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A Guide to the Sith Order

Kakuto Ryu

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Note -- The following is for flavor and inspiration only, the roles are not enforced by the rules.


The Sith Order, our Brotherhood of the Sith, consists of 5 ranks and (starting now) 3 official character classes, to be adopted somewhere between the beginning of apprenticeship and the end of Lordship. The three classes are Sith Warrior, Sith Assassin and Sith Sorcerer. Each entails a different set of skills and specializations, and formal adoption of one will now be a requirement of achieving Sith Master Rank.


The ranks of power remain the same, with a few small exceptions. In order of least to greatest power, they are Sith Acolyte, Sith Apprentice, Sith Lord, Sith Master and Dark Lord of the Sith.


Table of Contents: (click an underlined item to skip to its post)

[*]Sith Ranks

  • Sith Acolyte
    Sith Apprentice
    Sith Lord
    Sith Master
    Dark Lord of the Sith

[*] The Dark Arts

  • Lightsaber Combat
    Clone Biology
    Mind War

[*]On Cybernetics

[*]Other Notes




7/9/06 -- New Force Art Added: Masochism

9/14/06 -- New Force Art Added: The Retinue

4/11/07 -- Force Arts Edited: Lightsaber Combat and Fear, Minor Grammar Edits, Class heads Updated


Please, to keep this thread clean I ask you not to make ANY posts in here, and instead refer all questions or comments to the Sith Public Forum thread, Here:



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Sith Classes:


Sith Warrior- This is the most basic class of Sith. The thoughts of a Warrior are quite simple. Kill, kill, kill. The Warrior is the battle tank, the workhorse of the order. Wielding the most extravagant and powerful weapons, the Warrior has by far the greatest combat prowess. Cybernetics are very common among Warriors, for one because the reckless abandon often puts them in fights they don't walk out of in one piece, and for two because many see them to be more effective and versatile than flesh.


This class is headed by Raynuk Montar.


Sith Assassin- This is the most cunning class of Sith. The Assassin is wise, and will use his mind to find the most effective and clever way of doing things. The Assassin will rarely lose a fight, he will only win less. He is subtle, quick, and elusive; dependant on faster tactics. He will use surprise attacks, stealth, illusionry, and, at times, seduction. The Assassin is a manipulator, and his mastery of the force is focused primarily on manipulation of the enemy's mind.


This class is headed by Exodus .


Sith Sorcerer- Also known as the Krath, the Sith Sorcerer is the backbone of the order. They hold the supporting roles, performing services for the body of the Sith. These tasks may seem menial, but in truth they are the most brilliant Sith in the Brotherhood. Their craftwork, whether it be in Sith Alchemy or modest engineering, is absolutely unrivaled. While they are not warriors in the most common sense, their weapons and armor act as an equalizer on the battlefield, and combined with their cunning and cold intelligence, they are a formidable threat. Krath can specialize in a wide range of knowledges, but most commonly alchemy, biology, engineering, and sith sorcery.


NOTE: The Sorcerer class is very strict about grammar and spelling. If you are not exemplary in both of these categories, don't even bother asking.


The Krath are under the command of Sheog the Mad.




Sith Trinities- A Sith Trinity is a new concept the order would like to promote. The Sith are now strongly encouraging team play. As such, the concept of the Trinity was born. A trinity would consist of one Warrior, one Assassin and one Sorcerer. They would stop working independently and instead function as a team. As the participants in each Class are somewhat unlikely to be even, it would not be absolutely necessary that all three members be of a different class, or indeed it have all three members.

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Sith Ranks:


New features concerning training are mentioned at length in the Other Notes Section.


Sith Acolyte (Formerly known as Sith hopeful)- You possess little or no knowledge of the force, but by pledging yourself to the service of your Dark Lord you have become an initiate in the Sith Order. The only thing that is expected of you is that you will remain loyal and have seen the SW trilogy. You may very well be used as a meat shield in battle.


Sith Apprentice- As a Sith Apprentice your first and primary obligation is to learn a strong foundation in force use and second to learn basic combat. Your teaching will come from a Lord, a Master, or an academy head, the variable being circumstance. You will learn:


Force Skills:(in approximately this order)

Sith Meditation- focusing hatred to command the force to do your will

Force Sense- The ability to use the force to observe and analyze what's around you

Force Strength/Speed/Jump- all the abilities inclusive in using the force as a means to enhance your own body

Lesser Force Manipulation- the ability to call the force and manipulate objects without use of your physical form, including force push, force pull, and so on, to a small extent (rocks, a single person, so on...)


Combat Skills:(in approximately this order)

Self Defense- All Sith should have a foundation in some kind of fighting style. This doesn't even have to be taught if your character was started with combat in mind, but if not assume that you will need to learn some bastardized form of Kung-Fu.

Weapons Training- You need to have basic proficiency in the use of blasters, pole arms, swords, and thermal detonators, which is yet another thing you don't necessarily have to go through IC, depending on how your character was formed.

Lesser Lightsaber Combat- Upon the construction of your lightsaber, which should be (ideally) the midpoint of your training, you must learn to use it in at least the most basic applications, like Form I, and be able to hold your own in a fight.


