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Astrographical Information

Region: Outer Rim

Sector: Myto Sector

System: Dubrillion System

Orbital Position: 4 (shared with sister planet Destrillion)

Moons: 1

Grid Coordinates: L-17


Physical Information

Class: Terrestrial

Atmosphere: Type 1 Breathable

Primary Terrain: large oceans, small grassy continents

Points of Interest: Dubrillion Aquarium, The Belt


Societal Information

Indigenous Species: none

Immigrated Species: humans

Primary Language(s): Galactic Basic

Faction Affiliation: Black Sun


Defense Rating: n/a


JediRP Canon History: …details to come…


Old description in spoiler:

Dubrillion has beautiful oceans and lush-green continents, framed with fluffy white clouds. Dubrillion was Lando Calrissian's main base for his asteroid operation and housed many luxury suites and grand cities. An imperial base once graced this planet as well, long ago during the times of Palpatine and his war with the rebels. It lays in the Outer Rim, far away from the bustling activities in the Core Worlds.


Recenty, Smash Daisaku has researched various systems and discovered Dubrillion as an ideal location for his organization's expansion.


First post to Black Sun.



((Summary compiled by Amidala Skywalker. Thank you!))

"When in doubt, Get the Hell out!!!"

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Two Black Sun operatives, one a "third hand man" entered into the planet none solely as Dubrillion. Dubrillion was a very civilized, yet very quiet place to stay. On the data-pad, that Smash's püssy cat kindly handed Vandren, had the coordinates, and specs of what each and every base that he wanted. It also had side-notes for what was already in the process of being built. As of right now, the Fleet's garage was the only thing that was fully finished; the headquarters were being built as he spoke.


As they grew closer to the planet, the ships landing gear exited their specific hatches, and with a soft thud they landed on a landing pad, a landing pad only made for Smash, or Luthis. One that would lower into the ground, one that held slaves to clean his ship day and night so that it was spotless. It was also a mechanic's depot of sorts, if you brought the piece of hardware you wanted installed, you would bring it here, and all would be solved. They had a paid mechanic there at all times.


As the window opened, Luthis filed out, his armor clinging to the metal of the underground depot of Dubrillion. Heading for the lift, Shadow and Luthis moved farther upwards. The bright sky of Dubrillion glistened on Vandren's visor, he growled, and activated his tinted visor, as it slowly took away most of the light that entered into his helmet. Moving into the hanger, a very large hanger, he nodded in approval.


"Very nice my slaves, very nice. When the ships dock here, I want you to be in a very good mood, and ready to get washin'. I will not tolerate any spec of dirt on my vehicles, if I spot a speck of dirt, you, your brother, your sister, and mother will all be killed in public execution. Do we all understand?"


The heads shook up and down, as the skinny, and bulky men, women, and children headed back to work. They did their final chores to ready themselves for the incoming fleet, sweeping the dirt off the floor. Making sure everything was spotless, before approving anything.


* * *


As the day grew on, Luthis began to walk the steps of the near finished HQ. All the rooms were done, just the final touches on the upper walls, and beds. It was excellent. Moving to the seventy-seventh floor, he adjusted himself in his office. Paintings hung of the Ice-Moon of Nastarine, and other selected things from his past.


As him and Shadowfett walked, they came upon his office, fairly smaller than Luthis', but it was nice and large.


"Here you are your cot."


Luthis pointed to the corner.


"Your desk and other items are here, when you are finished doing what you need to do, meet me in my office."


Moving back to his office he opened a comm channel, one that he sent to the Black Sun.


.:Comm to Smash, and Piccolo:.

Luthis here, everything seems to be in place. The fleet and the headquarters are finished; all that we have left is the Slave Court. If you want me to do anything, just reply.

.:End Comm:.


Luthis sighed, and slowly drifted off to sleep as he waited for the comm.

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ShadowFett entered his office. It was nice, but needed some touching up. He thought that it was a little too plain, although he was not one for decorations. Still, he wanted something to help it out.


After thinking and searching, he found a good painting that depicted an ancient battle between the Mandalorians and the Jedi Knight during the wars. It was large, and he hung it behind his desk as the sole feature of the room.


