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Astrographical Information

Region: Core Worlds

Sector: Corellian Sector

System: Nubus System

Orbital Position: 3

Moons: 1

Grid Coordinates: O-8


Physical Information

Class: Terrestrial

Atmosphere: Type 1 Breathable Oxygen Mix

Primary Terrain: Plains, mountains, two large oceans, urban cityscape

Points of Interest: Nuba City Spaceport, Tallera Downs, Nubian Engineering, Lemnos Industries Showroom


Societal Information

Indigenous Species: None

Immigrated Species: Humans, Miraluka, Aqualish, Ithorian, Mon Cal, Nikto, Rodian, others

Primary Language(s): Galactic Basic

Faction Affiliation: Imperial Remnant


Defense Rating: N/A


JediRP Canon History:


An underground Black Sun base was once established on the surface of Nubia, but has been abandoned and is now defunct. Judyc Viba, father of ShadowFett, kept a hideout on the planet as well. Lemnos Industries, a droid company founded by Sith Master Haphaestus and his apprentice Kitaara Shiri, was founded in Rordis City and further expanded to Nuba City, before also establishing showrooms on Kuat and Talus.


Old description in spoiler:

First post goes to Slicer


Nubia was a small, temperate world located in the Nubus system on the outer edge of the Core Worlds. It was the headquarters of Nubian Star Drives, Inc., developers of parts for starships, including the hyperdrive for the Naboo cruisers. It also was headquarters for Industrial Automaton, TradeCo, Inc., and the massive PharmCorp. Nubia may have been the ronto homeworld. The capital was Nuba City.

Geographic features

Shallow oceans separated Nubia's two landmasses, which consisted of rolling fields split by massive mountain ranges. Nubia was a world nurtured into self-sufficiency and abundance. The surface lacked for water, but giant underground aquifers were pumped to the surface, allowing for irrigation of the otherwise arid fields. The planet's warm temperatures and long growing season supported immense agricultural farms. The mountains, rich with ore deposits, including bronzium, were filled with small mining towns and attracted business and manufacturing from around the galaxy. Dry areas unsuitable for farming or mining were utilized for urban sprawl.


Nubians, mostly Human, were hardworking, like their colonist ancestors. Their world was a beehive of business, cultivating natural resources, and manufacturing. To relieve the stress of the long, hard workday, Nubians also played hard. The urban sprawl was dotted with entertainment outlets of all sorts: gambling parlors, cantinas, theaters, swoop racetracks, and two uniquely Nubian sports venues: ronto racing and grav-ball. The largest and most famous ronto racetrack was the Tallera Downs. There was also a vast public transportation system (supplemented by private enterprise) of cloudbuses, airspeeders that carried people several dozen at a time between the isolated mining towns, immense farms, sprawling cities, and orbital stations.

Nubia was colonized by Humans approximately 22,000 BBY by hardy colonists after discovering large subterranean aquifers below the planet. Installing massive pumps to bring water to the surface, they created an instantly habitable world: 'Just add water.' This soon encouraged colonists to settle. In just a few decades Nubia became an agricultural powerhouse. An organized democracy was soon established to rule the planet. Few cared to admit the government was corrupt, with puppet officials appointed through rigged elections. The true leader was the head of PharmCorp, a Hutt by the name of Prall. Over time, many planets coveted Nubia's resources, but they had to contest with the shadow government that ruled the world.

When the Galactic Empire rose to power, it coveted Nubia's massive grain production to fuel their war efforts. The Empire also feared that Nubia Star Drives Inc. might be utilized by the Rebel Alliance to manufacture ships, so they placed an Imperial-class Star Destroyer in orbit over the planet and instituted martial law on the surface. Within hours, stormtroopers patrolled the streets and an Imperial governor assumed authority.

When the Empire was defeated, the New Republic returned Nubia to its original government and gave the planet a council seat on the Senate. However, the New Republic tried to remove all Imperials in the system, making some believe the New Republic was worse than the Empire.



