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  1. As a whole, the Nudono Trandoshan are identified as having slit pupils instead of the round sideway pupils traditional Trandoshans have, physically they have a more muscle mass than the standard Trandoshan, reaching the weights between 365-450lbs. Their scales, instead of smooth are rough and appear to have thorns/small spikes along their body such as the arms, along the jaw, and usually pending on the individual. Not all Nudono have these thorns however but the general tough scales were thought to allow better damage absorbsion (physical damage such as punching, slug throwers, etc.) and allow them to endure tough terrain and storms. Nudono are just are just inches taller than normal Trandoshan, some even having longer nails that are used as claws in hand to hand combat. Compared to their related relatives the evolutionary mutation allowed these people to live just longer than most, reaching to their 80's before death. As a whole, Nudono Trandoshans are prone to aggressiveness and are typically hostile, if not simply snarky, with rival clans or races. However most Nudono keep to themselves and are generally hospitable but firm with their own clans people, those observing seeing the clan as a strong and unwavering society. And dangerous. The clan were divided into packs, separating the people into a caste system of Hunter, Gatherer, Scouts, Caretakers, and Warriors. Weaker individuals are selected as Caretakers which consist of mostly women and those who failed tests to become more. The quicker and smarter are deemed as Gatherers, while the stronger and more physically capable are deemed as either Hunters (if considered having more dexterity), Scouts (if considered faster), or Warriors (superior physical prowess). Despite the caste, the people serve their roles with pride, the sixth pack, consisting of Honor Guards, Advisors and the Chieftain and due to their status these ranks are at the physical peak of the Nudono society; unquestioned, wise, respected, and unmatched in combat. The Warrior, Scout, Hunter, and the Chieftains personal pack are highly skilled and trained in the arts of war assuming different types of combat style from Gorilla Warfare to Martial Arts. Nudono are dangerous to anyone who threatens their kind, stepping into their territory is considered an act of war and scouts will throw spears and purposefully miss as a warning to the Intruders, but if ignored they immediately report to the Chieftain. No one's ever come back from a full scale assault save for a few, and the Nudono of the Crescent Wilds of Trandosha are all but myth. Until they actually left. But what made them dangerous and still is the secret of their technological advancements. While in the past the Nudono warred against other clans for dominance and they always knocked each other down to pre-industrialization. The final war nearly 500 years ago the Nudono developed weapons and vehicles that won them every battle with little to no casualties. This allowed them to either absorb surrender clans or wiping them out completely. In order to keep others from the corrupting power of this technology, the Nudono sealed them away in a nearby cavern. Since then they hadn't any need for these weapons. It wasn't until recent when a Trandoshan mercenary group attempted to invade the Crescent Wilds, the Nudono had no choice but to revert to the old technology in order to combat the invading forces. Directly after, Chieftain Paradox had died combat and left the title of leader to his sons Vox and Atrinox. The former declined and the latter took it without hesitation. After the banishment of the war pack the old home was left with little to no defense the Crescent Wilds, with the remaining population of the Nudono were ravaged and eliminated from the Trandoshans. _______________________________ With what the new reform after resettling on [insert name] the government went through a variety of roles and changes, with the help of the Rebel Alliance, eventually transformed from a tribal caste system to a true republic. With Democracy being introduced, it allowed for several of the most trusted and most loyal of the Nudono people to rise and be one representatives and leaders of the Nudono [insert name] Republic. New laws were passed, all people's treated as equals, and the tribal attitude while stained eventually faded to a barely noticable mark of the people. While the actual Nudono home is unknown with what the secrecy of Jedi Vaux, Equenaux, and Chaiaux, there have been "outposts" acting as small village's, towns, and trade settlements on other planets where resources and information are pulled from