Satisfied, he paused for a moment. It was incredible that suddenly Black Sun had a second base, and he had an office of his own. He was used to Black Sun being a smaller organization running of a single base on Coruscant, but now he realized that with Smash in command things would be different.


Fett walked out of the room and to Luthis' office as instructed.

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"Excellent, are you ready to work?" Luthis moved from his desk chair, to his desk, sitting on it quietly. As he sat, and looked up there was a messenger at the door that walked in. He moved fast, with his cheap skin tight clothes. Setting the letter that he held into Luthis' lap, Vandren snarled.


"So, you barge into my office, and give me a pathetic letter that your quarters are done--"


He saw the title which said. "Slave Quarters Finished"


"--what do you want me to do? I don't care of your pathetic lives, nor do I care about you for marching into my room, when I am having a conversation with another operative. And since you started off with me on a bad foot, you have no reason for staying here. So leave!"


The slave began to take off, but Luthis got up and charged at him. He pulled the shirt, and carried him back into his office.


"I meant that way." Luthis flexed his bones, as needles purged into his skin. Adrenaline flowed through his body as he picked the slave off the ground and above his head. He charged the window, and held on to the side of the slaves thighs, pushing him outwards towards the window. The window crashed open, the slave mid-way through.


"You will be the first to sleep in your new quarters, have fun!"


Luthis moved back to his desk, and sat in his chair, as he picked up the receiver.


"Hey Susie, Luthis here."


She went on with her hello, and how nice the building looks, and all of that regular talk. Moments later Luthis answered.


"I need someone to be sent up to repair the window. I had a little trouble with.. people."


"Ah, yes right away Mr. Vandren."


"Thanks, Suz!"




"Ah, sorry about that. I was wondering, would you like anything built while the slaves are at it. A dueling ring, a ship. Anything?"


Luthis sat back in his chair, and waited for a response from the operative.

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ShadowFett was a littel displeased with how Luthis treated the slave, but he did not say anything. The slave had done nothing wrong, and every life was worth something, no matter how insignificant. Fett had a strong set of morals, passed down through generations of Mandalorians.


He sat down and paused for a moment. "We could use a dueling ring. I, personally, enjoy training against other operatives when 'real' fighting is scarce. I may even want to fight you sometime, Luthis. It'd be quite a fun match," he said conversationally.


Now, converstaion wasn't exactly his strong point, but he was trying to become familiar with the reactions of his fellow operatives to any given comment or situation. So his words were getting more done than what the literally meant.


He paused, thinking about having some work done on his ship, but decided against it. Somehow, advancements just weren't the same when done by someone else. Besides, he kind of liked the battered and dirty look it had come to take on. Finally, he didn't want the slaves to continue to be mistreated on his account.


Luthis was an interesting fellow, but Fett really didn't know how long he had been with Black Sun or anything else about him.

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"Yes, I was thinking that also. I was also thinking that we could add a dojo of sorts, some weightlifting, you know, the usual."


Luthis smiled, as two workers came up from the stairs, knocking. He let them in, and said they could use any possible resource that they needed, but if he found anything missing, they would be in big trouble. Moving down the hall, he headed for the elevator, Fett following.


"I am going to get them ready with that, if you want to do anything, kill anyone, have a blast. I will be back shortly."


Moving out of the elevator, Luthis moved outside into the cool sun of Dubrillion. The breeze felt good, as it filtered through the creases, and thin spots of the suits. He never actually felt that cooling sensation, nor paid attention to it.


Luthis moved across the building grounds to the slave quarters. Entering into the rotating door, he headed towards the desk. The lady greeted him, and he responded.


"I would like for you, missy. To put a job in for these slaves, I would like for them to build a Dojo, with a nice size dueling ring, if that's not too much trouble."


Luthis took off his helmet, and held it with his fingertips. He smiled, as again the golden, sexy look wiped the young woman away.


"Ah, anything for you, you sexy beast!"


She snorted, and that was the end of Luthis' flirting spree.


"Right, well, I will talk to you later. And if you could, have them start that start that pronto!"


She smiled.


"Yes sir!"


Moving outside, he held the helmet at his side, as he went over to the small chair, and went for a little sun bathing for his face. It felt great, but the sun makes you very, very tired, just like Luthis was now. Which he fell to sleep in the first five minutes of lying there.

