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Tiana Calthye

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Welcome to the Official Recommended Reading List. There may have been another before, but this one is a sticky! In the hopes to give any (potential) fanfic newcomers an idea of what to read, here is the official recommend-a-fic thread. Recommend as many as you'd like””as long as they're written by someone else. (The trailer thread is for you to make your fic sound great. ) It doesn't matter how old they are. Of course, you can always recommand poems from the poetry thread too.


Please post your recommendations in this format, or something like it. If someone else listed a fic, you can list it too, but only if you have a different reason for suggesting it.


Name of fic:

Link: (unnecessary, but would be nice)


Type: (short story, unfinished, finished poem, essay, original, other, etc)

Why I recommend this fic:



Let's get a good list going.



Name: Jedi on Fire

Author: Obi-gone

Type: This is sadly, an unfinished KotOR era fic

Why I recommend this fic: Unfinished though it is, it's a very well written challenge response. It's dark and a bit dramatic. The characters are vivid and feel like they belong in Star Wars.



Name: Parallels

Author: Zero

Type: In progress AU

Recommended because: This is great stuff. It's a really, REALLY AU AU, it's totally disjointed from the Star Wars canon we know, and if this plot was in a novel so far, I'd buy it. It's dark, it's mysterious.


Just when I thought it was over, I watched Tiana kick Almira in the head, effectively putting her out of her misery. I did not expect that.
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Name of Fic: The JNet League

Author: Obi-here

Type: Unfinished

Why I recommend this fic: It was a good way to bring the users of JNet together in a fictitious story basing the 'characters' attitudes off of the way the users post. It brought me to post in and view the Fan Fiction section of the website for the first time ever.

Proud member of the Jnet's Addict Club since 12/2009




We admin best when we admin drunk.


The Life Adventures of Stanley the Plant

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Name of Fic: That Which Time Destroys

Author: Keerow

Type: Finished, full-length story (long!)

Why I Recommend This Fic: One of my favorite fics of all time, the story just flows so beautifully. It's AU, but so creative that the new character(s) seem to fit right in, and the reader doesn't really have problems with the jumping around. You'll see what I mean when you read it.


Name of Fic: Demon Souls

Author: Pyxelle

Type: unfinished (older fic)

Why I Recommend It: An excellent AU story. I love the plot line, and the AU twist is interesting and well done. But I think what stands out the most to me about this fic is it's wonderful writing! She has a beautiful way with words that makes this fic stand out.


There goes Ami's reputation of being a peaceful, nice person.
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Name of Fic: Un(Shattered)

Author: John Skywalker and Andon Colos

Type: Non-SW - unfinished

Why I Recommend This Fic: These two are fantastic writers and I would recommend you to read any of their work both in fanfic and in the RP alike. (Un)Shattered goes through a wide range of emotions. Their story really gets you in and holds your attention. It's a shame it's unfinished.


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Is it really legal for me to recommand an offsite fanfiction? Meh. (shrugs) It's recommanded reading from me.


Name: The Water's Edge (offsite)

Author: Obauna

Type: Drama/angst AU. COMPLETE.

Why?: You might be wondering: why something offsite?


This was the first Star Wars fanfiction I ever... no, not really. But I read it back in '04, when it was still in progress. And three years later, I still remembered everything that happened in the first chapter. In '07, I still remembered the details, I still obsessed over that fic. It was inspiring. It was intense. It stuck with me and haunted me for years. I can honestly say that this is the best Star Wars AU I have ever read. It is the basis for why most of my fics involve Obi/AU. It is what hooked me on angst and dark fiction. It is dark, it is intense, it is a novel that will hold you hostage. The writing has some flaws, but what fanfictions don't?


This is the best fanfiction I have EVER read, and it deserves mention. No offense to any Jedi.netters because I love a lot of your work too.


Just when I thought it was over, I watched Tiana kick Almira in the head, effectively putting her out of her misery. I did not expect that.
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I remember that. Very funny read.


Name: Demon Souls

Author: Pyxelle

Type: Drama AU. Sadly incomplete

Why?: THis captures all key chars personalities brilliantly, is totally believable, which is rare for AU I've found and is written brilliantly..I'd say at professional level, but thats just me. Probably the best FanFic I've ever read. Or definitely in the top 5.

Member of Jnet Addict Club 12/05

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I was going through some old stuff and found a printout of possibly my favorite piece of FanFiction on the site:


Name of fic: Waking Dream

Link: http://forums.jedi.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=25479&highlight=waking+dream

Author: Tiana Calthye

Type: One-shot

Why I recommend this fic: An excellent piece by an excellent writer. Tiana manages to capture the emotions of Vader in a realistic way that makes you empathize with him and realize his faults all at the same time.


Proud member of the JNET Addicts Club since November '05

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