Region Core Worlds


Sector Corellian Sector; Outlier systems


System Nubus system


Suns 1

Moons 1

Rotation period 29 standard hours

Orbital period 289 local days


Primary terrain




Points of interest Tallera Downs



Native species None


Immigrated species







Mon Calamari

Many others

Official language Galactic Basic Standard


Population 1.2 billion

Major cities

Nuba City (capital)

Rordis City



Galactic Republic

Galactic Empire

New Republic

Galactic Federation of Free Alliances

Five Worlds




((Summary compiled by Jaina Jade Skywalker. Thank you!))

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This is where a lot of the business for droid creation in the entire galaxy takes place. As a result is rather well defended. Even though it is a singular city, a single Golan III platform hangs in orbit, as a deteriant to rash attacks. The singular moon, holds not one but two quick mobilzation forces, meant to swarm a space field with fighters should a sudden attack come. Ion cannons are also placed on this moon and numerous sensors to detect deep space movement.


Since there is so much traffic in the area, a number of check points have been set up to make sure that the business of off worlders is legit. Each check point detains the ship until the check is complete.


The space is littered with a special kind of droid, designed to disable ships. It is not amine, but a droid capible of moving at sublight speeds and armed with a single laser and fusion cutter. The can range from buzz droids, to larger droids, and all of them can create hull breaches, or disable engines.


The next line of defense is that of a system of shields meant to cover the city. Since this is the city of ultimate importance, the shileds are designed to cover the city and not the entire planet. There are two shield generators.


The last tier is an array of rooftop turbolasers, akin to the point-defense systems on some capital ships. Some are operated automatically, others by Human gunners and astromech droids.


It will be noted that given droid production as well as other things are very important to this world, and so naturally this world, and the city are both equipped with their own Air Force, Army and nation guard, all designed to defened this lone world, from galatic invasion.

-------- --------- --------- --------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----


Special orders for droids were redirected to a facilty in direct contact with Slicer. Given how this is a legit business, it makes legit droids. It also makes droids of all shapes and kinds, from military to nursemaid.



Slicer, flew down on world, if only to check out his new office. After gaining the proper clearance, he strolled into his new office, with a bounce in his step and noticed one special thing. The place was huge. He quickly had the place stocked with hidden rifles, bombs, and intelligence devices. Then as suddenly as he had come he left, takign with him numerous proper papers, and things of that nature to insure that he was now the legitiment owner of the coorperation.


After he had gone through all the legal stuff and things of that nature, he left the world to finish up business in other parts of the galaxy.




An underground facilty is not only drawn up, but quickly set to work upon. Droids by the thousands, set to work, secretly moving earth and dirt, and setting into place the foundations for what would turn out to be a very interesting underground place.

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  • 1 month later...

Clearing the security barriers as his ship had nothing but its passangers and various creditdentials and paperwork, a Lambda class shuttle, owned by Black Sun, touches down.


Its chief occupant remembers a shadowy call from his employers up in the ranks of the Vigos of the need to take Rordis City into "protective custody."


"It's a 30 hour trip from the system I'm on," the operative reported. "I'll be there in 10." Sure enough the Black Sun Operative known simply as "The Wolf" made good on his word.


He was not a combat operative, nor a skilled hacker or assassin like the others in the elite corps of Black Sun Operatives. When he introduced himself to the governor of the planet, he spoke plainly what he did. "My name is Winston Wolfe. I solve problems."


The problems were of course, Black Sun's, deciding to limit the resources of what was seen as a rogue operative and acquire some fresh holdings. Wolfe, ever the diplomat, arrived with a team of some of Black Sun's most feared and terrible agents in the galaxy- ones of surpreme villainy, ones that could take down and bankrupt entire corporations faster than their most feared strike force- they were the Black Sun legal team.


"The owner of this fine droid factory is currently incarcerated by the New Republic, awaiting trial for several murders and espionage attempts after he tried to single handidly steal a Super Star Destroyer." The Wolf shakes his head. "Some Imperial action is keeping them occupied and from expropriating his holdings. Fortunately, his ties to Black Sun are firm," he smoothly lies, handing out the carefully forged documents, well prepared ahead of time, giving them what promises to be a "temporary" change of ownership and legal control over the factories and holdings, bringing them into Black Sun's protective conglomerate "-at least until these legal troubles are cleared."


