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Tarrian Skywalker

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During the trip through hyperspace, Solus and Stitch-Mouth sealed themselves away in one of the workshops, working diligently on Solus’ new form. Or more accurately, Solus worked on the form. Stitch-Mouth simply observed from a side of the room and provided details to any questions that the shard may have had. It was time for the droid to learn how to make his own chassis. 


To be fair, Solus preferred doing this one by himself. There was something intimate and personal about this chassis. Something about the fact that he was building his own, much like his lightsaber. He was pouring a piece of his personality into this chassis making it more himself then his current chassis was. 


Not that there weren’t difficulties. 


“Kriffing scrap heap!” Solus cursed as an explosion of sparks erupted. Solus turned and chucked a piece of metal across the room. It clanged loudly as it crashed into the wall and to the floor. Tear, who had been sleeping contently, jumped at the noise and growled at its master.


“Stupid wires and stupid clumsy fingers. everything here is so stupid! ”


Stitch-Mouth stepped forward and looked at the shards' handiwork and gave a glare. Several of the wires had been ruined by being plugged into a circuit board improperly, which had just been thrown across the room. With a stretch of a hand, Stitch-Mouth called the piece of technology back and placed it in Solus’ hand, and pointed back at the chassis. 


"Oh kriff off you overglorified mechanic." Solus waved the alchemist off


However, the point Stitch-Mouth made was not lost. When the fingers were too clumsy, the Force would do. This time, Solus called on the impossible geometries. His emotion emanates outwards, feeling around. His envy flared out as his thoughts drifted on the mission ahead. A rescue. A rescue of an ex-apprentice.  Slowly, the wires began to move and rearrange themselves.


Solus could see his wishes clearly in the moments of letting his envy grab and rearrange the pieces of spun and flat metal. This ex-apprentice they were rescuing presented an odd opportunity. The envy flared from the fact that Akheron had another apprentice before the Shard. 


Suddenly Solus stopped and turned towards the closed door. Stitch-Mouth stood up straight as Solus began to talk.


“No no, you don’t understand, I know what I am doing…” Solus said, waving his hands towards the darkness. “If I simply kill this apprentice, I will no longer be Akheron’s apprentice…” Solus suddenly stopped and covered where an organics ears would have been. “No no no, not like that. Just simply think what i think…”


What i think


Stitch-Mouth raised an eyebrow. But he let the shard continue talking to its invisible thing. 


“Yes, exactly. My envy can be unified in this mission. Rescue will prove his weakness, and make a debt. A debt i will collect to satisfy another target of my envy. After all, i deserve more, don’t I?”


Deserve more, don't i?


Solus turned back to his work, muttering all the while. 


“But i won’t be able to help unless this is done. So go away, and then it'll be easier for… aha! There we go!”


Solus turned to Stitch-Mouth and presented the body. Its head had been completely reworked, with removal of several logic circuits and replacements of other important pieces. And now, its head had a gaping cavity in it to house a small Shard. After a quick overlook, the alchemist gave his approval and gestured to the empty shell of a chassis. It was time to claim a new body. 


Solus locked his joints, held his head over the empty cavity, and gave a sigh. Slowly, the head opened up, revealing the glowing crystal inside, its lines already spinning in a perfect circle. At first it only nudged itself upwards out of head, but once it had jumped out, it only drifted slowly down into the SP-4. In his research of this chassis, Solus had discovered that the SP-4 was a type of analysis droid. He had hoped that this new chassis would provide him more sensory advantages, as well as a more inconspicuous body that would blend in anywhere it went.  


For a moment, nothing happened. Then the chassis erupted with life, jumping up to its feet on the workshop table. 


“Ahahaha! Brilliant! Ah, I am truly brilliant!” Solus laughed through his new vocoder. “Oh so brilliant! So many new details! Oh my! Its like another ascension!” 


Solus jumped off the table and looked around the room, finally resting his sensors on the alchemist. Several times he flipped the sensor enhanced built onto his head down and up, much like an elderly man would adjust his glasses. It was as if to confirm what he was seeing was true.


