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  1. Leena pushed her sleeves up as she came back from carrying another gurney through the medical bay towards the docked Sprint medical craft. The usual white of the room was bathed in the rotating glare of red lights and blaring klaxons. The armies of the Sith had appeared out of nowhere and their troops had descended upon the rebel base in a fury. Even as the forces of good rushed to mount their defense, Leena and a few other medics and droids had been left trying to evacuate the injured; even as more came in. It broke the girl’s heart as she tagged the toe of another injured trooper rushed in with black. He was too injured and they did not have time to save him. Had he been alone and there had been time, Leena knew she could save him. “I’m sorry,” she whispered, gingerly stepping forward and running her hand across the man’s eyelids with her hand, closing his eyes, “Go with the force, knowing you served the light. Paradise awaits.” Normally, Leena would sit and meditate in the life of every patient she lost. It had been a rare event to be treating so many patients at one time as more came through the door. In fact, she could think of only twice where it had been this chaotic in a medbay she was assigned to, one of those was a multi vehicle crash and the other when fire had swept through an aged city burning the wooded structures like twigs. Both had trapped numerous dead and dying. Each of those times, however, she had served under the watchful eyes of her Jedi masters in the Healer’s Circle. This time was different. She alone was the wielded if the force in this room. The more senior Jedi having rushed off to tend to the defenses. Never before had her station been under attack. Even so, as the Mon Cal rushed across the room to help a single 2-1B hoist another gurney, she reached out with the force. This was her medbay, and the forces of darkness were not here to take it from her. “Well, at least they aren’t here yet,” She mumbled to herself as she handed the gurney off to an another medic and hurried back into the room, waving another gurney on towards the awaiting evacuation craft. “Get him aboard! The force says he will live to fight another day.” She could feel the trooper’s presence in the force. While his injuries were grave, his will to live was more determined. It was not his time to die. The force willed it. Closing her eyes for a moment, Leena inhaled and exhaled, balancing her mind in the soothing flow of the light side of the force. The entire room was bathed in the warmth of the flowing light side of the force; even amongst the chaos, Leena was a beacon of peace. This was her domain and she took responsibility for everyone in it. That meant tending to their injuries, both bodily and mentally. Her medbay was to be a place of peace and life. Opening her eyes, she felt it. Leena has been expecting it; but deep down she had hoped it would not come to this. A dark presence was approaching the chaotic bay. It was a dark presence that she pushed at with her mind, but could not drive off. “That’s no dark thought,” she exclaimed, as she whirled about, her voice rising to a shout as the force carried her faster. “Hurry! The Sith approach! You there, double time. Grab your buddy and drag him aboard. I don’t care if your arm hurts! Move!” Even as an apprentice she was in command. The Jedi did not know what approached, but she knew she had to protect they that had come to her for help. Her legs were a blur as she turned and with the push of a hand, sent a gurney skittering towards the Sprint, carried by a wave of the force. Meanwhile, she strode to the center of the room, facing the swinging double doors to the bay. One eye focused on the doors, awaiting whatever might enter, the other continuing to dart about watching the hubbub of the room. Stretching out with her right hand towards a nicely folded pile of sheets and blankets in the corner, Leena interrupted the stream that was the force, calling the shimmering silver hilt of her lightsaber into her open hand. At that moment, the doors opened and she stood there, her unlit saber held defensively in one hand the light of the force swirling in jetties around her, the odor of salt and the sea rising up amongst the smells of blaster bolts, burnt flesh, and antiseptic. Leena was adorned in blood spattered white robes. She knew she was the final wall between whatever came through the door and her wards. If she needed to die here to ensure that as many got away as possible; well then, “so be it.”
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