The Black Sun legal team smiles. Though Slicer may be a semi-accomplished hacker, the Daisaku family long retained and practiced some of the most devious legal arts known to any mortal. These would not be so easily thwarted. Sure enough, Black Sun is given clearance to the planet and factories and orders are relayed to follow the commander of future operatives- both to the human guards, as well as in the command protocols of the various droids being slowly rolled out.

Hail Daisaku!


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As the black sun Legal team began to get access to the business, a few of the senor members, decided to look a little closer at the documents. Given how Slicer was the true owner of the droid production. As well as given how he had used his actual legal name in the acquisition of the company, a couple of things just weren't adding up for the senor members.


After all, no matter what ties Slicer may have had with organizations that meant absolutely nothing, when it came to ownership. After all a millionaire could for the fun of it work at McDonalds, but just because he becomes indisposed, does not allow McDonalds to suddenly take over all of the man's holdings.


Taking many hours to review the documents, they discovered that they were fakes, upon being matched up against the copies of legal documents that Slicer had taken with him.


Upon this discovery, it was quickly enacted to detain every single black sun operative, claiming to be acting out of Slicer's interests. Rounding up the lot of them, they separated them, and placed them in holding cells for fraud.


With the black sun legal team locked up, a special droid began to be put into production. Something that Slicer has instituted, if anybody had decided to try to take over his business. After all, he did personally own 60 percent of the stock available. The AP3 droid series began production, meant to reach numbers far exceeding a thousand.


((how does my ties with the black sun allow you to take over my holdings? That doesn't make any sense at all.))

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Following the recent upset where in Slicer's assets dissapeared down the galactic drain and into the waiting U pipe of Black Sun, a sudden reversal takes place on Rordis. With superior briefs of habeas corpus, as well as using the startling developments as evidence that their forged documents were authentic, the Black Sun's legal team launches an offensive, springing themselves from jail as well as authetnicating their position.


The 60% shares almost remain in their original owners hands, and things look to be going that way until...




Sustained and through a subtle combination of legal wizardy, backed up by how the disspersal of assets also cost the original owner the proofs he needed to verify his shares of the company, the Black Sun team wins their day in court. What follows is a subtle use of threats, intimidation, and outright bribery to secure Black Sun's place on the planet and take control of the factories.


Production is shortly shut down in the factories and the handful of still inactive AP3 droids, among others, are put back in line to be properly programed. The Wolf later departs, leaving his employers in firm and undisputed control over the system with the citizenry's loyalty now vested in the rising Black Sun.

Hail Daisaku!


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Mortati arrives on the planet and instantly dives into the field of politics, stating that Black Sun would be holding elections for Mayor of the place. Citizens are allowed to run and one man does run, putting up a good fight against the tall pallid man who makes promise after promise that is quite possible to keep, even easy to keep”¦but to the citizens the promises seem like something huge. Still, though, his opponent did have the home field advantage.


In the end, despite what is predicted to be a very close race”¦Mortati wins the spot in a land slide victory. Recounts are called, three times over, but every time the results are the same. He won and there was no questioning it. Some crack pot conspiracy theorist began ranting about how he cheated, but they are quickly condemned as threats to the public and are taken care of.


The faculties began production on Ronin's new droid instantly, business coming back in full swing as Mortati imports a few of his personal engineers to assist the ones already on the planet for various new tasks. The place would be a great profit to him”¦and black sun.


The point is that you can't be too greedy. -Donald Trump

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The Giggledust, The Neutron Pixie, and the Glitteryll appeared from Hyperspace over the planet. Mr. Mortati was extended a personal invitation to maintain usage the Giggledust and the Neutron Pixie as vessels for his own private endeavors, meanwhile they setup geosynchronous orbit above the city, for the purpose of maintaining security of the system.

Hail Daisaku!


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The Scorekeeper emerged from deep space and landed at Slicer's old offices. Piccolo emerged from the Firespray ship in his Sonic Resonance Armor. He ordered Slicer to follow him.


"We will take back your assets. But we will do it peacefully. No violence."


Piccolo was armed of course, so Slicer would know the hunter thought it a possibility. But Piccolo had no intention of fighting anyone. It would be a difficult situation, given his personal animosity toward Mortati. The man was an elitist and greedy fool, the antithesis of a warrior. But Piccolo could be diplomatic when there was need. He hoped the planet's new leader would not bother their efforts. Piccolo entered Slicer's old base.


