kashyyyk to stay with a close friend of Kirlocca's.


After the war had ended, Kirlocca was for the first time invited to sit upon the Jedi Council with his close friend Kitt Fitt, whom was acting Grandmaster. Kitt's death which followed suite five months after the war left the Jedi Order leaderless. They then elected Kirlocca and Darex to take up a co-Grandmaster position. A few months after, Kirlocca was temporally exiled by the Council out of the Order for an action he made against Qaela and her children. Since then, Kirlocca has retreated back to Kashyyyk during his exile and found a new mate, Kallynn. The two of them live completely hidden from outsiders in Rwookrrorro.


He recently came out of Exile to respond to the Force which called him back into active service. Since none of the Council that exiled him remained, Kirlocca deemed himself ready to return and help rebuild the Jedi Order.


Ship Registration [!ship]


Name: Kiturra

Class: Starfighter

Model: Owool

Manufacturer: KashyCorp


Length: 11 Meters


Armaments: 4 laser Canons, 2 ION Canons, 3 Missile Launchers. (2 Missiles each)

Armor: N/A

Anti-Personnel Defenses: N/A


Appearance: The Owool is a heavy fighter, with a tapered fuselage and a curving, twin-pronged bow. It's a robust design, but also fast, with twin engines that leave visible efflux trails even at long range. (Kirlocca painted it in black and sliver.)


Modifications: N/A

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A few quotes regarding Kirlocca or that Kirlocca has said throughout his RP history.




"As far as I can remember you have always been passive and given others the benefit of the doubt." - Andon Colos speaking to Kirlocca.


"I hate water." - Kirlocca


"Well, well, Kirlocca, it's good to see you...and away from the battlefield as well. - Aryian Darkfire


"I always looked up to you, even when I betrayed the order." - Keiran


"There is always something to be learned. The life of a Jedi is always growing, always learning. For it is when you stop learning, is when you become useless." - Kirlocca


"Am I on drugs?"

"You're not on drugs Kirlocca" - Kirlocca and Skye Organa


"Master Kirlocca, there is nothing you could say, there is nothing anyone could show me...that could ever make me misplace my trust and respect in you. Nobody is perfect, and we who call ourselves Masters of the Force should recognize that easier than anyone else, our own flaws always apparent to us. For me, all is forgiven and forgotten, and I feel the rest of the Order would be wise to do the same." - Aryian Darkfire


"Master, years ago you taught me the very nature of the force. Now, in your own hour of grief, let me remind you of the healing power of the light side!" - Sayn Ta to Kirlocca

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