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Kakuto Ryu's Character Sheet

Kakuto Ryu

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Identity [!ident]


Name: Kakuto Ryu

Title: Former Dark Lord of the Sith, Master, Warrior

Homeworld: Arkania

Species: Arkanian Hybrid Offshoot (Arkanian/Human/Massassi Sith)


Physical Description [!dscrp]


Age: 42

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 170 lbs

Hair: Platinum (Long, usually in a Ponytail)

Eyes: Gray (Right),  The Left is an empty socket, with a large scar running through it.

Skin: Ash Grey

Sex: Male

Cybernetics: Kakuto Ryu has a plug in the base of his skull which he uses to connect his mind directly to computers, and a broken joint where a mechanical arm should connect.


Equipment [!equip]


Clothing: Ragged prisoner jumpsuit

Armor:  Destroyed



  • None

Common Inventory:

  • None


Faction Information [!factn]


Force User

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Current Faction Affiliation: The Sith

Current Faction Rank: Former Dark Lord, but his powers have been lost.



History: [!hstry]


Force Side: Dark

Trained by/who: Records lost (Server Ate them)

Known Skills: Having Sith DNA, Kakuto Ryu very literally feeds on the dark side of the force. He is also extremely skillful in warfare.


Background: Kakuto Ryu was created as a slave, instilled with a deep abiding hatred of everything. He murdered his former masters and became a Sith, rising all the way to the top and becoming the Dark Lord of the Sith. He was defeated, captured, stripped of the force, and wiped of his memory. A decade later, he has escaped from his prison and now seeks to forge a new identity for himself.

A short story that covers the backstory for the character can be read here. It should tell you about everything you'd ever need to know about him.

Ship Registration [!ship]

Ryu's ship has been lost, but someday he may find it again.


Edited by Kakuto Ryu


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