"No one will harm you under my watch. Reorganize your assets, however one goes about doing that. I'm not a banker."

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Slicer didn't say much, upon entering his old office, he quickly set to work, assessing his current situatuion. He found it more than easy to find the documents Black Sun had come one world with, to take over his business.


He smiled, even though black sun had been quick and effiecnt in taking the business, they still had, had it set up to be a temporary situation accordining to the documents. With a quick verification of who he was, he was easily able to through the use of Black Sun's own documents, place himself back in the owner ship of the Company. Then to help mantters a little more, he also quickly placed himself as the president of the company.


It was insurance, incase, some how black sun felt the need to do this again. With his business firmly under his feet again, in one way or another. He was able to use the same black sun aghents that were inflitrating his business, to quickly firm up his foundation and reach in the business.


All in all, he was lucky Black sun had brough the documents they had, as well as win in court with them, or else he could have been SOL. With the documents he had brought with him, and with black suns documents, and by using the black sun members who had been firming up Black sun's hold on he company, he was able to take a very solid and iron fist over his company once more.


Now all he had to do with deal with the mayor, which in his mind, shouldn't be that bad. After all the mayor was just that a mayor. Meanwhile he had production facilites all around the galaxy. Even if mayor decided to take negative action against the company, he always had the abality to simply move the HQ.


He turned to look at Piccolo aqfter many hours of computer work.


"Yea I am done here for now, though those shares and most of my other assests are still missing. WHat I have done is a bandage attempt, until later when I can fully fix the damage that has been done to me. So what comes next?"

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Piccolo was not comfortable here. He did not like to be in places he was unfamiliar with. It left him vulnerable. The hunter was careful to keep an eye out for anything unusual before Slicer spoke.


"If you are satisfied, I have other things I need to be doing. This is where we will part ways. I will ensure you are a part of the Black Sun as long as you do not harm any of its members or do anything foolish."

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"In other word, don't track down the bastards who tried to do this to me and kill them."


He paused for a moment. Returning to the computer he made a sudden group of jobs, designed to do what he would not as the new president of the company. He also sent off a few comms in order to prepare for a certain eventuallity, while sending off others to get the ball rolling for other individuals..


"Fine, I will not harm any member who doesn't come after me first. I will even exlude the sudden recent attacks on my assests. Starting now, you will all have a blank slate. Even though I am still missing untold amounts of money."


He strapped the a-280 rifle on his back.


"Well I guess we shall both take our leave of this world, for it is time for me to sort through some things."


Leaving the computer after having a custom made ship ordered and set to a different location, he made a motion toward the door.


"Since we are both leaving at the moment, I might as well walk you out to the landing pad."

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Piccolo nodded and walked with Slicer to his ship. Piccolo was glad this had gone off without any bloodshed. The bounty hunter was growing weary of this world. He longed for the days of Smash Daisaku and Ronet Farr. They would have put a quick end to all of this. Piccolo had not measured up to their greatness. Not yet anyway.


"Be careful. If you get yourself into danger, I will help you. But don't get yourself into danger."


With that, Piccolo entered his Firespray and headed for hyperspace.

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Two operatives sat in the break room of the Droid Production facility, smoking cigaras in the remaining time they had for their lunch break. One looked out the window to see Slicer leave the facility.


"Hey, was that Slicer?"

"Yeah. He came in mumbling something about documents and them letting him take over the facility."

"That doesn't make any sense."

"Nothing he does makes sense."

"What about the military presence, and, ya'know, the fact that #2 has taken over the facility and installed himself mayor? Did he completely ignore the staff?"

"I believe I already covered this. Nothing he does makes any sense. We've been instructed to ignore him."

"Oh, so Mortati's still in charge, and the facility is still in Black Sun exclusive control?"


"Score. You wanna catch an Ape fight when our shift is over?"

"Uhh, duh, yes!"


The two shared a high five, then went back to their smokes.

Hail Daisaku!


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  • 8 months later...

Orders were suddenly sent down that ended in two parts. Thanks to them two beautiful things happened.


It was stunningly swift and just. After wrestling control in legal manners, and letting time and the case build, as well as ousting the mayor and installing his own version. There was quite the purge of his system.