“I never realized you had so many scars on your neck. Fascinating. And your veins...my how they've been bulging lately to be stretched that thin. No matter. Tear! Get over here please..."


Solus snapped his new fingers, indicating Tear to come. Once done, he jumped onto the hound's back, much like a child riding a pony. His much smaller and lighter size proved weightless for the muscular hound.


"Come! By my estimates, we should be arriving soon, and i want to be on the bridge when we do so!”


Indeed, for at the moment Solus, atop of Tear, stepped foot onto the bridge with the alchemist  in tow, the ship arrive at Ziost. 


"Ah what a glorious place, is it not? Is this everything you were hoping for Calypso? Master Akheron, you said it was destroyed? it doesn't look that bad to me. but then again, maybe i need to recalibrate me new sensors. It can take time to get used to a new body."

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As the ship broke out of hyperspace over the Ziost, Solus’ chassis powered back on. The trip took enough time that Solus was able to mediate and recharge, something he had not realized he missed doing since before the Hellvault. 


“Ah, what a glorious sight to see!” Solus exclaimed as rotated all of his joints, making sure nothing got rusted shut. “Truly a beautiful sight to any glorious Sith, yes? Yes yes."


“Although…” Solus leaned forward in his pilot’s chair and adjusted his visual sensors as he got a better look. “It would be a worthy place for a Sith to build a throne. And I did swear to have a planet of my own, did I not?”


Solus tapped his metal appendages on the seat in thought for a moment before raising his hands above his head. 


“Bah, too obvious and too much hassle. I’d have to be emperor first, and no one wants that trouble right now. Leave that to whoever wants it, I’d rather have a jewel someplace more… populant. Is that the right word, populant? Eh, who cares…”


Solus looked at the ships sensors and squealed slightly in delight. “Oh, it seems the Linnorms are already here. How delightful, they can take care of the bodies. And my master will get to see the fruits of my labor.”


At this, Solus began the process of land the ship. Finding a landing zone was surprisingly difficult. It seemed the planet wasn’t fully colonized, at least according to his ship’s sensors, and the scanners were showing unstable terrain in numerous locations. Only after a while did Solus decide on a landing location. 


“That temple looks fresh enough” Solus commented as the small vessel made its way through the atmosphere. The HWK-290 was a sturdy enough ship to handle the snowfall. Unfortunately, the Shard  did not have much experience with atmospheric conditions. Solus found out quickly that flying in space was easy compared to planetary conditions. In space the worse thing you had to worry about was other ships and solar storms. Winds, falling snow, air currents, all these things played a much bigger role than Solus first realized as he was forced to land the ship in a method anything but gently. The term other, more seasoned pilots would have called the landing was a ‘sliding stop’. 


“How in the Force did that Devaronian make it look so easy?” Solus wondered outloud as he stepped out from the slightly dented vessel. He looked over the damage briefly, concluding that it was still flyable. “Probably had some kind of secret droid helping her. Eh, oh well, happy landings all around. Now let's see, that temple was in…that direction, yes? Ah ha ha, i can sense it!”


Solus made his way through the falling snow, much like a child would: clomping forward, kicking the snow in front of himself. Given the short stature and inability to actually feel the cold, it wasn’t that sufferable, but it wasn’t enjoyable either. The custom valachord on his back did slow him down after all. 

However, the sound of combat made Solus pick up his pace. Racing forward, he was surprised to find a large beast fighting a Tsis. 


“Master? No no, too small…” Solus said outloud as he observed from a distance, adjusting his sensors to see the fight better. It took him a bit, but he slowly recognised the Tsis as the newest apprentice that was at Naboo. Solus nodded as he observed the fight. The pupil was growing, but where was his master? It was only then did he see the others. 


“Ah! Lady Calypso!” Solus shouted when he noticed the Sith Lord. Ignoring the fight, he made a dash forward, eager to see someone again who wasn’t trying to kill him. 