there and sent to [insert name]. The actual homeworld would not be revealed (save that it is known to few trusted allies) until the people became a larger and more stable collective, however much of the Nudono are sent to planets to help with construct efforts, defensive and offensive capabilities to help bolster certain squads amongst the Imperial Remnant and the Alliance. However of the many things that haven't changed with the Nudono people are the military. Still utilizing slug throwers both old (and slowly phasing out) and new, as well as overhauls and common forms of blasters, the Nudono Republic Legion (NRL) have fashioned themselves capable warriors for a variety of fields, as well as new inventions of vehicles (military and civilian), weapons, general equipment, and the attempt of making full naval vessels; otherwise creating the Nudono Republic Navy (NRV). While much of these ongoings are kept away from most of the Alliance and Remnant, there are key individuals trusted with the information. This was never an effort for betrayal or undermining of either factions, but a full defense system that would enable the autonomous Republic to be capable of itself in case invasions happen or they are dealing with enemies such as pirates, cartels, and more, as well as Sith forces should never make a return. The Nudono Trandoshan, for lack of better words, prefer brutal and deadly tactics and weaponry in combat to improve their effectiveness on the field. For nearly hundreds of years they have used a short selection of weapons that have changed little since the dawn of industrialization, or the short lived era of it. Energy weapons like blasters hold no importance to them as there are many defenses against them, however slug throwers were always of better use due to the effectiveness of the weapons. Below of the list of weapons and armor the Nudono used since the dawn of firearms. 1. Type-25 Carbine, A.K.A the Spiker The Type-25 Carbine is a fully-automatic, magazine-fed rail-type weapon. As its metal projectiles are pulled between the rails they are superheated and elongated into the spikes that are its namesake. Two large blades made of Tungsten-Carbride, an extremely strong and durable material, are mounted under the barrel of the weapon, increasing its effectiveness in close-quarters. The Spiker's ammunition is fed into the weapon via a small drum magazine with a 40-round capacity. The drum magazine is located on the underside of the weapon, behind the blades and in front of the trigger. Due to its weight it's a heavy weapon that is hard to control for a normal human, but because of it's Wei it has little recoil. The Spiker performs well against energy shields due to its high velocity and kinetic impact, although the rounds are usually deflected or disintegrated by the energy shield before inflicting damage to any underlying structure. The Spiker can usually kill a heavily armored or shielded target within a single magazine. Its spikes do terrible damage to soft human flesh, and can tear through armor with ease, creating devastating wounds that are extremely painful. Its dual blades are very deadly against shielded and unshielded infantry and can be used to either slash or stab an enemy with fatal effects. The Spiker is most effective at close range. While short bursts can increase accuracy, it is ineffective at medium and long range. The Spiker's rounds lose speed and altitude as they travel, reducing their accuracy over longer distances. The Spiker is considered very heavy in the hands of normal human infantrymen, and can be quite difficult to carry around and use. The spikes have a very large spread when fired in full-auto; the spread is larger than that of any other weapon. The Spiker also has a lower muzzle velocity than other weapons making it practically useless at a range above 300 meters. 2. Type-25 Grenade Launcher, AKA the Puncture The Puncture is carried and fired from the hip rather than the shoulder. It has a fast firing rate for a grenade launcher, being capable of firing four Type-25 Exotic/High-Explosive Antipersonnel Grenades in about three seconds. The Brute Shot can hold up to 6 rounds, with 12 extra rounds in reserve. Grenades explode after three seconds in, however later modified to explode on contact. The grenades seem to be belt fed through the top of the weapon. The splash damage from this weapon is relatively small. It features a sharp, curved, backwards-pointing bayonet on its underside, which is used as a powerful close-combat weapon. 