As a culmination of this, you will be issued a trial. Passing said trial will lead you to the next rank. Failing will mean you have to cover some subject again.


Sith Lord- As a Sith Lord you are now open to the deeper secrets of the force. Your force sense becomes stronger, and your understanding of your basic skills grows as the force whispers how to better use them. From now on your training is from yourself, the force, or from some kind of medium like a holocron or a Sith scroll. The Focus of this rank is developing your Sith as an individual. At this level you must select your character class, begin learning its relevant skills, and find your own way of doing things. Where you take your character from this point on will determine what skills you have, but there are some abilities that it is to be assumed that all Sith will have available to them. To learn more about class specifics, go to the Character class section.


Force Skills:

Greater Force Manipulation- the ability to call the force and manipulate objects without use of your physical form, including force push, force pull, and so on, to a large extent (boulders, a groups of people, ships, and so on...)

Combat Skills:

Moderate Lightsaber Combat- You can now learn more advanced techniques, and can be expected to hold your own against powerful lightsaber duelists. If you have any other lightsaber form you want to learn, learn it.


More free form than the Apprentice trial, becoming a master is done through a more spectacular display of your knowledge. This is going to be more class relevant, and should probably be given by somebody of the same class. Impressing your trial giver will lead you to Sith Master Rank, failing him will lead you back to Lordship.


Sith Master- Having gained a good mastery of all the aspect of the force, you are free too experiment and work on a style of your very own. Not many skills come with this rank, but they are all very powerful.


Force Skills:

Force Elements- The ability to use the force to generate a physical attack, the most popular of which being Force Lightning. Also available are Force Fire and Force Freeze

Combat Skills:

Master Lightsaber Combat- Your knowledge of lightsaber is near a practical peek, as you have mastered any styles you have cared to. Expanding on one or developing your own now becomes your primary concern, and your skill will only be matched by other masters.


For the most power hungry of the Sith, the test to become a Dark Lord is fairly simple. Challenge the current Dark Lord to a duel to the death, and if you win you go up a rank. If you lose, you die. Fun, yes?


Dark Lord- Dark Lord is a fun rank to have, because as the strongest member of the Sith you can reasonably obtain knowledge of anything in the SW play book with relative ease. Anything you don't know can be learned in a few posts.

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The Dark Arts:


The following is a list of the various subjects of study. If it is restricted to your class, that means you're able to do it, but unable to master it. Exclusivity means that it can only be learned by the indicated class, with no exceptions.


Lightsaber Combat -- Ascertainable by all Classes -- The mastery of the blade, this is among the oldest and most sacred arts in the Sith order. Through its many forms one can learn to wield the most important tool the Sith have at their disposal. Due to a Sorcerer's focus on the work mind, it will often take special equipment to even the odds.


Sorcery -- Sorcerers Exclusive -- A sort of ”œCatch All” for the greater arts of the force, Sorcery is inclusive of many masteries in which the focus is on pure force usage. To be a Sorcerer takes great willpower and unfailing dedication, as its deep power comes with a steep learning curve. Included in this (but by no means limited too) are such masteries as Pyromancy, Electromancy, Geomancy, and Necromancy.


Alchemy -- Sorcerers Exclusive -- A sinful practice, Alchemy is the science of perverting nature in favor of something marginally more effective. Known best for their mastery of the forge, Alchemists use the force to create weapons and armor imbued with unnatural properties.


Cybernetics -- Sorcerers Exclusive -- When you bones break, your flesh tears and your organs are scrambled beyond repair, durasteel will be there to compensate--so long as you have a skilled Sorcerer to apply it right.


Clone Biology -- Sorcerers Exclusive -- To put it simply, Clone Biology is the science of engineering life. Copying organisms is only a small part of the process, when indeed DNA reconstruction is what makes it worth while. Why have an army of the model soldier when you could make an army of that soldier; only nine feet tall, with two hearts and three lungs?


Retinue -- Sorcerers Exclusive -- Less of a force art than a privilege bestowed upon Sorcerers, this power entitles a Sorcerer to a developed NPC character to follow as an assistant and or bodyguard. This NPC is subject to the no OHK rule, and as such is a powerful tool. The exact nature of the NPC is undetermined, and can be as simple as a named Acolyte or as complicated as a nuclear powered monster. However, it is to be noted that your NPC will be forced to cohere to the standard rules for Player Characters, and will need to be approved on a case to case basis. Lords may have one member in their Retinue, Masters may have two. While you may not have more than your rank's limitation at a time, you may own as many as you like. If one dies, you may revive or replace it in 3 days time.


Mind War -- Restriction on Warriors and Sorcerers -- One of the Sith's most proud traditions is the art of invading another's mind. Finding thoughts, ideas, locations, intents in a mind, these are all things that the Sith can learn to do, but to change things in the minds of others takes a skilled Assassin. Deception, lies, false memory implantation, forced amnesia and total brainwashes are all known practices of the Master Mind Warrior.