“Lady Calypso! It is so good to see you again!” Solus greeted the woman. “I must say, is that your temple? It radiates your…essence.”


Solus bowed slightly at the hip before the woman. “Surely you remember me, Solus the Ascended? The Abomination in your own words?”

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Though he tried not to show it, Solus felt the waves of power flowing off of calypso, directed towards him. The winds of here on Ziost paled in comparison to the winds that Calypso generated in the Impossible geometries. It was like an inverting polytope in the impossible Geometries, rounding its edges to become more impossible. Mystical, and deadly.


But try as he might, Solus did show that he felt the power that was almost directed towards him. An instinctual flinch, with the chassis pausing momentarily to bring its hands up in a mock surrender.  Solus was finding that his best defense was pretending to be harmless. 


“Still an abomination, Lady Calypso, but a contained one for the most part.” Solus started. He lowered his arms and adjusted his sensors again to account for the distance he had covered to approach the Sith Lady. 


“But a little more if you must know. A sojourner of the realms of Madness. An explorer in the unknown darkness. Why, I am now a surveyor of the furthest edges of reality But more than that, a servant to the Empress, like the Temple of the Spider offers.”


With this, Solus pulled a small datapad from his side and presented it to the lady. “I have been tasked by the Temple to present their location and transmitter code to the, and I quote, ‘Ruler of the Sith, and only the Ruler of the Sith’.  And your beacon of power, which has only grown since Corescant my fair lady, is mounting proof.” 


Solus stopped and adjusted his sensors again, looking towards the treeline. “Oooh, I see more beings approaching! Could my master be here finally? No no, I see the glint of metal. Ah, another lady I see!  


Having pointed out the individual @Krath Inmortos, Solus faced Lady Calypso and bowed again. “I follow your steps for now my lady.Or do you need someone to keep track of your apprentice?” 

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Upon the approach of Akheron, Solus first stared. Adjusting his sensors, he said nothing at first, his usual flair of dramatic honor replaced by an eerie silence and calculations as cold as the snow around him. For a moment in the Impossible Geometries, Solus himself seemed to shift slightly, his own shapes congealing and liquefying erratically. 


 But after a pause, his nature seemed to return, covering over the silence with more, almost maniac, energy. 


“Ah! My great master, Lord of Rage, and Ender of Entrails, it is wonderful and inspiring, nay, invigorating to be in your presence again” 


At this, Solus did his usual exaggerated bow, arms outstretched like some dancer concluding a performance .


“Your presence befuddled me, for I did not sense it on the ground, though that is probably because of our fair lady here. But now that I see you, I do sense the growth in you. I’m sure the Fanged one himself smiles with this revelation, as I know he did with my discoveries. The Temple of the Spider is truly a most worthy discovery for us all.”


With this, Solus strode towards his master’s side, and upon seeing Dictum, stopped momentarily to speak


“Darth Dictum! So  good to see you again. Did you find what you were looking for in the library, blind one? Did you find sight of what you sought? I certainly have. I have found sights that would make all other sights meaningless.” 


After this, Solus then took a step behind his master, waiting to see what Lady Calypso would do next. He also kept glancing towards the armored woman, who had been approached by someone. Adjusting his sensors again and again for the distance and the snow, Solus couldn’t help but ponder silently. 


However, a chuckle escaped his vocoder as the Lady’s newest apprentice snarled over the howling winds. It seemed that all of his master’s species were inclined to rage. No wonder Korriban was such a place that it was. 

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Calypso’s words struck several very specific chords within the Shard. A person who technically was older than they looked, claiming a new birthright. A rage at how things had not changed. And most of the declaration of the Sith being gods. Solus’ own visions before his ascension led him to declare Jedi and Sith to be deities in their own right. And here, this new claimant of the title of Lord of the Sith, echoed the words that he had spoken once. 


Solus even felt giddy at the lady’s end goal. While he doubted her on Coruscant when she was resurrected, here his soul wanted to sing. Her declaration of plunging the galaxy into pure, unbridled chaos, where strong ruled the weak, appealed to every fiber of his being. He could foresee the Fanged God’s final meal take place in the state she desired. The end of all life ever. The annihilation of existence. 