He had of course taken control of the place a while back, however he had let certain things slide, one thanks to his agreement to piccolo, and the second and most important reason was the eventuality needed time to prepare.


Despite the fact he had been control of these facilties for quite a while, he had left certain elements in place, to allow for a certain amount of leakage of movements and the like.


Now with a list firmly in hand Mr. Porter who had been personally hired by Slicer to run the company in his absence signed the order. Random explosions and berserker droid accidentally cause the deaths of many workers in the factories. All of them affiliated with Black Sun. A green moon was rising and the idea of a black sun had no place anywhere near it.


With the deaths of so many on his hands, he released the damage control statement, abdicated his current control over the company over to Slicer and retried with quite the healthy sum of credits that would not only allow him to disappear but, do what ever he wanted while doing so.


Meanwhile with the control of the company now complete in all aspects under Mr. Morex's control, the sudden activation of the special council was put into play.


The result of letting the black sun members live as long as they had, been to gain various information by tracking transmissions, raiding personal affects, monitoring movements, studying general body language, discovering coded talk, and observation how they ran such operations, despite the face Slicer was fully aware of how such operations were run.



The second and most important thing that happened was the sudden created droid prototype. In response to this new galactic threat and given what was known of the invaders so far, the special two part droid was suddenly put into production. Designed by Slicer himself, he planned to have it be quite the surprise. It was a droid that coudl easily double as a two part bomb. The blast-radius of a detonation in space was a full kilometer wide. It was actually desginated as a place holder. Each droid weighted over half a ton and were designed to combined with one other droid of it's type. While they wern't as big as a man height wise, they were indeed longer as they were built to resemble an insect. The reason why the were designated a place holder however was due to their highly refined durasteel and Crusader MK III armour that was capable of taking multible blasts, the small shield generator that could only be deployed when two of the droids joined together and it's blaster ports that were meant to be able to provide covering fire. It was like an Ant with spikes. Each one deployed in combat would be able to become mobile cover for the troops around it. When ever two of them joined, the shield generator would activate and mobility would stop. However, at that point it wouldn't matter because once joined they become a fully armed bomb. It was quite the droid if he did say so himself.

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  • 4 months later...

Reptilia landed at a check point and waited for the check to be finished. He needed to find 1 NR-1100 slicer droid, 2 3D-4 units, 2 Z-X3, 4 AP-2 units. Images of blood, the smell of death, the sound of an lightsaber igniting appeared in his mind. "All of the those people died because I wasn't fast enough, I should have saved them" he said in a whisper.

"The inspection is complete you can go now" the man said.

"Oh thanks"he mumbled.

Reptilia got up started walking around giving some nods to people who nodded to him. He wanted to blame someone else for what happened, he wanted revenge but that is not the Jedi way, Jedi are the keepers of peace and are the guardians of the people.


He noticed a suspicious man

"Hello, are you the one with the droids I need to pick up?"He inquired.

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"Okay so I need to go to Kashyyk, it doesn't seem to hard" He replied.

He thought to himself that it seemed weird that he didn't trust him since he is a Kel Dor and they are usually highly respectable.


Once everything was loaded up, he left not wanting them to think he would try to steal anything. He was a little nervous heading to Kashyyk so this was not going to be fun. He departed into hyperspace and was gone.

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  • 2 weeks later...

An evil transmission arrives for Slicer. A clerk, operating the machine, died while reading the printed commmunication, and his corpse collapsed, which struck another clerk, killing him as well. Two families are stricken with grief, and new drug addictions have been born, in trying to cope with this awful pain.


[Associate of the Illinois Mafia since November 2002.]

Member of the Four Horsemen

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  • 4 months later...

A rather special line of droids began production. The request being keep as a secret mostly off the books. Never the less, as the line began to go into production, surely some one some where remarked on how beautiful they would turn out to be.


-edit 1/9/10-


Another line of production started. These droids were walking bombs for the most part. Freeze proof and emp shielded, they were a mobile destruction unit, meant to bring your house down around your ears so to speak. Given their rather one time use ability they were made as cheaply as possible. It was a droid meant to be sold to governments to help in their war against each other.


Able to be stacked together with three being man high, these droids protected themselves with light cannon rounds, with a two forwards and backwards cannon. Four legs as well as treds on the underside help them move from place to place despite the terrain.