Stealth -- Restriction on Warriors and Sorcerers -- To hide oneself in the shadows is easy. To remain hidden in to those looking right at--that is the mark of a master Assassin. Stealth comes from many methods, from dulling the senses of those you hide from to making it so that you don't produce a signal to sense. Masters are able to hide even their force signature from the minds of other force users.


Seduction -- Assassins Exclusive -- The desire to procreate is the oldest in the history of Man, and as a Seductress it will be your job to exploit this desire. While there are many tools at your disposal, your body will act as your primary weapon. Through the mastery of seduction can you coerce your foes into giving in to their temptations, even at the cost of their very lives.


  • NOTE: I say seductress because I dare say I've never seen anything I could count as a Seductor (which isn't even a real word) , and while I don't think anyone will likely ever try this, I'd still like it to be known that I wouldn't stomp out an attempt at a male version of this specialist. By all means, I'd love to see it tried.


Illusionry -- Assassins Exclusive -- Deception in it's post potent form, this branch of Mind War is the art of making your foe's mind believe in things it knows aren't true. Pictures and visions are the lesser of the Assassin's illusions. A true master Illusionist can make huge worlds of farce, and in the mind of those effected make it seem more real than anything else.


Fear -- Restriction on Assassins and Sorcerers -- As a Sith, fear is your ally. To strike fear into the hearts of your enemies is to weaken their resolve, shatter their concentration, and destroy their ability to summon the Light Side of the force. Though all Sith have a natural proclivity for causing panic, it takes a man who lives on the battlefield and has seen the greatest horrors to know how to truly break the morale of his enemies.


Masochism -- Restriction on Assassins and Sorcerers -- Among the darkest of practices taught by the Sith, Masochism is the mastery of pain. Rather than ignoring it, as the Jedi do, a Masochistic Sith will embrace it and use it to their advantage. Their pain fuels their hatred, giving them such resolve to finish their fights-particularly the ones where the odds are stacked against them-to suicidal extents. In times of where the battles are fewer and less epic, Masochists have been known to use devices to inflict pain on themselves.


Fury -- Warriors Exclusive -- To become the Avatar of Hatred itself is one of the most noble practices a Sith can undertake. It takes a mind that thinks only of war to manage this endeavor, which entails surrendering almost all control of one's body to the will of the Dark Side of the force. For it you gain strength, power, speed, and a relentlessness that will keep you fighting until you have no more limbs to fight with.

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On Cybernetics:


In Star Wars, it has been inferred that cybernetics (the replacing of flesh with machine) are intrinsically evil. As such, in the new Sith controlled galaxy we hope to make Cybernetics much more plentiful, as means of self improvement, a path to new game mechanics, and simply enough a new bit of interest in the RP.


Basic Cyberisation, which is STRONGLY encouraged at this juncture, would include having your brain equipped a sort of digital expansion. This involves a plug going in your neck, at the base of the skull, and some other wireless features. The idea is that the system can convert signals from your brain into digital commands. There are many benefits to this, including cybernetic ship control, powerful intrinsic slicing capabilities, a dedicated encrypted comm channel (which is more dependable than force messaging), a new way to back up your personality (say, if you don't believe in cloning, you can have your mind backed up on some kind of medium) and a gateway to all sorts of things I intend to implement shortly; including the new training methods.


Drawbacks are minimal, as the insecurities caused by this (say, somebody trying to slice your mind) are easily minimized. In general, your mind still remains analog, and because of this there will still be no commands or functions that can make you do anything. It's simply a way to transfer data, and allow YOU to make commands. In short, a mind hack would be next to impossible, and were it possible it'd probably takes weeks.


Beyond that, Mechanical limbs will remain our preferred way of recovering from an attack. The benefits are obvious for the creative mind.


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Other Notes:


New Training Method:

A new method has been approved by the Dark Lord, and will be replacing the traditional Academy. The new academy, which is to be based deep underground on Mechis III, will consist of two main realms--reality, and the training construct. Reality will be the same old thing, rooms with harpoons, stone temple, children arbitrarily running around for no other purpose than to be sacrificed by Sith, you know the drill. The training construct, on the other hand, is something entirely new.


For Sith who will undergo the surgery to have their brain equipped with the digital expansion, the ”œTraining Construct” will be accessible as a virtual world which mimics reality. THIS IS NOT THE MATRIX (though I won't lie and say the matrix didn't inspire it) and so you cannot assume the same rules apply, when in fact it'll be quite dissimilar beyond concept alone. The idea is that a fully cybernetic Master can upload his mind into the computer and create a virtual and independently run copy of himself. Then, he can leave to do his business while his mind copy (or Thoughtcast, as I'm calling it) trains the apprentice. This allows apprentices to be trained without interrupting a Sith's other duties, so even in wartime an apprentice with access to the Construct can still get lessons from his master. In other words, a master will be able to post being in two places; so long one of them is the training construct. Once the training is complete the Master copies the memories recorded during the training and updates his thoughtcast with the things he's learned, just in time for a real world trial.


New Galactic Structure:

To be completed. Ziost will be the new galactic capital, and the satellite worlds will be listed in a timely fashion.


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