Solus’ blade twitched at his side, as his giddyness suddenly transformed into the pure, unadulterated envy. The crystal inside, made from his very essence and envy, called to him, and the whispering horror inside himself burbled words of destruction. He should’ve been the one to come up with the idea. That should be his idea. Why should this nobody from an unknown time be able to just pop up and describe HIS dreams? 


The ground that shook and opened forced Solus to stumble and regain his balance, nearly tumbling backwards. But even the force that flowed from Calypso could hardly stifle the envy that encircled the Shard in the Impossible Geometries. 


The little Shard’s hand even started to drift towards the handle, when he stopped in realization. What in the name of the unholy madness was he thinking? Challenging this clearly powerful lady to a duel, even as she accepted any challenge at the moment? A woman who, just with pure emotion, cracked the very ground he stood upon and moved the air? No, that was no way for an Assassin to do it. Not one of his lowly calibur. If he wanted to kill her, he would need to do it in other ways.


Solus glanced at those nearby and thought. The lesson of killing the Acklay with traps flashed in his twisted memory. Solus had already pledged the loyalty of the Temple of the Spider. Calypso wouldn’t expect  the Shard to attack. If someone else challenged Calypso, perhaps he could join in when unexpected and kill the Lady where she stood. But who would actually challenge her? 


Solus’ gaze settled on his master. The Lord of Rage. An ideal tool to use, if done correctly. 


“Master, this is our last chance to see this Sith to prove her worth…and yours” Solus whispered, careful not to let others overhear like back at Naboo. “We have both grown, but where is your proof? Does not the Fanged God demand trial by combat? Prove to everyone why either you or her should rule. Anyone can move the earth, but you… the skills you have are beyond exception. Show her that power I saw on Faleen, the power that made me dedicate myself to you and our deity. Demonstrate the rage of Korriban. Show that the Lord of Rage is not just an empty title, but a moniker for your magnificence. ”  

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Solus’ voicebox screeched its ear-piercing screech as the crystalline being inside the chassis was slowly crushed. Like a human having their brain crushed, so did Solus have his. The pain experienced by the Shard was beyond description. The Impossible geometries shuddered around him, twisting and conjointing into newer, uglier forms, with their sharp contrasting colors simultaneously intensifying while muddling together.


It was in this moment, where thought could not exist, did the thing inside feel its restraints loosen. 


Even as Solus fell to his knees gripping his head, the thing burpled and reached out. Nothing more than a figment in the Force made visible, its tendrils and legs reached out and pulled itself on empty air,  until several unblinking, bulbous eyes revealed themselves on top of mandibles and fangs. Vaguely spiderlike, the thing hissed at the world around, until the Force Crush stopped. Then, it simply wasn’t there, as if it had never existed. 


Solus, picked himself up, and didn’t look up at his master. His hatred refused to allow him to do so. Instead, he kept his head down and simply stated “Yes master” and turned away. 


At the start of the duel, Solus did not perk up visually, when in actuality he was pleased. To have Innmortos, even in his newer, younger form, challenge Calypso presented a win-win situation. If he won, Calypso would be humiliated and brought low, taking attention off the Shard’s failure. If Calypso won, well, Solus greatly desired to see the necromancer fail over and over. 

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If Solus could have rolled his eyes, he would have. If the Shard’s chassis was capable of giving a glare he would have. However, instead he was restricted to giving his master a look as the words fell. 


“I haven’t made a mistake, master. I simply haven’t discovered as much as I needed to know. Besides, I have already learned much from the consequences. As well as these two combatants. Behold! They both fear the same thing every mortal fears. The Fanged God.”


“Well, maybe not him specifically, but they certainly fear Death.” Solus corrected himself, shrugging slightly. “Look at Calypso. She was frozen and restrained for countless centuries, and when she awakes, she finds nothing the same. So her very first desire?”