After the initial test, it was time for a field test before they would go on sale. As such a select number where shuttled off world, to be in the care of the company's owner. He would personally field test the droid, see what improvements where need or if it was time to approach respective factions.

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  • 11 months later...

* The ship Lost, comes out of hyper spaces, Dealer begins to com the space port of the planet, *


Dealer: My Lord we are coming out of Hyper space, receiving the landing permission now.


Jeng: Inform Slicer we are here.


* Dealer send a comm to Slicer *


Dealer: Sith Master Slicer, Lord Droga has landed. He is awaiting your orders.


* The ship touches down on the landing pad. Dealer, begins to unload the freshly brought weapons and supply's. Meanwhile Droga begin to load his battle armor and personal affects for Dealer to place out side. *


Jeng: Dealer place the Ship on full lock, send the codes to Master Slicers droid handlers, as they may move the ship as needed.


Dealer: Yes my Lord


* Jeng hands his bag to Dealer who loads it all on to a turbo lift, and awaits his Master orders. *


In all of the short amount of time so much has been done, are we fools to believe in this mission. Are we truly the righteous one here, is our cause just in the eyes of the galaxy. The truth is that it does not matter, we are all but drops in the bucket as it were, simple solders doing our masters bidding. We must wait !

The True Power lays in the Dark Side of the force only their is when you can truly be one with the Force - Sith Lord Jeng Dorga -

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Not even the darkest of shadows could truly compare with what slipped back into real space. Hands on the controls preferring to take manual control of the vessel was the being the galaxy at large currently called Slicer. By passing all manners of scanners and patrols was a matter of child's play for him. Not that it would have mattered. He owned this town, from the skyscraper tops to the foundations underneath the sewers.


At last he broadcast the codes for his landing, when he was but mere moments away from landing in one of his designated pads. As the hanger door opened for him, he brought the ship neatly to a stop. Wordless to all but one, he and the Imperial agent were soon disembarking from the ship.


Droids too and fro scrambled about in order to restock and refuel the ship. A fresh coat of his special paints were being applied. He had ordered it as such, for what he had in mind could take a while.


Quietly like two shadows stalking prey the pair made their way through back streets and alleyways, until they came to a rather respectable hospital. The pair soon walked past it, and entered a subbasement at a building down the block.


It seemed that the Imperial agent had a death wish. One he wished to make sure would happen. Slicer was more than able to provide the materials for such a thing. Moments later they emerged out of an elevator shaft were the good doctor was already there to greet them.


The procedure itself was actually quite difficult. It was no doubt similar to the same procedure that Han solo had gone through during his courtship of princess Leia. The idea was the same, fill the man's body with tiny little thermal detonators. The force of the explosion of these particular bombs would be enough to bring down a building. Naturally the room was a bit tense.


As the procedure was soon finished the doctor once cleaned rubbed his hands together.


"He will need a few hours of bed rest of course, upon which after he awakes it should be full operational. Now they are set to both your command though he does not know this, as well as his own personal dead man's trigger. This Imperial Knight Cathair Breslin is now his own walking, talking thermal detonator, with the trigger being a mere three seconds once his heart actually stops. Inform of that as you please."


The bounty hunter simply stood unmoving.

"What is the code for my own personal activation."


"Try not to curse, because it is Sith's spit!"


"Hilarious. Luckily I am a man of such high class."


He motioned to some o the hired help in the room.

"I want him in a grav bed and I want him on my ship. Doctor your payment has already been wired to you."


He moved away and went for the door. He now had other business to take care of.


Ysalmari pack on, one of six, he moved through the streets like a shadow. Sith were known to be violent when started so this was not the best plan in the world. Still he appeared seamlessly from the shadows to come to stand a few feet away from the Sith.


" Lord Droga" he began hopefully catching the man's attention.


"If you are ready my ship awaits. I shall have the droids load up your gear."


With a single hand motion however, he asked the Sith to follow him. Clocked inside of the sphere of influence of the ysalmari, the force would be forbidden to the bounty hunter, and like wise all detections and attacks with the use of the Force would be useless against the bounty hunter. Secretly this was all being recorded and even viewed in real time, though this knowledge was known to none of the parties present or involved on world.