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OOC: I'm worried, Luthis. That post was rather full of...wishful thinking and such.


IC: ShadowFett watched him leave. He shrugged, not really knowing what to do with himself. He most certainly wouldn't 'kill someone' just for the heck of it. He was a respectable Mandalorian, not a heartless killer.


Ever since Smash and Luthis took over, Fett was starting to see the criminal and evil side of Black Sun emerge. Piccolo was by no means evil, but Smash and Luthis were seeming a bit corrupt.


But this was the organization Fett would serve. He would have to be driven to quite some extent to consider leaving. He was staying mainly for Piccolo, the only one who seemed to really appreciate how he had contributed to Black Sun.


Fett sighed and headed back for his office. He entered and sat, staring blankly at the wall before him. He needed some sort of moral boost--Black Sun was starting to thrive but in a way quite contrary to what he thought was an ideal organization. But it was still good...at least for now.

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Sitting up, Luthis put his hands on his head and breathed, it finally felt good to relax. He had been... busy in the past few weeks, going here, going there. But now, all he needed to worry about was the work that was going on, and making sure that everything was going on was supposed to be going on. Moving his feet from the side of the chair, he stood up, stretching and then began to walk. He put his other hand down to his helmet, and put it up in the air, and used his strength to expand the width of it to slide on easier. It felt so good, the padding, the air flow that was constantly on his face, he should wear the helmet all the time.


Moving into the slave quarters, he noticed not a ton of noise, which was good. That meant that they were actually working on their project, which was Luthis' best moment for the day. Moving back outside, he jogged to the destination of the new Dojo. He always needed exercise any way he could get it, he hadn't been doing much over the past few days, but he felt pretty good. Breathing in through his nose, he breathed out through his mouth. As he got there, he ran in. What surprised him was the look of the Dojo. It looked like... an older Dojo, which was new. The wallpaper was an off green, and brown, and it lined the finished Dojo, it looked pretty good.


Moving into the weight room, he went into the changing room, just to see what it looked like in there. It had a nice ceramic covering on the floor and wall. It looked nice, even the stalls looked "old". He moved into the locker room, and looked at the lockers, also an off green. He removed his helmet, but kept on the suit which he hadn't taken off since it had been given to him. He put the helmet in the locker, and walked outside to the weightlifting and other assorted machines. This was old fashioned work, and it made him happy that he was doing things different than his comrades.


He went over to the bench, and put one hundred fifty pounds on each side for a start. He called over one of the slaves walking around aimlessly.


"Hey bub, can you spot for me?"


He looked over Luthis curiously; it was only a boy, one that looked closely to his son. Luthis smiled, and answered.


"It won't take long, and, I will pay ya for it!"


The boy smiled, and moved over to the bench. Luthis closed his eyes, and lifted the bar, and its three hundred pounds off of where it held.

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After a few repetitions, he put the bar back onto the place holder and talked to the kid that spotted him. He felt actually safe when the boy was helping him lift the bar for the final time.


"Thanks for helping. Go into my bag in locker 117, and get the credit bag, it should have close to five hundred credits. All that is yours, enjoy."


Before the boy left, Luthis ran quickly into the locker room, grabbing his helmet, and putting it on. Exiting the locker, he moved farther up from where the weight bench was. He entered a large room, with four small mats on the sides, and one huge one in the middle. Stepping on to the hard patted floor, he looked around aimlessly. He felt in the back of his head that someone said they wanted a fight, and that someone was going to get one.


((Sorry for the crappiness of this post. I have to go!))

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ShadowFett headed down to the training arena to see if Luthis was around. He was still wearing his full Mandalorian battlearmor, as always, and it made him rather hot in the sun.


But he was strengthened by his training and did not let such trivial irritation bother him. His armor was comftorable and his face was kept cool.


When he reached the arena, he found Luthis there, apparently waiting. Fett took it that he had remembered the challenge Fett had issued to him and walked to the other side of the area.


"Hello, Luthis. Feeling all high and mighty with your new job? Good. I'm here to make it known that your position does not extend your effectiveness in combat. You name the game, and I'll play it. Will it be melee or fully armed combat?" he said coolly and calmly, his words measured and precise.