3. Type-52 Pistol, AKA the Mauler The Type-52 Pistol, more commonly known as the Mauler, is a Nudono sidearm used by the Infantry and Security forces, functioning as a handheld shotgun. The magazine holds 5 shells of an energy-infused ammunition. The Mauler is equipped with a small blade underneath, making it a formidable melee weapon. One shot to a light-armored or non-armored target will result in an instant kill, and the blade on the bottom of the weapon makes it an effective melee weapon. The spread of the Mauler's shell severely limits its range, and any weapon that can be used outside of close range can take down a user with a Mauler. Mostly it's ideal for close quarters combat than long range. 4. Type-2 Antipersonnel Fragmentation grenade, AKA the Spike Grenade The Spike grenade is most notable for its adhesive properties, using its spikes to stick on to the target. Soon after being attached, it will detonate, turning the spikes into lethal projectiles. The explosion is meant to scatter the spikes at a deadly velocity, impaling enemies within range or wounding them enough for the user to finish them off. Once thrown, the spike grenade will use its spikes to stick onto whatever it collides with, whether the object is a wall, vehicle, personnel, or otherwise. They are not able to stick to energy barriers. After a short delay, it will detonate into a conical blast of hot spikes (amidst red-blue roiling gas and spikes), perpendicular to the surface it sticks to, similar in functionality to the Claymore Mine. It has a definite kill radius of one meter, or just about anything standing in the direct line of spikes fired from it, and a casualty radius of four meters. Because of its concentrated barrage of spikes, it is less powerful than most grenades in some aspects. The spikes ricochet off of hard surfaces in confined quarters and the inside of a large energy, making the spike grenade especially useful in enclosed areas. The heated spikes that shoot out can kill an opponent whether or not they were near the original explosion, however the spikes will scatter with distance as they are shot out in a conical manner. 5. Type-3 Antipersonnel/Antimatériel Incendiary grenade The Type-3 Antipersonnel/Antimatériel Incendiary grenade is a multi-purposed infantry explosives munition. Upon impact with a hard surface, the casing converts to liquid form, burning at around 2200 °C (3992 °F), and causing significant damage to vehicles and infantry alike, with a killing radius of 3.4 metres (11 ft) and a casualty radius of 4.7 metres (15 ft). The gel-like filler substance also escapes from the burning casing, splashing over nearby objects and causing significant damage as it burns for 4.5 seconds. However, the fact that the T-3 uses a highly toxic Caesium mixture makes any human flesh which comes in contact with it inedible for animal consumption. 6. Type-52 Antimaterial/Antipersonnel Rifle, AKA the Ripper The Ripper is a unique bolt action semi-automatic weapon recently designed for medium to long range combat much akin to a sniper rifle. Notably the Ripper is heavy due to the compact mechanics within it that allow it to fire powerfully far shots, for humans this is a cannon than a rifle. The barrel itself can be extended and retracted for longer or shorter range as well as the scope for close view on a target. From under the stock to the middle of the rifle is a tough blade much like the Puncture that bends backward and out making it fit for close combat. That said, the Ripper can also come without the blade making it lighter and easier to wield. It fires metallic spikes at 4800ft. per second at the moment a spike leaves the barrel and it's impact is capable of punching through heavy armor and light tanks with ease hence it's named the "Ripper," however the recoil is great and the weapon can only be fired every other second. 7. Type-24 Pact Armor The standard armor of the Nudono exiles, the Pact, the Type-24 Pact Armor is an Alloyed Tungsten plated suit that fits most Nudono Trandoshan soldiers, despite it's bland grey color art and different colors are added to represent different ranks. Much like scaled armor, this attires plating (minor and major) overlaps each other to provide better protection and overall durability in light and heavy combat. Due to the design, the PA attire more or less makes it's wearer look as "juggernaut" as possible for intimidation. Despite weighing nearly a half ton the Nudono are capable of easily moving around the battlefield with it thanks to their natural strength, the thick armor provides protection against most powerful energy blasts, kinetic and ballistic damage. Albeit, the weight can weigh them down after lo.ger periods of time. The helmet can slide on and off, being capable of attaching to the armor via clips the helmet itself is fitted with a clear visor. Built in with a HUD system (Head Up Display) the helmet is also installed with a built in radio. 