"Darth Aversion come meet the team."


It did not take him long to lead the man through the city back to his own ship. The Hashasheen emissary dos quietly waited in its grandeur, the materials being loaded upon the ship, as well as three more of Slicer's custom manufactured mobile bomb units he was so keen on field testing for this mission. As soon as he entered, all beings in and around the ship were deam non-threats and were even given clearance to come and go as they pleased. For the most part the ship was ready. Now it was up to the team to get to know each other so he could get under way.

Slicer.jpgMy sig is my profile...


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* Few people could really, get along with types such as these. It matter not, first and forth most Jeng Droga was a Sith a fallen Jedi. Hardened of battle. At the moment his training returned to him, and sense out these people. This doomed crew, Darth Aversion had not fairy tales of what was before them . Death for some, battle for most. The chance to test mental and physical prowess, A test for the age's. The Sith lord entered the main chamber where the crew awaited for the last piece of the puzzle. *


Jeng: I'm Jeng Droga, Darth Aversion, Hand of the Emperor some time ago in my younger years. This is my droid Dealer a combat model. However, this is where the small talk ends. I'm here for my own means, and reason's. I will know none of you and may you command the force if you wish to impede on my path to glory and bloodletting, Now I crave a council with Slicer. May we speak away for these lesser beings if you please ?.


* His impression of the crew was cocksure, they were well aware of the risks they all faced. However did they know the pain that lays at their feet, the suffering they will see of the bodies that will be calling out for their Masters, and loved ones. Jeng needed none of it, he needed nothing but a worthy adversary so test is blade upon. Yet some touched him in side again, a spark. A strange feeling, that these people will be apart of him always. Confusing is the mind of the Sith, turmoil is the emotions of these awful beings......*

The True Power lays in the Dark Side of the force only their is when you can truly be one with the Force - Sith Lord Jeng Dorga -

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Overall the mission crew seemed a might squeamish. Once Leialla cleared the landing she postulated whether tailing Slicer would've been the best course, but again... She didn't care. So, taking a quick look both ways and only creating an initial stepping noise, Leialla shifted from the Wookie into a small bird like creature and began to tail Slicer and the imperial agent in a varying transition of small avian forms. Traveling from the dark pockets along their path so as not to draw too much suspicion and flying over periodically, but in practiced intervals to stray from abnormality. Leialla figured out later that there weren't many birds in Rodis city so it may not have been the brightest choice at the time.


As a bird she was limited to only a local visual; she could only peer through the window and as such her recognition of any procedural techniques were constricted. This didn't seem too much of a setback though because Leialla could tell that they were putting something in the imperial agent and judging how Leialla had an explosive in her head, Slicer's droids were proverbial walking bombs and the Slicer they coerced with was a droid, there was a high likelihood that now the Imperial agent was a tool for destruction.


Does no one expect to walk away from this mission? thought Leialla to herself as she flew back to Slicer's ship in wait. For an hour or two while the medical process was still progressing, Leialla changed into the Wookie once more and was now walking around and managing practical stunts in the form without fumbling horrendously. She could manage most melee weapons and even picked up a rather long pipe to practice with. Bow staves weren't really her forte, but she knew a few minor tricks and after a few minutes of trial and error could pull them off with little difficulty. However it was of interest to her to procure a more Wookie-like weapon; where she'd get a bowcaster here was unknown to her, but she definitely possessed an interest to duplicate the Wookie species' behavior in both technology and general mannerisms.


It was about the time she started reach this conclusion though that Slicer reappeared with a rather put off looking older humanoid; not as old as her, but it would take quite some time for either of them to reach her age and even then she wouldn't count on them living through the experience. Any of the organics anyway...


As soon as the man moved from his speech though Leialla got the feeling his words alone could prove colder than Hoth itself. Feeling a little immature though Leialla shifted into the SIth and made mouth movements in mock as the distance between the group got large enough to be safe. Then she transformed as quickly as she could back into a Wookie so as to continue getting used to her prospective form. She didn't have much time to do it and any time spent in any other form was as of now a waste.