Underneath his helmet he smiled slighty and grimly. He was looking forward to the match Luthis was sure to give him. But the main point was for both of them to improve and perhaps one day be able to work together or alone twice as effectively as they had in the past.

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Luthis, realizing who his opponent was turned around slowly.


"I like fist fights, but I am not taking off my body armor, only my helmet."


Moving his hands to his head, he inserted them into the inside of the helmet, and gripped it hard. He moved his hands up, as the helmet slowly went off his head. Two strands of long blonde hair were situated infront of his face. Nodding his head, the bangs went on top of his hair, as it glared in the small light that was left. He started to circle, waiting for Fett to answer. Shadow stood in the middle, trying to get the correct words out before Luthis pounced on his rag doll body.


"So, what is it?"

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"So you expect me to do two things, one of them you know I will not do, and the other against my very nature, but overcomable," ShadowFett replied. "Firstly, I will not remove my helmet. I am not who you think I am. Secondly, you expect me to engage you without using any of the funtions of my battlearmor. That is against my nature, for I believe that ingenuity is the most important trait. Now, either choose a new form of duel or fight me with my helmet on."


Fett was expecting an attack at any second, and his fists were raised before his chest in a standard Mandalorian battle stance. He was extremely well trained in this area as was standard for Mandalorians, and he was as confident using his fists as he was with a pair of blasters.

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Luthis smiled, and went down to pick up his helmet grabbing it, he slid back on. He un-holstered his blaster and pointed it at Shadow.


"If you want it to be this way, then I suppose I could complete that."


Luthis jumped to Shadow, it looked like he was coming for his shoulder area, but Luthis rolled to the ground. Shadow was to slow to react, and Luthis managed to wrap his hands around Shadow's feet, and push, knocking him to the ground.


Something was wrong, but Luthis couldn't put his finger on it, it seemed that Shadow was fast in recovering. This wasn't very usual to see from someone, nor did he see it with anyone he ever fought. But he would have to improvise.


Rolling backwards Luthis jumped to his feet, as Fett got back up on his.


"You seem, well adapted to fighting my friend. What are you?"


While Fett was pondering that answer, Luthis pulled the sword that was stashed on his back. He moved it in front of his body, and started to circle Fett again. He moved in closer, as Fett with only his fists to protect tried to think of what to do. Luthis moved in to his prey. While moving his left leg high in the air, he also moved the sword to take Shadow's attention; it worked to a degree that Luthis wanted. He brought down the leg with shear force; the force busted the right knee to the ground. He didn't know whether it broke, or just pushed Fett to the ground, it still worked.


Luthis took the sword and held it to Fett.


"Let's see what you got."

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Luthis' foot slammed into the armor on ShadowFett's kneecap and his knee went down to the groud. Now on one knee, Fett used the position for a breif tactical advantage.


He swung out with his left foot, balancing on his right knee. Hooking the foot behind Luthis' own knee, he gave a yank and the man fell backwards. Then in one swift motion the Mandalorian rose to his feet and drew his own vibroblade.


Fett paused, looking down on the man before him. Luthis tried to attack with a wide swing, but Fett leaned backwards and the blow missed. In the split second of recoil Luthis was experiencing, Fett brought his foot down hard on his chest.


With a loud whoosh all the air left the man's lungs and Fett didn't even pause before sweeping his body with the flamethrower built onto his armor.

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Luthis rolled as the flame exited the arm where he had previously laid. He slithered across the ground, and put one knee down, and climbed back to his feet and started circling. He moved the sword in front and did puny swings, only to get Fett to move back or try to defend. Luthis backed up, one foot behind the other, Fett stood where he was.


Luthis held the blade at his side, as he stopped moving. He lifted his left arm, where his blade was, and threw it across his chest, and let go of the handle of the blade when it was in-front of his body. It moved with great speed, Fett readied himself as Luthis charged forward. Luthis, now a foot behind the blade jumped, his legs leaving the ground the second the blade spun violently past Shadow. Luthis put out his elbow as the padding and the armor in place of the elbow landed into the helmet of ShadowFett making him dizzy for a few seconds.


Within those few seconds, Luthis landed on the ground with his stomach and quickly pushed himself up as Fett came back to clear vision. Luthis took the chance and charged for the waist of the Operative, and pushed forward. His strength enhanced arms drove Fett to the wall; the wall shook and broke from the momentum of the huge Hunter.


