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The walk was brisk and swift, and even though the pain shot through her face with every sylible she spoke, their talking did pass the time. It also comfortably distracted her from her feelings with Aidan. It was good what she did, right? Even with the pain? She could not know, and it appeared that this would be something that needed to play out. It was healthier that way, to take on the pain and the disgust. Face it head on. But for now they had an Imperial ort at least an Ex-Imperial to deal with. She clicked a button on her comm link, and the ramp of the Nubian designed starshuttle dropped down in front of them. 


The shuttle had been designed for a diplomatic team, so it had enough room for sixteen. Which meant the three of them could each have a separate cabin. 


She gestured to one of the refreshers to the imperial and sat down at the controls. Before they knew it they were off to space. 


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Calix Meus Inebrians

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