Solus gestured to the battle. “Become Lord of the Sith. Establish herself as something grand. Become immortal, like the Spider and Empress before her, and establish what she hopes is an eternal, chaotic rule over the galaxy. Have to admit, galactic chaos has beauty to it, but I wonder how long that may last?“


Solus knew that this information was a stretch, relying on what he gathered so far. He could have been wrong, but even as the words left his voicebox, he felt like they were true, and thus, he believed it to be true. The Madness in some corner of his mind gurgled in approval. 


“And for the necromancer… well…” Solus pretended to scratch an invisible chin, pretending to be in thought. In truth, he was wondering how well he could annoy Innmortos’ newest apprentice. 


“His motives are less-than-subtle. I mean, what kind of mad-man seeks control over death? He has to prove his control by sacrificing his body over and over, just to show the galaxy he can come back. Even I, a lowly apprentice, killed him once. Makes one wonder what state of mind he has to be in to make decisions like ruling the Sith…”


Solus then glanced upwards and at @Bernon Mrrgwharr and held up his hands in a tauntingly apprehension. “Not that I doubt he chose well in wishing to train you, oh young one! Surely he must still be sane enough to see raw talent! Perhaps when he falls here, you will be allowed to see his corpse return to life, something none of us have seen” 

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When the spirits attacked, and his master gave the order, Solus at first froze in thought. Exactly what was his master expecting him to do to the ethereal? What would be something that he could do that wouldn’t be better then a lighted blade? 


Solus didn’t get much chance to think, as several spirits rushed at the Shard. Despite holding a robotic chassis, the things could sense the life within. Much like Tear when they first met, the spirits knew where Solus’ ‘heart’ was. 


Solus first ducked under the first spirit that charged, and rolled out of the way of another. On all fours, Solus barreled through the snow and the spirits clawed and snapped at his heels. 


“Come on, think think think…” Solus stated to himself as he stopped and suddenly jumped upwards, dodging over another barrage from the ghosts. Much to his surprise, his training at the Temple of the Spider was already paying off. His training of ‘losing’ the rules of the galaxy had helped him learn the importance and skill of dodging and moving. 

But it was a temporary solution. The spirits didn’t tire. They didn’t exhaust themselves. They were lifeless things focused on nothing but death of everything around them. 


Solus gave a glace towards the battle between Inmortos and Calypso. Solus memory flashed to the planet the necromancer had so easily let die. All those people that he chose to eliminate for no reason. All those under his command, like these spirits. 


The Impossible Geometries around Solus shuddered. Solus faced the attacking spirits and opened his hands at the charging things. The clouds of rage in the Geometries swirled around the attackers. The lines of envy dashed and began to bind themselves. 


The spirits rammed themselves into the Shard, but never touched him. Pushed back several feet, Solus slid but kept his digits focused on the now ball of death before him. Ethereal skulls snapped and bit out at the shard, claws swiped and clawed, but could not reach him. 


“Not fair, these should be mine! I should have these, not him!” Solus declared. The lines of envy tightened. The spirits squirmed in pain. The thing in Solus burbled excitedly. Solus, without losing his concentration, opened the scomp link in his hand and thrust it into the ball of death. 


In the Impossible Geometries, the lines of envy shuddered and opened up where the Scomp link entered. Like a syringe inserting medicine into a patient, so did the scomp link insert the Madness. Its gory, pussy, blubbering glory quickly squirmed and wriggled  into the chaotic shapes that were the spirits and began to spread amongst them. 


Solus released and sent the spirits hurtling. The ghosts crashed and squirmed around on the ground, clawing at themselves like men with horrifying migraines. Inside them, the Madness infected the three spirits like a rabid virus, feeding on the Force that connected them to this realm.  Solus had recalled one of the stories that the Temple of Spider adored. They called it 'that Between the Force'. Here, Solus had pulled an idea from the story and inserted his own version into the spirits.


Their ethereal gaseous heads began to leak bulbous, wax-like flesh, shining with an almost radioactive glow. With their connection to the Force now tainted and corroded, the spirits couldn’t see or act normally.  They saw everything in a different manner. Anything that moved for them was alive. And being the undead things they were, they needed to kill it.