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* Jeng felt the shape shifter, in this cold being. The poor thing was unaware of what it was it's self. Was it a man or woman, it mattered not. The nature of things were always dealing out in spades as it were. The fact that he was not on a suicide mission as were the rest, he loved him self to much to let the rest of the galaxy continue with out his presence it was unfair he thought. Yet, that could also be the Sith's undoing. Jeng came to be next to the Shape shifter. *


Jeng: Have you nothing true to your self, weakling. Do you hold nothing dear, that you change to what ever from fit's you mood. You are weak fool, until you sub come to the truth way of life and be your true from you can be nothing more then a weak fool. Be true to ones self is the ultimate weapon, not the force nor a light saber. These are tools we use to defend our self's from theses we do not trust. Be true, be powerful, you maybe survive the or deal yet worthless changer.


* The words held much weight, could the beast understand the meaning of it all ? *

The True Power lays in the Dark Side of the force only their is when you can truly be one with the Force - Sith Lord Jeng Dorga -

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"She changes to suit my purpose at the moment Sith Lord. Pester her not, so she can get as much practice As she can."


He motioned for the Sith to follow him aboard the ship to the cockpit. The droids four stacks of three lay unmoving and unactivated, simply awaiting for their one time mission to begin. The Imperial Agent had been transferred to the limited medical facilities located on the ship. There he could rest and recover for a while.


As the Sith lord wish to discuss business with him, and Slicer had to make sure the man was filled in on the plan, he did not sit down upon entering his cockpit. Instead he removed a datapad detailing the procedure in detail.


"What did you wish to speak about?"

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* The cockpit was orderly clean, simple thing such as these tell a great many things of a mans will and personality. Jeng for some reason felt he could trust this man. *


Frist and forth most, I bow to you Master.


*Jeng took a knee and showed his respect for the Sith, as it's important to show your respect of a follow Sith, even more importantly if he is above you in rank. Staying in the kneeing position Jeng spoke.*


Master, I thank you for granting me a moment of your time. The trust you have in me will come though in my fighting, this is a cause worthy of my life and I thank you for the challenge. I have but one request my Master, is that upon surviving this mission. Could you grant me a moment with the Lord Of the Sith. I wish to continue my training, Master.


* Jeng stayed down until he was asked to leave, not making contact with the Sith Master, yet not ignoring him either simply looking past him. As if a Solider looking past a drill instructor. *


What is thy biding, Master.

The True Power lays in the Dark Side of the force only their is when you can truly be one with the Force - Sith Lord Jeng Dorga -

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He raised an eyebrow at this request and looked down on the Sith before him.


"So be it. I shall arrange it, assuming you do indeed survive."


He paused momentarily then gave a small inaudible sigh.

"If that is all, let us depart then, it is time to begin this mission anew, I feel like the parts are more or less assembled."


He turned and took his seat in the cockpit, and began running through the preflight checks. As he normally did, every time he wasn't in a drastic hurry to get from point A to point b. He could have perhaps asked one of the others to do the physical inspection he planned on doing, but that would imply he trusted one of them. Plus it was always possible they had planted something to begin with.


Soon he left the ship to begin his inspection while others got settled.

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* Feeling the pride swell with in him, the power that could be at his side was unbelievable. However Jeng, could sense distrust in the Master. This was the way it was, at anytime he could be killed with out a second though. He was good, yet he was not that good. He was no longer in his prime, has was not as fast as he use to be. The years have truly shown him no rest. The moments of battle ahead of him. What wait does any one really no ? *

The True Power lays in the Dark Side of the force only their is when you can truly be one with the Force - Sith Lord Jeng Dorga -

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Leialla had nothing really left to do, she surmised as she stood around in the Wookie's form, looking at the fairly boring ambiance around her. She had practiced a fair deal in the form and was now able to perform almost anything she would normally on a different plane of balance. They weren't perfect flourishes mind you, but enough that she could pull it off if she really wanted to.


So, feeling a great deal of boredom and no desire to get to know the livid sass magnet and the imperial bomb, Leialla slumped back into the ship and fastened up for launch.


The mercenary wasn't motivated to do much else after checking her own supplies off in her mind's eye and by coursing a glance towards the back, so she dozed off for a bit and caught some much needed rest...


((I know it is short, but I am getting it in so the plot can move and I have nothing much else to say.... Sorry for the delay))

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