8. Blast Shield The Blast Shield is a thick tower shield crafted for riot control and better protection against armed foes. The shield is made of alloyed Tungsten much like the Pact Armor and provides exceptional defense against energy, kinetic, and blunt force thanks to being crafted of multiple layers. 9. Type-12 Plasma Glaive, AKA Kinslayer The Type-12 Plasma Glaive is a carefully crafted blade made strictly of only the finest alloys, making it extremely durable and versatile against heavy armor/natural plating. The Glaive is easily a two handed weapon with a staff befitting the blade, almost looking as if it were made of a large slab of metal. Near the bottom edges of the blade (on either side) are two holes that have a small golden yellow razor sharp strip lining the blade itself to the tip itself. The staff itself turns in two opposite directions however within it is a complex system that holds an energy cell capable lining the blade with a burst of plasma energy, for a short time unfortunately. The staff is fingerprint based, so activating the energy requires the only wielder. ____________________ Before we begin: the reasoning for the "Types" before each weapon was originally from the type of company that made them. Long before the Nudono Trandoshans decided to live a primitive and more natural lifestyle, they were lead experts in unorthodox weapons, specifically twisted yet effective firms of slug throwers. Type 1 through 30 weapons were crafted by Maccond Arsenal, as all weapons on this list, Maccond was the original home world of them. The main focus originally were, by payment of a Trandoshan Sith, to create weapons capable of taking out Jedi and other potential competition. This ranges between the Types 2 and 3 Spike and Incindiary Grenades, and the Type 25 Carbine and Grenade Launcher. There were various trials and errors that lead to "skips" in the Type numbers, only the successful lines of weapons keeping them and sold for higher prices. Types 30 through 52 weapons were later invented ten years for more variety, this includes the Antipersonnel/Antimaterial Rifle that was used as a sniper rifle and the Type 52 Pistol; a hand held shotgun used for close quarters. More specifically against these Trandoshans themselves, as pocket rebellions sparked within this Siths ranks there was a high demand on new equipment. The original designer of the weapons was hired again to create armor capable of handling the opponents attacks. The, the last line of the Types 20's, the Type 25 Pact Armor, was given as mandatory gear for the Sith loyalists. The rebellions, only kept to smaller world's not well known, were quickly culled. However as soon as the civil war cane to an end so did the Siths reign, his history and it's people vanished almost immediately. The later models, the Type 53', 54', and 55' series, were divided into three categories by the Trandoshan smithy Craus Fletcher of Iron Fletchers Armory. The 53 series were classified as rifles, pistols, and shotguns and other weapons of that sorts including flamers and energy blasters. The 54 series were known for armor and their upgrades and basic gear such as radios, melee weapons, and electrical systems for such. The Type 55 series was later created as explosives, demolitions, and heavier missile/rocket systems, generally an answer to calvary heavier than any War Pack. ____________ Type-55 Heavy Support Automatic Chain Gun, AKA the Grinder Later developed as an attachable/detachable Gatling Assembly used for support on the battlefield, normally against heavy personnel and used from transport vehicles both ground and airborne. The six-barreled "Grinder" fires rounds as fast as 3,000 rpm with a good range of 1,200 ft, the heavy weapon typically fires smaller spikes than normal heavy weapons; roughly 7mm caliber rounds. The Grinder is a six-barrel, air-cooled, and electrically driven rotary machine gun. The electric drive rotates the weapon within its housing, with a rotating firing pin assembly and rotary chamber. The Grinders multi-barrel design helps prevent overheating, but also serves other functions. Multiple barrels allow for a greater capacity for a high firing rate, since the serial process of firing, extraction, and loading is taking place in all barrels simultaneously. Thus, as one barrel fires, two others are in different stages of shell extraction and another three are being loaded. The minigun is composed of multiple closed-bolt rifle barrels arranged in a circular housing. The barrels are rotated by an external power source, usually electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic. Other rotating-barrel cannons are powered by the gas pressure or recoil energy of fired cartridges. Type-55 Anti-personnel Autocannon The 35mm autocannons are the primary offensive asset of Nudono Recon and Light Assault Vehicles, and each vehicle can be mounted with four linked forward-firing 35mm autocannons; a complete revamp and better alternative to the faulty Type 25 Recon Autocannon. This cannon is surprisingly powerful, and its ammunition is probably a smaller form of the Type 25 Puncture round, fired at a slower rate. The term "autocannon" is not entirely accurate when referring to the weapon due to its design. However, it is self-loading and fires explosive projectiles larger than 20mm rounds. The guns are generally prone to overheating due to the speed they fire at (1 round per 2 seconds) and will normally stall as an automatic response for cooling; and has a range of 70 feet. Type-53 Light Assault Automatic Rifle, AKA Storm Rifle The Storm Rifle, or a light assault automatic rifle, is the overhaul of the original Type-25 Carbine. Built more as a sub machine weapon and not a pistol in Trandoshan standards. The Spiker is 32.17 inches (2ft 8in) but the Storm Rifle is 48.15 inches long thanks to the extended barrel and stock. It has better stopping power; having an elongated barrel for longer distance and a stock for better recoil control and accuracy. The Storm Rifle is rapid fire, much akin to the Spiker however firing with smaller spikes and at 15% greater speed. Overall a reliable weapon in combat, and thanks to improvements, the Storm Rifle can fire as far as 200 meters, before completely being useless when reaching 250 or nearing it, it's range is drastically improved due to the lighter weight of the spike ammunition. It has a 60-round capacity with the drum magazine on top of the weapon; an iron sights heightened to overlook the small drum. Beneath the weapon in an elongated tungsten-carbide blade for melee range; extended to just an addition four inches. With the weapon spread more narrow unlike the Type-25 Carbine, this weapon is crafted to fire fast and effectively, drastically improving lethality and becoming famed amongst the Stalker commando units and close quarters units of such. The weapon can also switch from three round burst for superior accuracy and recoil to fully automatic, however a semi automatic setting was never accounted for. The Type-53 Light Assault Automatic Rifle is stylized much like the Type-25 Carbine, however is just slightly bulkier due to its nature. Designed particularly for reconnaissance and light assault units, the weapon has a lighter build to it despite it's size, however does exceed the weight of the original weapon. Instead of the general steel gray and black, the Storm Rifle is shaded of deep blues, with outlines and details of rusty orange. Several additions have been made as well, a 2x Holographic Sight and Round Sight (Round Sights do not have any zoom to them, instead allows for better aim.), a heartbeat sensor modification, and another model that has a built in silencer. Type-53 LAAR Mk. II, "Gust Rifle" The "silenced" modified weapon is known as a Gust Rifle, while keeping the exact same attributes and nature of the Storm Rifle, this variant is designed to muffle the sound gun fire via a built in silencer. However this didn't work for fully automatic means, the weapon was kept to a three round burst. It has further range of 270 meters and it's shots have little recoil thanks to the size of the ammunition and the weight of the weapon. The Gust Rifle is exclusive to the Stalkers, an elite clan of the Nudono whose identities are kept secret. Rumor had it the weapon was more powerful than the Storm Rifle itself, however these rumors have been claimed false. Type 55 Anti-aircraft/Anti-vehicle Guiding Launcher; AKA the Agile Launcher An AAGL, or the Agile Launcher, is an airborne ranged weapon capable of firing self-propelled flight missiles. Created by Fletcher's Iron for use against ground and airborne vehicles the Agile Launcher it has become the standard weapon in heavy engagements involving any vehicle, let it be a tank, shuttle, fighter, or even light recon. It uses automatic infrared guidance that allows the user to seek cover immediately after launch. The Agile's HEAV (High-explosive Anti-vehicle) warhead is capable of defeating modern tanks by attacking them from above where their armor is thinnest by firing 20 meters into the air and targeting downward. It is also useful against fortifications in a direct attack flight. Overall a reliable weapon and ideal for medium ranged combat.
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