The wall was filled with tubing and such that hit Fett hard on the back. That along with the ply wood, and other assorted metals that held the wall together. Fett slid slowly down to the ground, as Luthis pulled out his blaster and aimed it at Fett's head.


"Move and you won't have half of your brain."

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ShadowFett's jetpack took the blow, and he himself felt only the shock of impact, no actual pain. He smiled under his helmet as Luthis finally drew a blaster and threatened him with it.


He knew exactly what to do in this particular situation as he had had to do it before. Last time it had saved his life, although it didn't kill his attacker. That had been the first time he had fought the infamous Rane Scando. It hadn't been the last.


Now Fett repeated the maneuver and decided to add a little to it. It was considerably easier this time, as his armor had not lost it's power. Then, as quick as lightning, a pair of small thumb-sized grenades shot at high speed out of Fett's knee-cap launchers.


The explosives were impacting with Luthis before he knew what had happened. The shock wave tore through his armor and burned his skin. He would not die--his armor was still good armor.


But he was effectively on the ground unconcieous. Fett decided to drop the last part of the maneuver, saving it for later. He hadn't expected both grenades to hit Luthis.


Looks like I need to get you to the bacta tanks, Fett thought, lifting the body and carrying it to the conveniently near-by med center. The droids began to work right away.


Now, that was an adventure. I do not envy you the bacta bath, but I'm glad you learned something about fighting a Mandalorian today. Remember, ingenuity is success, he thought towards Luthis. He needn't have said it aloud, for Luthis could not hear him. He decided to write it down and have the droid give it to him for when he awakes.


Then, without another word, the dark warrior walked out of the room and returned to his office.

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Before the impact of grenades, Luthis smiled as he hit the ground and the suit did it's auto repairs on itself, while Luthis slept silently with the fishes. He moved out of the tank as the droid moved closer, he brought out his blaster and shot it at the head of the droid, exploding it instanly.


"I should have killed him, damn you Luthis, don't be nice, you ignorant fool." Luthis smiled, he was talking to himself.


He moved outside of the Dojo, and into the nice cold air. He sat back down on the chair, and waited until that moment for someone to visit. He was waiting for Smash.

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ShadowFett smiled underneath his mask. Another recruit for him to work up. He had already done it to a few--not only showed them how good they really were, but showed them their potential.


He was looking forward to have something to do. It would test him as well as the recruit, whoever it was. He accessed the Black Sun's files and found a name. Sal Paradise was the one being sent here.


Fett had also been given command of Dubrillion, seeing Luthis' current situation ((He quit RP, so I'm just going to leave what happened up to the reader's imagination)). He would use it far better than Luthis had, he promised himself.


Things would no longer be for his own pleasure, but for the good of Black Sun. All he needed were a set of orders to work off of. Fett walked out of his office and streched his legs outside, waiting for a ship to arrive with Sal Paradise, soon-to-be operative of the infamous Black Sun.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sal arrived at dubrillion feeling anxious. She was involving herself with criminals now. Maybe the desire to rebel was wearing off, a mere phase that meant nothing. She shook her head and sighed. This was the decision she had made a long time ago and she felt proud for following this dream....Proud and anxious.


Calm down, it's just the lack of sleep thats bringing up the doubt. Now, time to find ShadowFett.


She disembarked the shuttle clutching the card that piccolo had given her and began to survey her surroundings. Everytime she left the shuttle things looked so different. Dubrillion was beautiful and sort of tranquil. Paradise was glad that she would be spending time there, she needed to stay in one place for a little while after travelling so much. As she gazed at the serenity of dubrillion she wondered what she would be doing here.


She attempted to contact ShadowFett to announce her arrival. Once she was in the company of another maybe she would be less fidgety.

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ShadowFett saw a gleam of silver crossing the morning sky. He knew that Sal Paradise, the new Black Sun recruit, must have finally arrived. He moved towards the landing pad that she had been directed to.


The Mandalorian, clad in black battlearmor, found Sal outside her ship, fiddling with a commlink. He realized that she was probably trying to contact his office, which he had been outside of.