Including each other. 


Solus began to laugh heartily as the three spirits began to fight amongst themselves. As quickly as they turned on each other, they then separated and began to attack the other, unaffected spirits around them. Ghosts fighting ghosts, they had completely forgotten about the Shard that had affected them. 


“Oh that is much more fitting!” Solus laughed. “See master? See how I, the great and ascended Solus, don’t need to kill? I am too great for these peons! I make them kill each other!” 

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Solus almost clapped at the final demonstration of power Calypso did at her victory, While he hated the fact that the necromancer had not done more damage to the now Empress, he rejoiced in the fact that the Necromancer was once again bested. No doubt he would regenerate on his own on some far flung world, or even back on that blasted heath of Aaris III. 


True, it meant that Solus would have to endure the Necromancer’s words of annoyance further, but that also meant that the opportunity to kill the necromancer permanently was still in Solus’ future. 


His master’s words to the no-doubt lost apprentice confirmed his thoughts. Once rejoined with him, Solus bowed before Calypso as well, and offered his own confirmation of servitude. 


“Great Ladyship, forged from a time forgotten, may your goals and the goals of the Spider always align. And when they don’t, may our passions make us both stronger still!


Solus suddenly had an idea come to his head. This situation presented an opportunity, if played correctly. Solus turned to his master once done with his pledge. 


“Master, a thought…” Solus chided in, while gesturing to . “This apprentice’s master once gifted me the opportunity of blood and learning. Why not gift him one as well? Teach him one of your enlightening lessons on Aaris III with his master’s approval, and in the mean time, allow me, your newly humbled apprentice, to regroup and rejoin some of our forces. I do recall a certain assassination plot on Faleen that might require some further investigation. Our people may require someone like the Dragon to establish some order among the ranks."

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For a moment, a wave of hatred came off Solus in the Force. However it was only for a moment, as a wave of mutating madness rippled on the Impossible Geometries. The things that had latched onto the spirits had returned to Solus’ mind, and in the process, brought something to him.


“Oh shush shush, yes I understand, but now is not the time.” Solus started to coo as his hand went up to his opposing shoulder to stroke something not there. “Yes, yes, darkness comes in many forms, but for now I listen to master. ”


If Solus was trying to be secretive about what he was saying, he certainly wasn’t trying very hard.  He was loud enough for everyone to hear. 


Solus glanced towards the newest apprentice @Bernon Mrrgwharr. “Oh that's right, you can’t see it. I forget that I am the only one here trained in something more…exotic. Here, new one, let me enlighten you…”


For a moment, Solus focused on the Madness inside of him and directed it. His lessons at the Temple already started to bear fruit, as the hallucination was now being given an ounce of life. A step towards performing the Ritual of the Wyyrlok, this ability held no malice. Solus only wanted to let the new apprentice see what Solus saw. 


To Bernon and only Bernon, if he chose to not strongly resist, he would see the thing on Solus’ shoulder. The Rat-like thing was almost hairless, its skin covered in warts and glowing pustules. Its tail splitted into several ends, wrapping tightly around the Shard’s chassis so its hands could scratch its head. Instead of a face with teeth, under its 5 glowing blue eyes was a mass of tendrils, with a singular human finger poking out, being chewed upon. 


“Isn’t it amazing how many times a master can fail and yet remain a master? What wonders will they show in failure I wonder?” the thing asked as it devoured the finger. 


“Alright, back home you go…” Solus ordered, not breaking his gaze or focus from Bernon. The thing, under Solus’ command, quickly swallowed the finger and climbed onto Solus’ head. Once atop, it seemed to squeeze and shift its body as it moved unnaturally through the cracks of the chassis. Once it got inside completely and out of view, Solus looked away, the ritual complete. 


“Come, come, let's not keep my master waiting.” Solus turned and began to follow his master. “Hopefully Falleen will be alright without my attention.”  

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