"Welcome to Dubrillion, Miss Paradise," Fett said, mock-formally. "I'm ShadowFett, and I'm here to introduce you to Black Sun and get you into shape for your first job."


He studied Sal, knowing she must have some questions. He waited to hear them, ready to answer as best he could.


OOC: Good to post with Fett again. It's the first time in 9 days!

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"A pleasure to meet you. I'm sure this will be a most interesting

experience indeed."


Paradise dropped the commlink clumsily. Her awkwardness must have been painful to watch as she attempted to cover up her nerves. Piccolo was way more intimidating than ShadowFett, yet this made Sal more uncomfortable. Fear made her stronger in Piccolos company.


She finally stopped juggling with the commlink and discovered an inner calm thinking of the sunrise that she had the pleasure of witnessing. Smiling at ShadowFett she condensed a million tiny curiousities into one question.


"Is there anywhere we can sit for a while to discuss my possible future with Black Sun. I'm quite tired from the journeys i have been making and i'd like to find out a little more."


Her muscles ached and she was tall and wiry. Too much physical strain and she felt like she would collapse. It was only her strong will that stopped her from doing so. At 19 she looked worn out, but there was always something in her eyes that proved otherwise....even behind a thick layer of smudged kohl.

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ShadowFett hesitated for a split-second, then answered. "Of course. We can sit in the lobby of the office building. It's quite comfortable."


The Operative led the way and Sal followed. Fett took her to the largest building and entered the front doors, the security systems deactivating as he passed. Sal made it through as well, for programming had allowed a delay before reactivation.


Inside was a large lobby which was warm and cozy, perfect for a nice chat. Fett marveled at how nice this base had become after being constructed in only a few weeks. It was amazing what technology could do nowadays.


ShadowFett sat down on an air cushion floating slightly over the rest of the chair so that the chair appeared whole but truly wasn't. He motioned for Sal to take a seat across from him and asked, "So what was it you wanted to ask about? I have quite a bit of time, so don't feel rushed."

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Paradise relaxed into her chair and felt serenity wash over her. Looking up to Fett with confidence in her movements, she prepared to learn.


"Could you possibly tell me a little more about Black Sun? I know that I am not yet a trusted operative, for me to think so would be naive. I'd like you to tell me what we'll be doing while I'm here....How did I get this opportunity so easily?"


Sal reeled off the questions with ease. She felt more comfortable in this lobby. Although it was a very defensive place to talk, it gave away the nature of the discussion. It was public and non threatening. She smiled at this thought.


"I'm sorry, I have flooded you with many questions all at once. I must confess I am curious. This organisation has facinated me from the first time I heard words of it. Maybe later I will explain more about my motivation."

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ShadowFett smiled under his black mask. He attacked each question in order, answering as best as he could.


"To answer your first question, the Black Sun is a faction lead by Smash Daisaku, obviously. Some would call us criminals, but we are truly treated like any other faction, and we hold alliances with the Empire, Hutts, Mercenaries, and a weak one with the Sith."


He paused for a moment, then continued. "As long as I have you here, I will study the way you fight and perhaps try to improve your skill with my own knowledge. I am very knowledgeable about such things, and you are not nearly my first recruit.


"Finally, you asked why you got the job so easily. This answer is a little more private, so I'm going to ask you not to share the answer with just anyone. You see, the Black Sun currently has only five members, including you. That is, members above the rank of trooper. We are immediately accepting of anyone that wishes to join out cause. Currently, I am the third oldest member, under Piccolo and Smash, and I have only been with Black Sun for a year and a half."


Fett leaned back in his seat, waiting for the next wave of questions.

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OOC: It looks like Sal might post in a more spaced-out manner.


IC: ShadowFett saw on a screen nearby that a familiar ship was landing outside the complex. He smiled. It was the Howling Runner. Sal seemed to be thinking.




A pair of guards went out to Piccolo's ship and told him to follow them. They told him that ShadowFett was currently meeting with the new recruit, Sal Paradise, but would enjoy his company nonetheless.


They led him inside into the lobby of the main administrative building on Dubrillion. There ShadowFett was waiting.


"Greetings, Piccolo. I'm glad you dropped in. Things are kind of monotonous out here without someone to talk to. Not that Sal here is a boring person or anything," he nodded to the young girl as he said that.

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